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Friday, July 10, 2009


I don't care if you lick windows,
take the special bus or occasionally pee on yourself.
You hang in there, sunshine – you're fucking special.
Every sixty seconds you spend angry, upset or mad,
is a full minute of happiness you'll never get back.
Today's Message of the Day is:
Life is short, Break the rules, Forgive quickly, Kiss slowly, Love truly,
Laugh uncontrollably, And never regret anything that made you smile.
Life may not be the party we hoped for, but while we're here, we should dance.
I got this in a email today...It always makes me laugh...so sending it out to all of you..let you know you are all special to me...not football helmet wearing special..but terrific friend special.
Was also going through my pictures on line and found this great picture of Nate, the 110 pitty bull dog with the heart of gold. This is the dog that when he found a drunk in our yard, instead of attacking him and ripping him apart like some pit bulls would have done, herded him out of the yard like a sheep. He and Mimi would bump the drunk into each other and just pushed him out the gate. This is the ferocious pitty bull dog that when I had all 4 of the grand daughters over almost had a nervous breakdown figuring out how to guard all of them and keep them safe from the doors, where in his mind anyone could come in and hurt them. I heard them yelling from the living room and went in to find that he had herded them into the corner of the room and wouldn't let them move..They would try to move and he would body block them. Then he just laid down in front of them and stared at them..daring them to move..I have a picture of him somewhere I'll find and show you..It's of him after they had left..and he's sitting on the floor with the top of his body just laying up against the door...just totally wiped out. He slept for 6 hours straight ...don't think he slept the entire time they were here. But my favorite Nate story is the one when a cop showed up one day looking for some Hispanic kid that had committed a crime (the house next door is the one he should have gone to..for many reasons.) and I had a huge sign saying beware of dog, a dog house big enough for a cow to sleep in and dog crap big enough to let you know..'ain't no prissy poodle living here'..So the schmuck knocks on the house in the 'I'm the law, you better open up.' knock and got Nate so worked up that when I opened up the door he bolted past me and pinned the cop to the side of the house. He had both paws on his chest, his big head right in the guys face and barking the 110 pound pitty bull dog bark.(which is basically all he ever did.)(his tail was wagging like crazy too.) The cop is screaming "I'm a cop, I'm a cop"..and was flashing his badge at me. I laughed and said "Don't show me the badge, show Nate, he's the one that has you pinned to the house."...I wouldn't make Nate get down till I was pretty sure the guy had peeded his pants. When I told him to get down and behave, Nate ran out in the yard and grabbed his big furry toy and brought it back to the cop for him to play with him. I'm not sure but I think that cop still has nightmares about Nate's hot breath an inch from his nose. I miss ole Nate. I had named him Nate after the only Cowboy at the time(Nate Newton) that wasn't under indictment for drug charges. Dammed if after Nate died, Nate Newton got busted for drugs. I want another dog so bad..I want another pitty bull dog and want to name it DUDE.... some day...We've had weather advisory for 2 days...which means 'don't go outside it's too fucking hot.' The temperature is about 103 and the heat index is from 105-110. Which is why Babs and I went to do our shopping early this morning while it was a little cooler..Think it was almost 90...We went by $General and I got a big ole welcome and a hug good-bye from Jennifer the manager..Babs laughed and said she's hugging you so you'll remember to bake her something this winter. I also got to see the 'chip guy' from Family Dollar, and miss seeing his cute little buns on Monday and Friday. So I gave him a little pat on the ass for old time sake. Life is good. They should make a movie and call it "Young Buns" and have nothing but the chip, bread, delivery guys in it..Wearing their little shorts and their cute little buns...jeez, I'm turning into a dirty old lady...enough...it's Friday, I have to go watch my soaps. Have a good weekend..and say out of the heat, rain, cold, and wind.


sageweb said...

Oh Nate must have been the best. I honestly think pitbulls were the best dog ever bred. Normal people that have them all know that they are the best.

Willym said...

you know I love dog stories and that's one of the best. And thanks as always for the pick me up - you always seem to know when I'm in need of one.

baci e abbracci

jan said...

Nate is everything you said he was.

I loved the comment you left on my blog about leaving the room with your baby and one of the assholes. The baby started to fall and Nate caught it and told you what a shitty mother you were to leave the room like that.

Well, you told the story better than I can.

Intense Guy said...

I wish I had been there to see " Nate ran out in the yard and grabbed his big furry toy and brought it back to the cop for him to play with him."

That bit on film would be worth a million bucks. :)

You keep cool - that heat sounds pretty awful... and no thinking about delivery guy tushes either... thats gonna make you all sweaty.

buddha_girl said...

They need to have the UPS guys in there too!

Nate? I think some of his spirit lives on in Ranger. My OLD postal carrier came by today with biscuits for him and was sad when I told him I'd gone to the PO box because of that fucktard new guy. Poor thing. He hung his head so low when he walked out of my yard.

I had a mutt when I was a little kid - Bowser. He would herd all four of us girls whenever someone came into our cul de sac. You can't train dogs like Nate, Bowser, and Ranger - they're born that way.

billy pilgrim said...

ruby's been saving me $25 a month for 7 years. i canceled the alarm monitoring service a few months after ruby arrived.

she's almost saved me enough money to pay for all the stuff she chewed in her early days.

Allan said...

You went over twenty words without using some form of 'fuck'...I was getting worried... Whew!

What neat dog stories..."show him the badge!" ..that's priceless!

Sling said...

You know who's afraid of Pitty Bulldogs?
I'll tell you who's afraid of Pitty Bulldogs.
Assholes that judge everything by their owm shortcomings..That's who.
I've never slept better at night,than when my faithful Pit was sleeping at the foot of my children's bed.

texlahoma said...

Bob likes to lay in front of doors, like "They'll have to get through me first." Nate and Bob look like they could be kin.

Clance' McClannahan said...

I was worried about the lack of Fuck too...Thought you were going to give in to the censorship Gods for a sec. I am so relieved now.

rainywalker said...

Yellowdog one beautiful blog. Your right, kiss slowly even if your at a fast food joint. A slow kiss is forever!


sage:he was the sweetest most effection and smartest dog ever..but he was the alpa dog in the house..I took him to get trained because he would jump on people and I was still too weak from back surgery to get him to mind..after 3 days, they said he was 'arrogant' and couldn't be trained with out a shock collar..i said when the trainer wears one, nate will wear one..after that i just told guys to cover their nuts when they first got there as nate would take them out if they didn't.
willym:i love making your day..and every oen should go to his blog and see the greatest escape starting his two lovely pupps...i cracked up laughing..
jan:oh that wasn't nate..that was 'strider' the fighting pittybull dog that jack rescued(for $500)...he was what the call pit trained..in other words he was a great loving dog until you put him in a pit and then he killed the other dog..jack fell in love with him and the story of him and saved his life..literly..he lived on roast and beef heart till the day he died of old age.
he was on one couch with me and mojo who ws in a car seat.and jack was on the other dozing..i had to go get a diaper for mojo and said to jack watch maryjo for a second..and he of course fell asleep and mj was kicking her legs and the seat started to slip and strider whipped his head around (had a huge head) and pinned her to the couch ..when i came out all i could see was her legs kicking and his head...the look on his face said it all' unfit mother, leaving your kid alone on the couch'...my heart stopped beating..i thought he had her in his mouth. this was the killer pit dog and we'd only had him about 4 days..i walked over and she was grinning and laughing and kicking her legs...strider was less than pleased with my parenting skills..
intenseguy:i actually have a video of him and edda K. i gave it to her but i'm going to borrow it and see if i cant put it on utube or my blog so you can see the goofy's dog in the world.
buddha:yup...you cant train 'heart' they either have it or dont..
billy:oh man..nate could and would eat anything..before i got the yard fenced when he was about 3 months old..i left him in the bathroom for about 30 minutes when i came back he had eaten all the sheet rock off the wall around the bathtub and sink..
allan:yeah, that became a catch phrase for months when anyone would come over and he'd bark at them..i'd say..show him your badge..

fuck...happy now?
sling:they are without a doubt the best dogs in the world...the thought of me having a dog again, and it not being a pit blows my mind..ha
tex:i think that's why i love bob so much..he looks and reminds me of nate..
clance:nahh...im to old to change..been saying fuckyou since i was 4..61 years...hard habit to break.
rainY;why thank you very much.

Palaboy said...

My sister just bought a dog house way much larger than her dog. Well i cant blame her... that dog is really special to her..