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Tuesday, July 14, 2009


By the time I had stuffed 6 lbs of jalapenos and taken them to the bar it was nearly 6 p.m.and all the drunks gone home to crash and burn..Patsy was there with Andy and while not drunk..they were very happy. I had sent her the free pussy and beer for breakfast post and I think it finally dawned on her that maybe Jackie's doing something interesting out there and holy shit, she's talking about me.
So I told her how to get to the blog and to type in patsy patsy patsy in the left hand corner and all the stories I had written with her in them would show up and she could read them. I'm assuming she's not pissed at what I wrote or I'm sure I would have heard. This is Patsy Patsy Patsy with her boyfriend Andy. Who is just the sweetest guy ever. He treats her great and is good to her kids and belive me...I don't know of anyone who deserves the good treatment any more that P3. She is one of my favorite people in the world. Plus she cracks me up.

Our darling Inky. He let his hair grow out some and quit bleaching it and I think he looks very cute. I'm glad he grew the beard, now we don't look so much alike. Especially since I let my hair go back to it's natural color...I swear he looks more like me than my own kids do. I had taken some pictures of Julio, but man, let me tell you...it's hard to get a clear shot of a wobbling drunk 'meskin....There was a great one of him with his gimme hat on side ways toasting me with a beer...but he was bobbing and weaving and was too damn blurry to see anything. I'll have to go earlier and catch them sober..like 7 a.m. hahah.

I was going to take pictures of the jalapenos but I forgot and was going to have Andy take a picture of me and Patsy but they were jacking with me so much I forgot..They almost convienced me that this big beautiful couch was theirs and they were going to take it to the dump and if I wanted it I could have it..took me about 5 minutes to realize ...it wasn't Andy's truck and damn sure wasn't their couch..Assholes.

Next time I'll get more and better pictures..



I forgot about the greg mays car lot with the gigantic us flag...he also has a huge texas flag he flies too.
I also forgot to mention the front of strickly...i keep telling them that's how you can tell if all your customers are all old farts..when the entire front of the place is handicapped parking...gotta love it.

Ted Amadeus said...

Your pic posts R 2 die 4!

rainywalker said...

Sounds like you had a good time on the 4th. I used to end up like the movie "handover" when I was younger. But a great and funny movie.

jan said...

Have you told us what the jalapenos were stuffed with?

Elizabeth said...

Nice to see pix of these people we keep hearing about! Glad you had a good fourth.

Intense Guy said...

Hmm.. a lot of prank playing folks in that there town of West. First its non-existing scratches on pickups and now its free sofas that aren't theirs to give. :-)

Sounds like them old farts at Strickly's know how to have a great time!

sageweb said...

I am going to cook up some of those stuffed jalepenos someday. I love seeing the pictures from around town.

buddha_girl said...

Honest. West, TX is the flattest place I've ever seen. Wow.

Perhaps it's because I'm surrounded by mountains here.

And Patsy X3? Love her as well! She's good people!

I want some of those japs - your place or mine?

Rox said...

I love how you just point people to your blog! Most of us are closeted. LOL!


yup...west is flat...flat ...flat..spring time its lush and green and fields are full of wild flowers and bluebonnets..rest of the year..it's just fucking hot..
the jalapenos were stuffed with sour cream and cheese..
you know..the people in west really do have a collective weird sense of humor..maybe that's why i liked it when i first came here...nah, it was the beer and the kolaches..