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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

-------WEST, TEXAS NEWS-------

Hot dang..they are having Fourth of July fireworks display here in the big city of West. The last one we had was in 2006. I think they had planned on having one every year, but the weather had been so dry and the burn ban was in effect and couldn't shoot them off. Wait till you hear what it's going to be called...........you ready? ...THE CZECH-SPOLOSION. Hey, I can't make this shit up. It's going to be over by KD's Smokehouse and will start at 9:45 p.m. It will kick off at 8:45 p.m. and recorded music will play until the fireworks and patriotic music will be played during the fireworks. Also Strickly Country will be having their annual Fourth of July Birthday party and I'm thinking about going. It's T.J.'s birthday and also Jim "Chief" F.'s birthday too. But if I go and don't take stuffed peppers they might not let me in. Not sure I'm up to stuffing 100 jalapenos with cheese and frying them suckers up. I'll think about it.
The VFW had planned on a Fourth of July Steak cookout, but it's so hot they decided to have an SOS breakfast instead. The post will be open all day with snacks and beverages available. Penelope will be sponsoring a 4th of July Barbecue Cook off this Friday and Saturday. Penelope is pronounced Pen...al o pe..I always pronounce it penn a lope..I've done it so much now that Babs pronounces it wrong and everyone keeps correcting her. heehee.
Blood drive on the 9th of July. Babs usually donates and I would if I could. But have bad blood.ha
Library will be closed on the 4th of July but then they usually are.
The West Volunteer Fire Department named Bill Polk(owns Czech Stop) an Honary Member of the department. The fire department said that Czech Stop has served as the Grand Champion sponsor at the WVFD barbecue cook off since it started in 1993. In addition, this was the second straight year for Czech Stop to donate $5,000 in prize money for the cook off.
Now...for some really ugly news..Some low down, scum sucking sonofabitch broke into Saint Mary's Catholic Church and stole money from the candle intention stands at the front of the church...The were pried open and the money was stolen. Nothing else was taken. You have to be pretty fucking evil to steal money from a church. If you needed money that bad, all you had to do was ask Father Ed, and I'm sure he would have given it to you. I'm just sick over this. I know it had to be some punk kid..but doesn't excuse it at all. Evil has come to West. If I find out who did it I swear I'm going to rip out his spleen and tie it in a square knot. Bastid.
Babs and I are kicking our self in the asses 'cause we forgot about the Bold Springs Baptist Church Cheeseburgers..damnit..But I just noticed that they will be making them on July 6th. No way am I forgetting it this time. They are making Chicken Fried Steaks this Friday, but to tell you the truth...I make such great CFS's that I don't enjoy buying anyone elses...
Sarah Polasek and Luke Boyea were married On April 25th and Vivian Weathers and Darrell Whatley were married on June 6th. Mary Tolliver and Craig Hromadka were united in marriage on May 24th. Kylie Pechacek had her 1 year birthday party with a lady bug cake and lady bug decorations. I had to post her picture, she is just so sweet looking and so pretty.

The Laubert's, Hrabal and Kaska's are all having family reunions this month. Czech's Czech's Czech's...every where you go there are Czech's..
Christopher Berger and Cory Sinkule won 2nd and 3rd place in the 2009 International Sport and Cultural Festival's American Sokol Slet Gymnastics Championships. They'r coaches were Dale Berger and Mary Beth Dulock.
Brooke Keel a West High School junior, was selected to the Super Centex first team at second base. She was also District 7-AAA's Co-Offensive Player of the Year. Breanna Pavlas, a WHS junior, was selected to the Super Centex honorable mention squad. She was also named District 7-AAA's first team at catcher position. Ashley Anz, a WHS junior, was selected to the Super Centex first team as a pitcher. She was also named District 7-AAA's Most Valuable Player.
The Kucera Insurance team from West won the 2009 Brazos Valley National League Championship in sophomore baseball action. They completed the season with a 13-0 record.
A friend of mine and of my son Thom passed away last week. Tom was a pallbearer. He was 52 years old. Cancer. He was a good person..I'm sad for his family.
50 years ago there is a very interesting article about Mr and Mrs. Hugo Freund. He was born in Prague, Czechoslovakia, of Jewish parents. He said he wasn't sure of the date he was born on but thinks it was 1873 or 1875. After going to the University in Prague he got a degree from University in Chicago. Worked in various cities doing various jobs. Including a dining car conductor and a lumberjack. he came to West in 1926 as manager of Globe Dry Goods in Penelope. Then in 1927 he opened Hugo's Dry Goods in West where the Ben Franklin store was at the time the article was written and which is now part of Wolf's bar, Caritas and the Czech Shop Antique Store. He also ran a beer distributorship in West also. They talk about his kindness to everyone and the city repaid him by giving him football blankets, gold football, fishing rod and reel, and a Stetson hat.
His tireless efforts to make everyone happy have won him some loyal friends. 25 years ago (written in 1959) he started having a wiener roast to the West High School football and basketball boys and girls pep squads.
Anyhow I just found it very interesting...West being a predominately Czech Catholic city, to have welcomed some one born of 'Jewish Parents'...strikes me as pretty terrific,especially in 1925.
West Food Mart has chicken breasts on sale again for .99cents a pound. I crawled out of the house today and dropped by and got a package of 4 huge breasts for $5.05...Had one for dinner(made sweet/sour chicken with sesame seeds) and didn't use all of the breast ..it's huge..can make 2 meals out of each breasts. Community Grocery has brisket on sale for $1.75 a pound. and beef spare ribs for $1.39 a pound. Both stores have bing cherries on sale for $1.99 a pound..I love bing cherries..they are my favorite fruit. Well that's all the West news for the week...Hope to find out to broke into St. Mary's by next week and be telling you about his demise or at least a severe asskicking.


sageweb said...

Very Cool the Town of West will be celebrating in style. Fireworks on the 4th and cheesburgers on the 6th. That is all I need..but the stuffed peppers would be nice with a cold beer.

Sling said...

I've said it before,and I'll say it again..Them Czechs know how to party!
..They've cancelled this year's fireworks display in O-Town on account of the Republicans screwed up the economy so bad.

rosemary said...

We will have a fireworks show....unless the whole county burns down.....fire danger is beyond high. we have a cherry tree and actually got about cherries...they make me poop. We were a safe, doors unlocked, keys left in cars town until about 5 years ago....then it started with graffiti....bar fights and stabbings and break ins....never been the same since.


sage:i really like having the fireworks here..it's such a hassle to drive to wakko for their fireworks show..it may be bigger, but ours is lots closer.i can't wait for the 6th and the bsbc burgers..sigh*
sling:we have people that donated either money or the fireworks which is cool as they aren't all local companies either.
oh yes, the czech's really do party well.
rosemary:i still leave the house unlocked, the keys in the truck..our big crime wave is usually someone knocking over the mailboxes in the country...this break in of the church just pisses me off as im sure its some punk kid..

jan said...

Your Czech celebration sounds great. Wish we had some of them living here to spice up party time.

themom said...

You have so many options for food and celebration - that's wonderful. I hope you have a happy and safe 4th of July.

Heidi said...

Have a great Fourth, Jackie Sue! Enjoy the fireworks!! :)

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

Here's hoping you have an awesome time...Sounds like everything you need is right there waiting!

texlahoma said...

Churches in OKC have been getting broken into too.
We got some cherries for about the same price up here, they're good.

Intense Guy said...

Hope you enjoyed the Czech-splosion!

I've not seen any cherrys hereabouts - but the strawberries and blueberries are really good.

Toni Kaska said...

What a pleasant surprise! I was googling something else and stumbled onto this amazing blog -- thanks YellowDog Granny for your kind words and support of our Czech-splosion July 4th event. I know first hand that the Chamber Board of Directors felt very strongly that we should kick it old style and do something FREE in these uncertain economic times. We wanted folks to sit around in their lawn chairs with the kids and just enjoy a night out -- and they DID! We were so pleased and overwhelmed by the attendance and are now committed to bring this event to our community every year. Greg May Chevrolet sponsored the fireworks and are interested in making it an annual event, partnering with the Chamber each year. We are already rolling up our sleeves and getting to work on next year's event and something fun for Christmas. Stay tuned :)