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Monday, September 28, 2009


and they beat the point spread too. Hot damn..
Did I mention the cheering youngster is Robert(Buddha_Boy) my sweet baboo?...His mom is a die hard Giants fan and let me tell you..she's not thrilled to see her son cheering the Cowboys..but she loves me so she does it for me. She even sent me new photos of him to replace the ones that I had been using the past year ...The ones from last year were just pictures of him that I used for wins and losses...These were especially posed photos for Aunt Grandma Jackie....he's so damn cute..
Ok..the Cowboys won another game and I'm happy. They played like shit the first half but like I have always said..they are a second half team. Except for last week and they just sucked the entire game ....I swear these fuckers are going to drive me to dive head first into a bottle of Lone Star yet.
I got to see Jenna Jo-Ann today...She looks so much like David..the first thing when I saw her asleep all stretched out on her back stretching and yawning was 'she looks like her Grandpa, passed out on the floor..' I have never seen so much baby stuff in my life..It looks like Toys R Us in that bedroom..They won't have to buy a new outfit till she's 3 years old if then. There wasn't a bare spot on the bed, crib, play pen or floor ...every thing was covered with clothes, toys and blankets.
She has 3 different kinds of carry-alls, car seats. swings, and all kinds of baby totes. Unbelievable.
Nighty night all, hoping to get some Annie free sleep tonight. I kicked a pillow at end of bed last night and said 'oops, sorry Annie'...then realized it wasn't her and started to cry. This sucks.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Your sweet baboo is a cutie, all right!

Rox said...

Oh Jackie, the bit about the pillow made me cry.

I wish I was there. We could lift each other up. Big hugs to you.

Ted Amadeus said...

Glad to see Cowboys waking up, nice bit of comeback from half-time.
The boy makes a good picture, especially in the team gear.
It's not easy without Annie now, but you will recover.

jan said...

After the 49er heartbreak it took three people to talk me off the ledge. I think I'll follow golf.

sageweb said...

Oh the pillow story made me cry.. i remember going through that when I lost a pet..it is so heartbreaking...BIG HIG!

rosemary said...
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rosemary said...

Love you JackieSue.....Annie was right there with you.....she was.


debra:he's the smartest sweetest baboo ever.
rox:and she keeps leaving toys out for me..i know i gathered up all the toys and gave them to babs, but i'll still find a mouse or a ball or a dove feather(she loved playing with the dove feathers) throughout the apt..
ted:yeah its funny..buddha boy roots for the giants and the cowboys as his mom is a giant fan and the dad is a cowboys fan..must be confusing ha.
jan:oh man..i was rooting for them.not for any good reason other than they are your team..that was a heart breaker..
sage:im always on the look out for her and every time i bump something by the computer i apologize to her..as she was always right there under my feet wehn i was on the computer.
rosemary: i hear her during the night or out on the portch..heard something last night and jumped up and opened the door and startled the shit out of a opossom...

Anne Johnson said...

Granny, I can feel your sadness over Annie all the way here in Philly! She is waiting for you in the Summerlands. In the meantime, if you need a cat that will wake you up well before dawn, I can send you Beta. She would be really nice if she had an IQ.


thanks anne..i think i'll wait..the right pet will find me.

Green tea said...

I hope this passes soon..no real answers for grief other then time.