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Sunday, September 13, 2009

DALLAS 34---------TAMPA BAY 21

Yefuckinghaw!.....Cowboys are still a second half team..sucked first half, and kicked ass second half. But boy I sucked on picks this year..Last year the opening games I only picked one loser..this year..not so much..5-8 so far...feck!...But a lot of teams have what I call the unknown quantity this year..New quarterbacks, new running backs, lots of rookies, never know how they will play. Farve is rocking them In Minnesota...
Also have some Cowboys Stadium facts and figures:
The Cowboys stadium has the tallest movable glass wall in the world. It is 120 feet high and 180 feet wide. It takes 9 minutes to open or close.
If you laid out all the handrails in the Stadium end to end they would run over 12 miles. That would stretch from Cowboys Stadium all the way to the DFW Airport.
Cowboys Stadium has the largest domed roof in the world. 660,800 square feet. It only takes 12 minutes to open or shut the retractable dome. Each retractable door of the dome is 63,000 square feet and moving them takes 128 motors.
Within the stadium there are 22 escalators, 18 elevators, 10 major stairways and a ramp that runs from the Event/Field level all the way up to the Upper Concourse.
Cowboys Stadium's exterior is covered with over half-a-million square of glass and stone.
There are over 1,600 toilets in the building and over 800 point of sale locations for concessions, including mobile carts through the plazas and building.
The center video board is mounted 90 feet over the field and is 72 feet by 160 feet. It runs from 20-yard line to 20-yard line It gives a 360-degree view of the action so guests never miss a play.
The field level is 50 feet below grade and the top of the roof is 320 feet above the field. There are a total of 10 separate levels in the Stadium.
C0wboys Stadium is the largest enclosed stadium in the NFL. It is 3.0 million square feet and holds 104 million square feet of air. It was built with over 26,000 tons of steel. there are 19 million pounds of truss work in the Stadium.
The Statue of Liberty could stand on the star in the middle of the field and the roof could close and never touch the flame.
The Miller Lite Plaza to the East is three acres and Champions Plaza to the West is four acres. With the Plazas and the platforms there are 10 total acres. That is 420,000 square feet of entertainment space before you ever enter the Stadium's bowl...
nana nana boo boo, stick your head in doo doo...


billy pilgrim said...

how about them cowboys!!!

jan said...

I read Monday before Sunday. My faith the the Yellowdogster is restored.

Intense Guy said...

I still ain't watchin'.

Who's paying the 1 billion dollar bill for this ... monument to insanity?


EyeReckn said...

Lucky for me, I napped thru the first 35-40 mins of the game. All I saw was the good stuff lol


intenseguy:it's paid for ..Jerry Jones is a lot of things (asshole coming to mind) but he knows business..arlington paid for $100 million or so

Ted Amadeus said...

To answer your question Intense Guy, the ignorant fucks willing to pay $25 for a beer and $90 for a pizza!!
Insane, but nonetheless the case.