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Saturday, June 07, 2008


It's official...I'm losing my hearing..Babs and I went to Wacco for my hearing test. I had to take someone with me, she actually had a list of questions to answer..We were giggling and acting like 9 year olds..It was fun..up until I flunked the test and found out it would cost up to $6,000 ........If you want to know the details you have to go to Babs blog and read her post.

She did it good..

Well, it's all over but the teeth gnashing, weeping, pissing and moaning from the Clinton supporters...What a bunch of piss poor sports...jeez!...We all have to get together and kick McCain's wrinkled ole ass in November. Because our country can't stand 4 more years of the extended Bush Administration...fuckers..
I went to some garage sales this am..tried to get Babs to go with me but she's a wussy..But think the trip to Waco did her in..too many people, cars and not enough mustard for my corn dog...After I went to 3 garage sales I went to Gerik's Bakery, the one that makes the very best kolaches and got 2 kolaches for me. One blueberry and one cherry cream cheese. Then I got a cinnamon roll type roll but it's chocolate cake roll..and it's they were the size of soft balls..huge ...Got it for Babs to thank her for going with me to Wacco..as I know she hates being around that many people...They thought we were mother and daughter...
The other day at work some came in and was telling me how sorry they felt for me having to work with Inky, told them it's a dirty job but some body's gotta do it..and Inky said I'm the kind of person that you won't miss until I'm gone....I said well, that'll give me something to look forward too...Nice to get even with him for all the deaf jokes..He will say 'Jackie' and when I turn around he will start talking to me in sign language..fuckers..He and Tom will pretend to be speaking and just move their lips and I'm going 'what, what?'...bastids..
I'm off on the weekends and it's really great...I woke up at my normal time for work and that's cool too..no alarm..just 5 days of training..Also work up to find a tiny little headless baby meeces on the footstool by my chair..NOT what you want to see right before bacon and eggs..
I went to the memorial for Miss Henrietta last Sunday and it was a really nice turn out..they had the great portrait of her that will be right behind the desk where everyone can see it..They had cake and punch and all her family was there and all the grand kids..It was really nice..I turned in my key...figure if they want me they can find me..One of Henrietta's grand kids said that she had told him he could have the Gigantic Winnie the Pooh, so I gave it to him. He left a happy camper..They didn't want to ask for it if no one knew..I pretended I knew all about it and said he could have it...My good deed for the day. The best part is when Missy Sulak got up and (she's president of the Library Board and a city council member now) and did this tearful speech about her and Miss Henrietta and I had to bite my tongue to keep from cracking up laughing...Miss Henrietta couldn't stand Missy...she made fun of her and wrinkled up her face and made ugly faces when she would walk off...The thought of Missy up there like she and Miss Henrietta were big buds was just too fucking funny...I'm sure that Henrietta was cracking up laughing ...
I didn't go to the convention in Austin..Since it's all over with and I could care less which ass hole wins which district I opted to stay home and save my gas..
My Aunt Leola called..She's the 84 year aunt that still packs a gun..She says she keeps it in her car...Woe unto the little asshole that tries to carjack her..Plus her daughter bought her a new car..A brand new 2008 Red Mustang..She was carping about how much gas it used..I said well, just use it to drive to work(2 miles) and back and use your little Nissan the rest of the time..there was a long pause...'But I LIKE to drive my little red Mustang.'...haha..
I am really really enjoying my new shift..9-1PM...Monday-Friday. I get up at 7AM, pee test my sugar, eat, read the paper, do my cross word puzzles, read some emails and get dressed for work..I'm at work in less than 3 minutes. When I get off at 1PM I have time to run errands, go to bank, Drug Store, Post Office, etc. When I worked 2-8 I would stay up all night long sleep late and had no schedule so I didn't get much done...Now I'm usually asleep before the last guest on Letterman comes on. Life is good..Now if I could just find a inexpensive hearing aid that works..I'd really be fine..

This cartoon was in the last Sunday's paper...I loved it..

Going to go watch men's volleyball..nothing I like better than watching trim young men in bathing-suits chasing a ball around in the sand...Whoo doggies!


tina said...

Awww I'm sorry to hear that Jackie :( (no pun intended). I hope you can find a good aid.

Men's volleyball, eh? Sounds awesome - we have nothing like that here that I know of. Reminds me of that scene from Top Gun. Yum.


buddha_girl said...

6 fucking grand?

NO way. You should qualify for some sort of coverage because of your age. For real. HG's asshole sister gets hers for a cut rate. If SHE'S getting help, YOU SHOULD DEFINITELY HAVE IT AS WELL.

Love that you had a kolache! I want one!

unokhan said...


*what fucking channel :-P

yellowdog granny said...

tina:I found out texas has a texas medicare and they pay for part of it..so will see...the volley ball was on one of the espn channels..hot hot hot..!
buddha:oh man, that kolache was so good..can't wait for you to get here so i can take you...and get you a dublin dr. pepper..ha
unokhan:espn2 i think...they will be on tomorrow to as its olympic trials i think...sigh*

jan said...

I'm sure you can qualify for some aid for an aid. Keep us informed.

Men's beach volleyball: worth lugging in tons of sand to watch the hard sweating bodies...pant, pant.

Gadfly said...

Sorry you done gone deeph

There is a sound amplification device advertised that lets you hear the TV etc. while not disturbing your spouse -- or listen in on neighbors talking as they walk by your house. But all it is, is a low-budget hearing aid.

Probably, it's going to amplify all sounds and not just the specific frequencies you're missing -- but what do you want for 20-30 bucks? ;-)

Nit Wit said...

I'm always working with big steel racks that bang together real nice. I am starting to notice that people around me are starting to mumble a lot. I have extremely high and low range hearing but the mid range are starting to go away. They used to love me in the Air Force because I could hear the power flowing through the wires and tell when it was fluctuating. A big deal with mobile computers back then.

It really sucks that they are charging so much for the hearing aids. I do think you qualify for more help than just Texas though.
Did I say just Texas? I hope I didn't break any law down there.

I like the women’s beach volleyball. Every time I watch it I damn the inventors of duct tape as that has to be what keeps those little outfits on. I also become obsessed with how they keep the sand out of sensitive areas.


Nit Wit said...

I never had the urge to pee on my sugar. It would make my morning coffee taste funny I think.

billy pilgrim said...

those kolaches sound good. i was just at my favorite bakery and they didn't have any day old goodies. ruby is really pissed. she likes her pastries on a sunday morning.

i've seen sound amplifiers on tv for 19.99. if you order in the next 10 minutes they'll throw in a fishing rod for the price of shipping and handling.

texlahoma said...

I know what you mean about working the evening shift, it's great for going out to party but it's hard to get things done. Your new shift sounds great.

Ted said...

I don't know if this will help, or is even still available, but Radio Shack (of all places) used to sell a device that looks like an Ipod (complete w/ earbuds) that had twin mics and an EQ/pitch adjustment built in, that allowed you to not only compensate for what you couldn't hear, but hear things quite a distance away. It was like wearing a studio mic.
If they don't have it, best buy or circuit city might have something comparable.
20-50 bucks is a bit more affordable than six freaking grand for some dinky little thing that could roll off the nightstand and get stepped on in the middle of the night on the way to the pisser!

Anonymous said...




That Rude Girl said...

Very sorry to hear about your hearing loss.

My grandma was hard of hearing, and my mom always kept asking if she wanted to go get a hearing aid. She didn't want to spend the money -- either, that or she didn't hear her ask over and over! :)

Hopefully, you will qualify for assistance under Medicare. It really makes me angry when nice, hardworking people like you have to spend so much money for something that is a health necessity -- yes, hearing aids are a necessity -- while the lazy bums on MEDICAID and public assistance who have never worked a day in their life could get one in a HEARTBEAT on the taxpayers' dollar. This is precisely why I think people are sad over Hillary Clinton's loss. Hillary would have worked for universal coverage for EVERYBODY, where Obama only wants to protect children. But you are right: we must join together and defeat McBush this November.

Sue said...

$6000.00 bux!!! Hopefully you'll find something way more reasonable. Sorry to read about your hearing JS :(

old enough to moan said...

Sorry about discovering your hearing is failing, but at least you wont have to listen to everyone elses shit all the time.
Well done on ridding Hilary from the race... let's hope Obama lives up to all the hype.

Big Tex said...

$6,000 is a ridiculous amount of money to pay for something that probably isn't any more sophisticated than the technology in a $50 cellphone. This is a perfect example of what's wrong with our health care system in this country.

As far as the Hillary supporters, I suspect that the vast majority of the people who really supported her are going to line up with Obama this November. I also suspect that a lot of the ones running their mouths about voting for McCain are really Republicans who are just trying to stir shit up - I've read the comments sections in a couple of the pro-Hillary blogs, and most of these people who are talking about voting for Grandpa John sound as bad or worse than most Republicans the way they talk.

I pity the fool who messes with Aunt Leola... :-) Oh, and I had to do a double take when you said "pee test my sugar." It took me a minute to register the fact that you were referring to testing your blood sugar, and not the stuff that people scoop onto their cereal.

angel said...

aw jackie i'm so sorry!
love the toon... so how was the volleyball?

Allan said...

Before she died, my mom gave me a list of people and what to tell them when they called/visited to say how sorry they were...it was pretty harsh and unforgiving...reading about Missy's speech reminded me of that.

sageweb said...

Sorry I am stuck on the headless meeces...what the hell. DId your pussy have something to do with that?

yellowdog granny said...

to everyone.....I spend the entire day on the phone calling every body and their third cousin..I will not be eligible for Texas medicare till I'm 65..just like regular medicare..called Lions Club but they didn't know jack shit, so will google them..called Radio Shack and they have a thing called "Listen Up"...and is $15. they are out of them..Get some in Thursday..so will go Friday and check it out...The lady at the Texas Medicare gave me a phone number for Hearing Planet that has a list of places and numbers for people organizatons etc. that will help with a hearing aid...so there is help out there..just have to hunt it down...thanks for all the concern and careing...love and kisses.the yellowdog..

Winston said...

I wrote about stickin' 'em in my ears here:


It takes a few days of getting used to them, but you won't regret it. They don't make things perfect, but makes most of it tolerable. And when you get pissed off, you can turn the sumbitches off and tune out.

btw, that problem you mentioned with my site giving you an alert... I think it is fixed now. Please check it out when you have a chance and let me know...

Josh said...

At least you weren't like that poor woman whose kid kissed her on the ear and made her deaf...