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Saturday, June 14, 2008

I HAVE BEEN STIMULATED to the tune of $300

by Uncle Sam...praise the Goddess..I went to check my mail and found a package from Shady Lane with my honey straws..and a check from Uncle Sam...I figured it would be for about $28 bucks so wasn't really expecting much...lo and behold...a fat little check for $300...So I will get my front tooth fixed and hopefully the rest of them too...$300 isn't going to do it, but it will be a nice start..I also went and got my hair cut..was going to get it cut very short and have it spiked, but I kind of like it the way she did it first..she advised me to cut it normal first, and then if I decided to cut it shorter she would, but didn't want to cut it short and then have me go fuck what have you done...well, not exactly in those words...Then I went and got a funky green plastic square tote with lid..really cute..about 2x3 feet..and have it stuffed with towels, cleaning stuff, paper towels, toilet paper, seasonings, salt, pepper, etc..Going to get her sugar, flour, mustard, mayo, etc. and all the stuff she would need to set up her kitchen and bath..I figure all her friends and other relatives will get her all the pots, pans, cooking stuff she will need..But when she moves to Virginia and into their first apartment, she will need to buy all that stuff and it will be a lot better if she doesn't have that expense...And you know she will have to clean it..I'm sure she's going to open the box at the bridal shower and go 'oh....paper towels and a toilet brush, gee, thanks grandma.'...but when she opens up her apartment and starts to put her stuff up she's going to be looking for that paper towel and comet..I plan on getting her other things too, but mostly the essentials ...
I treated Babs to dinner at Pizza House..I had chicken fried steak, a huge salad, 1/2 of a fat stick of french bread, and about 1/2 cup of french fries..Babs had chicken casadias and the rest of my fries...damn, it was so good..Plus we are both going bat-shit over Community Grocery's sale on 1/2 pints of Blue Bell..10 for $10...normally about $1.80 a 1/2 pint..and I figure if I keep my carbs down I can have 1/2 cup of ice cream..We went to Video World and I got The Bucket List which I really did love, and the Jumper which pretty much sucked...well, not sucked, but it didn't rock..I also saw the Jessie James movie with Brad Pitt. I wish someone had stabbed me in the left eye with a number 2 lead pencil instead...most boring, dull, slow, no action movie I have ever seen...and wish I had seen National Treasure 2 instead..
Hmm, what else?...The microwave I bought 21 years ago for $75(it's the size of a dorm room refrigerator) is about to blow...Actually can't wait...It's so damn big it takes up most of my counter space over the sink...Not sure I will replace it..all I do is use it to thaw out stuff and steam veggies..
I'm going to Waco Monday and take the granddaughters and Jason to dinner at the Chinese place..I'm looking forward to that but not the trip to Wackkkkko...2 trips in a month is more than I can handle.
I bought a new rug for the kitchen and for the bathroom...Finally found something that was the right color and was the right size..
I watched the Bucket List and Babs watched the Jumper, then we switched and watched the other one..I took Annie with me in the truck when I went to switch movies so she and Peaches could officially meet...Oh shit!....Not a good thing..no fight, but only because I snatched my pussy and then Peaches stomped off to her bedroom..But oh you should have heard the hissing and meowing...Peaches was really pissed...Annie wasn't very happy, but oh my, Peaches was like, 'what the fuck are you doing in MY house? and get the fuck out.'..Pretty funny...well, it's almost 2am and haven't stayed up this late in 2 weeks...need to go soak my foot(banged it on the bed and my middle toe looks like it has a purple grape on it...uuuuuuuuuugly)and finish reading my new Joseph Wambaugh book...Flotsam and Jetsam are in it...Oh, I went to Caritas and they had books on sale and yes, I bought more books...jeez, it's a sickness I'm telling you...Got a good one on Women in the milatary and a bunch of mysteries and novels that I will donate to the library when I finish reading them..Janice Evanovitch has a new book out I can't wait to read...Granny gets kidnapped...boy I bet the kidnappers are wishing they had taken the hamster instead..
Yawn......I'm going to bed folks...fuckme till I snore..


Nit Wit said...

Wish I could get some money in the mail. We all have very high ssn numbers here.
Funny, I watched Jumper and The Bucket List Back to back Wednesday night. The Bucket List is great and I liked Jumper but it could have been a lot better.
I also saw the new Indiana Jones movie and tonight my son took me to The Happening. I loved the Jones movie but you have to expect it to be just like the older ones and it is. Fun. The Happening is pretty gory and a little far fetched. The special effects are I'm sorry to say really good. It also has some funny parts.
Having the basics when you start out is something that will sink in, in a month when it's a choice of going out and spending money needed for other things. That's when Grandma's wisdom will be understood.
I sometimes wonder how cats survive when they seem to hate each other so much that I can't understand how they reproduce.
I am reading the new Dean Kootz book Odd Hours, but I am rationing it because I hate when his books are over.

joy said...

I liked Bucket List too. Haven't seen Jumper. I took a basket weaving class some time ago. My favorite gift for showers of any sort is a Joy-made basket filled with household items. Everybody seems to like them. We haven't been stimulated yet, maybe next week.

unokhan said...

aint gonna nag, but french bread made from white flour + french fries made from white potatoes pave the way to purple toes.

the man in the foto is kinda scary lookin...

lots of requests for the evanovich book at the berry -- the waiting list's a mile long.

nit is right-- those practical housekeeping gifts are the fruits of what ginzberg called 'granny wisdom'

yellowdog granny said...

nitwit:im going to the library today and hope the new 'Odd' book will be in...Babs and I are going to force ourselves to go into town to see the happening...Annie and Peaches are loner cats and I think Annie still remembers Asshole and wasn't interesting in making friends and like Babs said..Peaches is a bitch..ha.
if you liked the happening then i'll like it ...the one review i saw gave it a c-....???
joy:yeah, i did it for baby showers..got a diaper pail and would fill it with bottles, wipes, bips, pampers,lotions, jars of food, juices,etc.start with she was first pregnant and by the time the baby came it was crammed full and those were always popular..
unokhan:yup i know all about the starches and the carbs..but think I've had a small amount of french fries about 5 times in over a year and white bread maybe 3 times...
evanovitch is great..she cracks me up...and am loving the new wambaugh book..
I hope she likes the goodies...just to be sure I'll throw in a coffee maker or something..ha

Big Tex said...

I got my check a while back, and below it on a bunch of crap I didn't need. Boy, do I wish I had that money right about now! :-( I have two DVDs from Netflix that have been sitting on my desk unwatched for several weeks now, that I forgot I had. I think I'm going to force myself to stay off the computer and watch them tonight.

jan said...

Gotta love a blog that talks about snatching a pussy.

yellowdog granny said...

bigtex:what ever you do..don't watch the jessie james movie..arghghghghg
jan:yeah, i thought about that for about...2 seconds and went for it anyhow..ha.