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Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Bootlegging Dr Pepper
The demand for sugar-sweetened Dublin Dr Pepper has never been higher — just ask the bootleggers
Robb Walsh Published: June 5, 2008
Dr Pepper was invented at the Old Corner Drug Store in Waco in 1885.
Julia Walsh

Ask any Dublin Dr Pepper bootlegger what the fuss is all about. They'll tell you that the top-shelf, premier cru of Texas soda pop is selling for eight bucks a six-pack in some stores — when you can find it.
Back in the 1970s, when soft drink bottlers across the country began sweetening their sodas with high-fructose corn syrup, the oldest Dr Pepper bottling plant, which is located in Dublin, about 20 miles south of Stephenville, refused to make the switch. Each bottle of Dublin Dr Pepper proudly bears the logo of Imperial Pure Cane Sugar.
But under their franchise agreement, the Dublin plant is only authorized to supply stores in the 40-square-mile area between Stephenville and Hico. The loophole is that individuals who visit the plant are allowed to purchase up to 20 cases for their private use. So diehards who are fixated on the flavor of old-fashioned cane sugar-sweetened Dr Pepper drive to Dublin to pick up their fix.
If driving across the state for soft drinks sounds a little obsessive, you need to consider how important a role Dr Pepper plays in some people's lives.
In cold climates, coffee is the favored caffeine delivery system, and when people talk about being addicted to the stuff, they aren't kidding. Caffeine is habit-forming, regardless of how you imbibe it.
In the warmer climate of the South, the bottomless iced tea glass is taken for granted at restaurants. But for other Southerners, the caffeinated beverage of choice is a carbonated soft drink — Coca-Cola in Georgia and Dr Pepper in Texas. Roughly speaking, a 20-ounce bottle of Coke or Dr Pepper contains as much caffeine as a five-ounce cup of coffee. Of course, some people drink Dr Pepper by the liter.
"It's an addiction," says Houston journalist Bobette Riner, who grew up drinking Dr Pepper in West Texas.(not West, Texas...just West Texas) She says she tries to keep her habit under control by only drinking two a day. But she is a discerning consumer. Just as Starbucks fans turn up their nose at inferior coffee, Riner prefers the taste of Dublin Dr Pepper to the "nasty corn syrup flavor" of the conventional stuff. She picks some up when she travels north to visit her family.
Riner sometimes shares a few bottles from her private stash when she needs a favor from the Dr Pepper-obsessed computer guys at work, where the soft drink is referred to as "crack." One IT guy decorated his office with empty Dr Pepper bottles, Riner said. The computer guys have reported having problems when they tried to quit drinking the stuff. (Yes, there are several Dr Pepper addiction support groups.)
Since the demand for Dublin Dr Pepper exceeds the supply, a thriving black market has sprung up. Driving around the state this spring, I noticed little paper signs in the front windows of small-town drugstores and mom-and-pop restaurants advertising the availability of Dublin Dr Pepper. I never really gave much thought to where they were getting the stuff.
That's where the bootleggers come in. At a cooking demonstration I gave this spring at the Dallas Museum of Art, I told the audience that the Dr Pepper-­marinated tenderloin recipe that I included in my The Texas Cowboy Cookbook worked a lot better if you used Dublin Dr Pepper. The cane sugar caramelizes better on the grill.
After the event, a bootlegger introduced herself. The wisecracking lady said she kept a group of small shops in her Dallas suburb supplied. It was all very hush-hush, because the bootleggers are going around the distribution rules of the bottling franchise. Each franchisee is supposed to supply its own area.
I was fascinated: Smuggling addictive soft drinks across county lines is the sort of aberrant behavior I have dedicated my life to investigating._____________________
It cost six bucks to get into the Dr Pepper Museum in downtown Waco. The first floor was devoted to historical information about the invention and early days of bottling and distributing the product. There was an eerie talking dummy that was supposed to look like the German pharmacist named Charles Alderton, who formulated Dr Pepper at the soda fountain of Waco's Old Corner Drug store in 1885, one year before Coca-Cola was invented.
His formula is alleged to contain 23 flavors, including natural fruit and spice essences, though the company is notoriously secretive about the actual ingredients (except to say that prune juice is not among them).
Alderton's customers called the drink a "Waco" soda, and it became quite popular at the soda fountain. The pharmacist gave the recipe to the owner of the drugstore, Wade Morrison, and the base syrup began to be made in larger quantities. When he began marketing the syrup to area drugstores, Morrison renamed the drink after Dr. Charles T. Pepper of Virginia.
Some versions of the story say the real Dr. Pepper was Morrison's girlfriend's father; others say he was a former employer. If such details matter to you, there's a Web site you can visit where the Dr Pepper catechism is carefully parsed by a fanatic named Christopher Flaherty on his Web site,
Dr Pepper FAQ. You will also find stories there connecting Dr Pepper to various conspiracy theories. Lee Harvey Oswald was evidently a Dr Pepper lover.
The upper floor of the Dr Pepper Museum holds a lot of advertising materials. I sang along silently as I read the words to the "I'm a pepper, you're a pepper," jingle. And I dimly recalled the 10-2-4 campaign, which advocated the consumption of three Dr Peppers a day, at 10 a.m., 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. But I had never heard the oldest Dr Pepper slogan: "Drink a bite to eat." I also learned that the period in Dr. was dropped from the name in a logo redesign in the 1950s.

Rae sent this to me...I loved it..but it's really crap...The truck drivers can get as much of the Dublin Dr Pepper they can sell..It cost $5.99 a 6-pack and .99cents a bottle ..But if it was $5.00 a bottle...I'd have to have it..That is my one treat I allow myself..If I'm a good girl...I get one a week...It's the nectar of the Goddess's...
My granddaughter sent me a invitation to her Bridal Shower...Is the 29th of June at Simply Good Eatery down town Waco...I'd rather rip out my left eye with a salad fork than go to down town Waco, but for her..I will make the trip.
Babs and I went to lunch at Pizza House and for a change both our lunches came at the same time..Much to the relief of the waitress who is afraid I'm going to get it 15 minutes late one time to many and go off on the cook.. We had to drive around the stupid fucking train..stopped right dead in the middle of town, blogging 2 crossovers...Babs and I were tempted to climb into the cab of the train and tell them to back the mother fucker up...They are only supposed to block one crossing...assholes...Babs actually made 2 trips into town on one day..West paper came and she found out that Community Grocery has Blue Bell pints 10 for $10..So she picked me up a rocky road...will savor each bite ...think I can have like 2 tablespoons before I go into a diabetic shock..She's still eating on the Apple cobbler, but now can have ice cream with it..
Anessa brought in the Cockatoo Willie today ...He's so beautiful..I took some pictures so you could see him..He say's Hello, Hi, whatcha doing, pretty bird and some other stuff.. He also says 'here kitty kitty'...to the cat and she still goes up to the cage and Willie bites his tail..Cracks me up..
We didn't get any rain, but looks like the Ohio, Wis. and the surrounding states got ours and Oklahoma's too...So awful...the prices are already going up and now they will go up more..fuckity fuck fuck fuck..
I had more to write about but I swear I can't think of anything over the little voice in my head going "there's Blue Bell Rocky
Road in the freezer, there's Blue Bell Rocky Road in the freezer."...If I'm really good, maybe I can have my Dublin Dr Pepper and 2 tablespoons of Rock Road...sigh* life is good...fuckme till Dublin Dr Pepper has no carbs.


buddha_girl said...

I want a Dublin Dr. Pepper. I'm not an ice cream freak. Once in a while, I get a craving, have an ice cream cone, and move on.

sageweb said...

Now I need to have a dublin dr. pepper. sounds interesting and yummy.

That Rude Girl said...

Hmmm...I love Dr. Pepper. And ice cream... YUM

yellowdog granny said...

buddha:i will make sure the refrigerator is full of dublin dr pepper for you when you come down..and blue bell ice cream for robert..I had 1/2 cup of rocky road tonight and almost wept for joy..
sage:you will have to come down for westfest..plenty of dublin dr pepper and pevo(czech for beer)
rudegirl:if you've never had the dublin kind, you've never had the real thing..and blue bell ice cream rocks..

texlahoma said...

I use to know a girl they called "Pruney" because she drank so much Dr. Pepper, yet it has no prune juice.
I wonder what Pruney would think about that.
Pretty soon y'all will have Dr. Pepper speakeasys down there.

Big Tex said...

I've never really had a taste for Dr. Pepper, but then I've probably always drank the corn syrup crap so maybe I should try the Dublin variety. High fructose corn syrup is in everything these days - I even have a hard time sometimes finding fruit juice that doesn't contain it.

I'm a huge ice cream fanatic, but more partial to Ben and Jerry's when I can afford it. Stephen Colbert's Americone Dream is like crack, it's so good. They used to have a lowfat blueberry cobbler flavor that is the best thing I've ever eaten, but they don't make it anymore. :-(

yellowdog granny said...

tex:have to knock three times and tell them 'jackie sent me'..old dr pepper has cane sugar and old coke had coke in it..how weird is that?
bigtex:i never liked the flavors of ben and jerry..im probably the only one..but then I'm very loyal...blue bell is it for me..and dublin dr pepper..when you come down i'll get you some..

LostInCO said...

I used to be a Dr. Pepper addict. I would love to come have a taste of this at the fest.

Allan said...

I drink about one soda per month...but coffee? I don't care what the climate is, I need my coffee- hot, black and unadulterated. Everyone needs a hobby...

Gadfly said...

And American soda manufacturers (and lots of other food products) switched to cheep "high fructose corn sweetener" instead of sugar correlates pretty clearly with the ongoing obesity spike in the population.

That deluge of fructose is triggering some biological response that hasn't been studied.

jan said...

Believe it or not, I've never had a Dr. Pepper, but this post has me ready for the grand experience.

Anne Johnson said...

My daughter The Heir is a Dr. Pepper addict. But please don't send her Dublin if we can't get it around here ... unless you want a houseguest who doesn't clean.

Josh said...

I imagine anything sweetened with corn syrup would be a whole hell of a lot better sweetened with cane sugar. Some of the local beverage companies here make their drinks with pure cane sugar, and they're pretty tasty.

Melody said...

I'm late to the conversation, but you're talking about my favorite things... I'm trying to figure out a way to talk hubby into a day trip to Dublin this summer, just so I can go to Mecca!!! And of course, you don't have to make the trip all the way there, you can buy the good stuff online at their website... **Sigh**

Oh and Yay Blue Bell. I feel I may have to plan another road trip... Darn...