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Sunday, July 19, 2009


for Ranger

for asshole #2

for Sooner.

for Intense guy

for Bob the dog.

For Babs

For Homer

For Jan

for Ted

for Rox

for Nora and Nick

For Sling

for us all

for me.


Willym said...

Nick and Nora are thrilled that you sent them their Monday morning stumble. And are astounded that you would even think... snicker, chortle, laugh ... they would do something like that!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

I love the dog in the truck going for bacon! LOL!

Pom said...

"Congress" would be funny if it weren't so true! Love the "my dad is a dick"! lol The divorce letter - heinous! LOL

Sling said...

Oh,I love mine!
Because you know,sometimes,it's like that..

Lady Grace Dreamweaver said...

Giggle. Snort. Chortle.

And the divorce letter is just too much!!! Thanks for the laughter!!!!

sageweb said...

That is perfect for Homer, my friends always crack up because he hides behind a bush when he has to poop.

jan said...

I know even a blind pig can eventually find an acorn, but that last one is really creepy.

Intense Guy said...

It took me a couple hours to stop laffin' so hard that I couldn't type a comment...


Oh gosh, I can't even pick a favorite one... LMAO....

Woozie said...

Gran Torino was an awesome movie, even if some of the acting could have been better. At times it reminded me of a porn, but without the explicit sex.


willym:i'm sure at least one person has commented on their tiny size..ha..
debra:me too, that's my favorite of all..
pom:that divorce letter was soo mean..haha
sling:so disappointed he was..ha.
lady:figure eveyone on monday needs all the help to laugh they can get..
sage:i remember you saying something about him hiding to go poop, soon as i saw that i thought of homer.haa
jan:wasn't that spooky?...eek
intenseguy:i love finding just the right ons for monday stumbles..but have to admit the letter and the bacon dog are my favorite.
woozie:i haven't seen it yet..but will think of the cartoon when i do..ha

Rox said...

That last one IS creepy!

buddha_girl said...

Ranger loves you. Big big big!

Me? I love that fucking divorce letter. LOVE IT.

I may write my own version of the 'divorce letter' to the two cunts who are on my bad side right now. If I happen to do this, you'll be the first to proof it for me.

Allan said...

"...baby sister's cinnamon ring". Classy!

Big Pissy said...

I don't know how to describe how much I love that divorce letter.