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Monday, June 09, 2008

1. Ingredients
3 -15.25 ounce) cans Apple Pie Filling
1 (16 ounce) package Vanilla Cake Mix ( I used French Vanilla cake mix)
4 tablespoons Melted Butter Combined with (I used 8 tablespoons of each)
4 tablespoons Water
2 tablespoons Cinnamon
1 (12 ounce) jar Caramel Sauce

Cooking Directions
Empty all three containers of apple pie filling into a casserole dish.
Top with the entire bag of cake mix.
Pour butter mixture over the cake mix.
Sprinkle with cinnamon.
Bake at 30 minutes at 350 degrees.
Serve with caramel sauce.
Yield: 12 servings
I had the need to bake so I called Babs and said whaddya' want? I have to bake something.. She said oh, maybe a apple cobbler. I said I'll go to the store and see what the fruit looks like..Then I googled..oh man, do I love to google..I found this recipe on a website and thought...Holy shit..this looks plum delicious...So I went to West Food Mart and got all the ingredients and whipped it up...I had to have a piece..I knew I'd regret it as it would shoot my sugar up,(192) but sometimes you have to suffer to sing the blues..It was fucking awesome..and took 45 minutes including cooking time..I took the rest to Babs and she has had it for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, etc. Think she's still eating on it..it's huge..

Ok, enough about the food, I can't have any so I need to think about the yummy salmon I baked...I bought a whole salmon and stuffed it with my home grown rosemary, sliced lemons, salt/pepper, rubbed some oil on it, and wrapped in tin foil and baked it...I'm a fucking Julia child..It was so good..steamed some oriental veggies and good to go..have to make up for that apple cobbler...I have kept my sugar below 120 since I ate it...Made tuna salad and just ate the last of the gazpacho..I'm eating so healthy...I still need to lose more weight..jeez Louise will it never end..sigh*
I have been googling and hunting for information on cheap(inexpensive) hearing aids..I'm not qualified for Texas Medicaid either as I have to be 65 which I will be in November...(who would have thought I would look so forward to getting older) I called Radio Shack and they have a thing called Listen Up and is $15, but they are out of them, so will see if they have one next Friday and if so will go get it..will work until I turn 65 and can qualify for the real deal..hope there is some way to hook it on my work shirt or jeans as it will be a little hard to hold that speaker in my hand and work the register at the same time..maybe I can get Inky to hold it..
Did I tell you that Thom and I have Inky such a hard time about coming in with a hangover that he bet us he could go 60 days with out drinking?...It started out a week and then we ragged him so bad(wussy can only go a week) that he signed a piece of paper saying he wouldn't drink for 60 days..So far he's stuck to it..and to show us how tough he is, he's kicking soda water too..Which he says is harder than the kicking the beer..So all he's had to drink is water...Last time I talked to him he was a mite testy..
Well, Obama's in and ole Hillary's out..Boo fucking hoo..But I told you so..
Sunday I picked the horse that won the race..I picked 6-4-3...win place show..Not too bad..and I didn't pick Big Brown to even light up the board...I think Big Brown had money on the 6 horse too.
I was reading the DAM News and there was an article about how Raul Castro was going to make it possible for Cubans to be able to get free sex change operations. I wonder what their policy is on hearing aids...? Maybe I should get in a rubber raft and go to Cuba and see if I can get a free hearing aid...Hell might get a sex change while I'm there..it is free, and you know how I love a bargain.
Well, it's almost 10pm...Need to go shower and powder my ass before Letterman comes on..I'm usually in bed asleep before the musical guest comes on..Speak up...I can't hear you...
fuckme till I learn sign language...


That Rude Girl said...

Call Michael Moore up and see if he'll take you to Cuba to get hearing aid. Maybe he's making Sicko II: the health care system still sucks!

Big Tex said...

Big Tex's Apple Cobbler Recipe

1 Frozen Apple Cobbler

Cooking Directions:
Follow directions on back of box.


Someone over in the comments section at Bab's blog suggested contacting the Lions Club to see if they might help you get a hearing aid. Don't know much about them myself but it may be something worth looking into.

By the way, sorry I keep forgetting to call you like I promised. I haven't been feeling too great lately, I think I'm a little down about being unemployed. :-( I'll try to remember to call you tomorrow before you settle down for bed.

Nit Wit said...

I might have to try that Apple Cobbler myself but not for a while.
We had the graduation party for the number one son and The Boss cooked enough for three parties. I have to keep my beer in an ice chest and have to be careful opening the doors on the refrigerators.
Not much chance of loosing weight this week.

mrsb said...

What is the butter combined with?

yellowdog granny said...

rudegirl:good idea..
and yes it does suck.
big tex:call me..i'll be home tonight..and going to call lions club today..see what i can find out..
that recipe looks pretty easy too..
nitwit:i'm telling you..it's awesome and easy..congrats to the new artist.
mrsb:the water..i let it melt and 4 tablespoon of butter and water wasn't enough for me..so I made it 8 tablespoons of melted butter and about 8 talbespoons of water, blended them togethe with a fork and then spread it over the top..taking the fork and mixing it up a little with the cake mix

kath said...

hey you! thanks for visiting me.. I have been terrible about blogging and visiting... no idea what my problem is..

next time you google a recipe.. try paula deen's apple cake...

nothing too new here.. new cat is wonderful
hot as hades here .. there too, i am sure

now I am off to read more of your blog and then go do errands


billy pilgrim said...

the baked salmon sounds excellent.

healthy too.

jan said...

I don't bake but you seem to be the Julia Childs of the internet and the apple cobbler looks great and more important easy and impressive. Must try. Also the salmon and rosemary. I've never tried those combinaitons.

Cheesemeister said...

That recipe looks great!
I've spent a lot of money on medical stuff this year, which sucks balls. I've got many things I'd far rather spend money on.

sageweb said...

The food sounds good...you made me laugh my ass off about going to cuba..fucking hilarious...see it is ridiculous we don't have a nation with healthcare...we are so behind.

unokhan said...

"Out-of-pocket expenditures for [Cuban] families include drugs prescribed for outpatient treatment, hearing aids, dental and orthopedic apparatuses, wheelchairs, crutches and similar articles, and eyeglasses. The prices for all these items are low and are subsidized by the State."
--WHO Report, 1998

Power to Inky and his resolve to climb aboard the drywagon and stay there for two months. tonite when i get home from work i'll raise a heineken in ....uh.........oops

Woozie said...

HilDog's still got a chance, Obama hasn't hired a food taster yet. Yes We Will!

Rainwolf said...

I'll have to try the recipe just because, sounds yoummy.

yellowdog granny said...

kath:glad thankds for dropping by...will try the recipe.

Allan said...

Suffer to sing the blues...well put! Enjoy every bite, you deserve it!

Allan said...

PS: I never, ever woulda guessed that you love to google.

yellowdog granny said...

billy:the salmon was awesome..and very healthy...can't beat that..
jan:babs said it was great and she ate all of it but one piece..ha..had the last piece with blue bell ice cream..I just love to bake..and since i cant eat much of what i like to bake..babs gets it..or the guys at work..
cheese:maybe we should go to cuba..america sure as fuck isn't helping us.
sage:sometimes i think we are like a third world country when it comes to health care..
inky is still dry and said he feels terrific..

woozie:yup, i keep saying he's going to be kennedyed before the election..sigh*
rainwolf:it really really was good..
allan:one of my favorite expression...
'ya gotta suffer to sing the blues'...allan;im a googling fool...ha