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Thursday, June 05, 2008


Sling, Sling, Sling. The Goddess wants you to know that women only go through menopause once, but they start the pre-menopause about the age of 12 and it continues along right up until the end. The Goddess also thinks if this Oprah had as much faith in herself as she did the authors of all those books, she might not have a weight problem.
Mrsb is one of those undervalued and under appreciated people...a teacher..The Goddess is sending her courage and strength, plus I'll whisper into the right ears that all teachers need a raise and more money for teaching supplies..Some times they just don't listen..But the Goddess knows the value of all teachers and a good teacher is worth their weight in gold.
Buddha_girl is another under appreciated teacher and the Goddess and the Buddha send her courage and strength, mostly to keep from killing her students parents.
Winston, being the owner of a pecker doesn't give you any special rights and if you want to keep peace I'd learn to put the seat down or someone might jerk your pecker off, and I don't mean that in a good way.
Lav has several questions..Why do men want what they can't have?..I think we're back to that pecker again, most men seem to think with it and they follow where it leads them.
Women are ruled by emotions and envy and jealousy are strong emotions, so I'm assuming the ones your referring to can easily be taken care of..and I'm sure you can think of a way to get around them. Back to that pecker again..girls just want to have fun and boys just want to use that ole pecker.
Lakota has the answer..............humor!
BigTex asks a political question which along with sports is the Yellow Dog's area of expertise, but I do know that Loki is responsible for your current president..he is the trickster you know and for some reason he thought having George Bush as your president for 8 years was pretty funny..I think the trick is wearing a little thin.
Joy wants to know what to do with a sack full of Iris's...Dig a hole, stick them in the dirt and water them..They are tough flowers and should handle it.
Rebecca has a great question. Why do people find breastfeeding displeasing, but think nothing of having near naked women, in magazines, TV and movies. Most of your world thinks a nursing mother is a beautiful natural event, but only in American do they find it distasteful...Think it has to do with being founded by Puritans. But the Goddess thinks they should loosen up.
Sage has another great question. Why are the right wing spending $5 million dollars and more to prevent gays from marrying when there are starving children all over the country.????? The Goddess is dismayed and sadden by the importance these people put on a natural occurrence, which is love. Love between 2 people of any sex is a natural event. Each and every citizen of your world should be allowed the same benefits and treated the same. How can sex between same sex couples be more important that feeding children? Someone needs to get their priorities straight. Hopefully and soon this will change.
Buddha_Girl there is no good reason on this planet for anyone to send such ugly pictures ...to anyone, at any time...The Goddess will bip him.
Anne, a fellow pagan wants to know why people call the Goddess and the other Gods and Goddess's myth's when we are as real as the God in the Bible. Actually we are more real...we were here first and we will be here long after..Goddess's were here first and worshipped long before they ever came up with a Christian God, or a Muslim God. They stole our pagan holidays and made them Christian holidays. But the thing I am the most upset about is they made women evil, and not to be worshipped just to make Jesus a God. Not nice to mess with the Goddess. Notice it's Jesus hanging on the cross, not the Goddess.
Allan, no one will fire you from your job for blogging. They like you, they really like you.
Tex, there is no reason to electrocute unwelcome visitors at your door...If the Jehovah's show up, tell them to come on in, they're just in time for the sacrifice and your short one. The rest?..Do like the Yellow Dog does and put up a sign telling them to go the fuck away.
Unokhan wants to know Nina Simone or Gil Scott-heron?....I loves you Nina..
Christi wants to know if America is in recession and how to turn it around. I am so busy carting warriors to Valhalla I haven't had time to keep up with recessions...but I know it's bad and the only way it will get better is if you do what they did during WWII...sacrifice...cut back, save, spend less, and give up your gas guzzling toys. Not just for a few months, for a few years.
Nitwit wants to know when it's open season for rednecks who think the world revolves around them. Every one knows the world revolves around the Goddess. So I'd say it's open season all year long.
Old enough to moan wants to know why he wants what he can't have and why can't he have it..I think we're back to that pecker again.
Billy Pilgrim wants to know Pac Man or T.O.? Which one's going to turn into an asshole first. I had to ask the Yellow Dog this one and she said it was a 3-way tie with Jerry Jones.
Lost in Colorado wants to know if it's possible to be without Internet at home. The Yellow Dog said she couldn't so I'd say no.
Joy, it's blowing in Texas too, and if the Yellow Dog didn't have such big tits she'd be playing in the dirt at Tex's house.
BBC, the Yellow Dog said to go fuck yourself.
Phone freak............your name and your question says it all..You need to get a life, on another planet, in another universe.
Mrsb, the Goddess blesses you.
Rude girl(who really isn't )wants to know when the economy will turn around..when everyone realizes it's up to them, and to quit waiting for someone to save them. Everyone needs to quit spending money like a sailor on leave. Buckle up, sacrifice...sacrifice..
That's the end of questions and answers.......I'm off to Valhalla. I will miss you and look forward to spending time with you again. Goddess bless you..one and all..


Big Tex said...

Wow, I didn't know Loki was a Supreme Court justice. Which one? I'm guessing Scalia... :-)

Nit Wit said...

Oh Boy open season! I wonder if their is a limit because there sure are a bunch of them trying to fuck up everone elses life.
I know. I need to post something before I get a bip.

Big Pissy said...

Great answers, Goddess!

joy said...

You are a wonderful Goddess! Next time we sacrifice things on the grill, I'll blow the smoke towards West in your honor.

LostInCO said...

Oh mighty Goddess you are the bestest of stuff.

Anonymous said...

the Goddess abides....

jan said...

As long as the Goddess gives such great answers, the universe is in good hands.

sageweb said...

Goddess Bless the Goddess. Another fine job!

texlahoma said...

You have great wisdom, oh Goddess.
Maybe my doorbell could give just a little shock, that way it won't make my electric bill so high and I won't have to clean the porch as often.

unokhan said...

you're a sharp one for sure!

yellowdog granny said...

bigtex:loki put it all into motion..he's a sick little bastard..
nitwit:oh oh ..new posts, im so excited..yeah, i think there should be open season on redneck assholes all year long too..
bigpissy:the goddess blesses you..
joy:send some of the animal sacrifice down to west, we love meat here..goddess bless you..'
lostincolorado:ya ain't so bad your self...bless you my child.
anonymous:the Goddess does abide..
Jan:goddess bless you..
sage:blessings on you my child..
tex:the goddess blesses you ...and your door bell..
unokhan:right back atcha and blessings to you ...

angel said...

very interesting indeed, i wish i'd been by soon enough to ask a question too!

Cheesemeister said...

It isn't just breasts that these other magazines are filled with, but artificially enhanced horrible water balloon breasts shaped like giant mutant grapefruit! I can't believe that a) men actually prefer the mutant grapefruit breasts to real ones and b) the number of women stupid enough to get these Martian implants put in their bodies, not as prosthetics for a breast lost to a mastectomy, but as elective surgery! Ewwwww!