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Sunday, July 05, 2009


for all you Monday peeps.

for Babs and her pussies.

for George

cat looks like Annie

for Bob..Tex's doggie.

for Buddha_Girl

For Allan.

For Sage

For Ruby.


Intense Guy said...

Ooooooooooooooooooh! Dat bulldawg just cracks me up!

Monday morning is kept from being a complete "ugh" by stumbles. I got to say, even being a dog person, that the "sky is falling dog" and the "you left it, I ate it" ones cracked me up!

And Amen Maxine - thats the kind of instant messaging I do most.

I kind of miss Ronald. Sort of.

Willym said...

a good start to a Monday morning, Laurent and I both had a great laugh with the Daschie and the Hagen Daas - how true, oh god how true.

jan said...

My dogs and cat never say funny things like that.

joy said...

This is why I have no pets! Who knows what they're plotting?

sageweb said...

Oh they are all good the pitbull with his head in the engine is hilarious..looks like homer.


intenseguy:i love the doggies ones better than the kitty ones..you miss ronnie?..arghghghghghghghhg
willym: that face on his face cracked me up.
jan:they do ..you just dont hear them.
joy:what and miss all the fun of fur and feces?...
sage:the one of the 'they have hotdogs' made me think of homer...as your always taking such close ups of his face..ha

Heidi said...

That little "evil" kitty is just too cute! Along with the kitties wanting in the bathroom.

Wendy said...

that evil kitty needs to me named gremlin...I saved him and the stoopidous dog.

I want to know what ball park that choc lab is at too.

Thank you goddess for monday stumbles via Jackie Sue.

Ted "Galt-in-Da-Box" Amadeus said...

That non-"sale" sign was a riot...
Let me guess: House Of Satan/Wal-Manaca?

just me said...

I just love them all. Thanks!


i like the doggie ones best.

Allan said...

"...was a brave dog." HA!