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Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Wow, we had a big fire in West Monday night..over on the 400 block of Virginia which is right down from my old house. They had fire departments from West, Leroy, Elm Mott and Abbot battling the fire. Looks like we will have to have a benefit to raise money for them as I think it's a rental house and I'm sure they didn't have insurance.
My nekkid rain dance paid off, we got 4.95 inches of rain in 4 days. Added to the 1.8 inches a week earlier we got 6.75 inches of rain in September. Last year in September we only got .55 inches of rain. So my ass is working..The rain has turned everything lush green and cooled it down to the low 80's and nights are in the 60's. I am a happy old lady.
A friend of mine just had a 8 lb. 11 inch baby boy and he looks like his Daddy. Grant Mitchell Eubanks has a big sister Kennedy Rose and I'm sure she will spoil him rotten. Edward J. Makovy, Sr. celebrated his 94th birthday, Will Kusler turned one.
The Lady Trojans volleyball team is winning all their games and the West High School Trojans football team is 3-0, which is just fantastic. I think they play at home this Friday and if they do I'm going to try and drag Babs screaming out of her apartment to go watch them. Inky's stepson Devin is playing. Last Friday's game was postponed till Saturday because of lightning but that didn't stop the Trojans, as they won 34.27. Oh I just saw where West has a by this week and won't play again till September 25 against Mexia(maheya).. at home. West High School senior Ashley Anz received a $1,000 scholarship from the Texas Teenage Baseball-Softball Association. We've had a few girls go from High School to Baylor University on sports scholarships, one of them even was a coach for the girls basketball team for 4 years. West Food Mart has Bone-in Beef rib eye steaks on sale for $4.99 per pound. They were out when I went up there but will go back. I have a hankering for a good ole very rare rib eye. Tyson split fryer breasts are on sale for $1.29 per pound and I got a package of them and have them thawing. Will cook them all up in the oven and then freeze them. Community Grocery has Blue Bell on sale 2 -1/2 gallons for $8...sigh* Milk is $2.99 a gallon, which is really down as a year ago or less it was over $5 a gallon.
There are some new listings on houses..one is a 3 bd/2.5 bath brick home with over 2,500 sq. ft. living area on 3.16 acres, built in 1999. Formal dining, living room and game room. Large kitchen, breakfast area, lost of storage, master w/dual vanities. Separate walk-in shower and jetted tub for $250,000. One is just reduced a 3/2 with study. Swimming pool, r.v. parking, and boat parking on 1.5 acres for $289,900.
Remember the meteorite that broke up over West at the middle of February? Well SyFy Channel is making a reality show called about the two goofy guys that were here chasing after the broken bits and pieces of the meteorite. It's called Meteorite Men and should be aired some time around January 6,2010. They will be in the West area to film for the cable show. Maybe Tanner will be on it as he was one of the people that saw it shoot by his house out in the country. I'll let you know for sure when it's going to air and you'll be able to see some of our country side and local characters, like the meteorite sniffing dog.
There is a job opening for a assisted living administrator if anyone is interested. Czech stop is always hiring, but I wouldn't work there for all the kolaches in West. They's some mean sonsabitches to work for. Plus Sunday in that place is pure hell. I counted cars once on a Sunday and quit at 54...Every yahoo in Texas that drives down I-35 stops in West and gets Kolaches. Babs and I went to Gerik's Bakery and they had all their day old kolaches 5 packages(6 kolaches in each package) for $6...We got 5 packages each and now we can't get anything else in the freezer as they are full of kolaches. But damn...I finally broke down and gave a package to Margaret and a package to Charlotte and one to the kid that lives next door. Still have 112 kolaches in the freezers..and since I'm not supposed to eat them I will end up giving them away too. Was going to take them to Jenny and Jason's but can't get up the gumption to drive all the way out to Bosqueville, which is 35 minutes from my place. Typical Texan, I don't figure out the miles just how long it takes.
Every time I go into Family Dollar now Inky runs and hides. He had an 'episode' last week and had double vision for a couple of hours and freaked him and Anessa out. He of course stayed at work and when Anessa told me about it she wanted me to go exert my muscle and check his blood sugar. But he's deathly afraid of needles and actually ran out from the counter at work and ran down the candy aisle to get away from me. Pussy. So now every time I go in he runs and hides because he thinks I'm going to stick him.
Annie spent one night in the bathroom because she kept getting on the new furniture and peeing on it and pissing me off at the same time. I know she can't help it, but it's hard not to get all freaked out when she's peeing all over the place and dropping little tootsie rolls as she walks ..That didn't work as she just sat up in her basket and peeing on my new dresser. I'm telling you....she almost died. So I made her sleep out side(it's really very nice out) one night and instead of sleeping in her basket she crawled under that white shelving unit which is about 4 inches of room for her...made me feel like an unfit mother. So I let her stay in but every time she gets out of her basket I grab her up, run her outside and squeeze the piss out of her. She hates it and so do I but the other resort is me stuffing things up her butt.
Bucky's Bargain Barn is closing down, so all his stuff is 40% off. I went in the other day and spent $22 on crap. But got some Christmas gifts and some cute stuff to send to some of you lucky folks. Still trying to find stuff to send for a thank you for the help you all gave me and Annie.
Oh I know what I was going to say..if you aren't watching Sons of Anarchy, your missing some great TV. I fucking love that show and this season opened up with Adam Arkin playing a White Supremacist and instigating the rape of the wife of the head of the MC. Holy shit!...She's played by the actress that played Peg Bundy...she's so good on this show. You have got to watch it..

Welp...I'm done. Sorry this is so boring, but I got jackshit to say about anything. Well, I do think the President is right Kanye West is a jackass and the republicans are gigantic buttroys. I will do a post on what I think of the new president, but still want to give him a chance to reclaim his balls and do something before I rip him a new one. fuckme I'll never vote again.


The Future Was Yesterday said...

["fuckme I'll never vote again."]
You're that happy with thngs too, eh?

That was a beautiful "rambling" you wrote re the goings on in West. You should call it "Granny's Grunts."

Cept I'm as old as Granny.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Can't wait to hear your advice to Obama! And if he's smart, he'll listen to you. Annie doesn't, of course, but then, she's a cat. Cats listen to no one.

EyeReckn said...

I'll be at the West / Mexia game! Tho I'm with the enemy. Good friend's baby brother is a starting defensive linemen.

I broke down and bought SAMCrow Season 1 on DVD after hearing all about it. I'm only about three episodes in, but I can tell I'll be an addict.

sageweb said...

I have never heard of that show...I will have to look into it..I love peg bundy.

Tea baggers are idiots

Rox said...

Ahhh give Obama some time, he inherited a huge pile of shit, it's going to take him awhile. And when his opponents are Retarded Republicunts, well, he's got an uphill battle.

I don't know how you've tolerated Annie's pooping and peeing problem for so long. It makes me feel like an ass but although I love my animals, if they start that kind of stuff? They're going on a date with the needle.

"Hell? Table for one, please!"

joy said...

Things are never boring in West!

I'll vote again! And so will you!


future:granny's grunts...has a certain ring to it..ha
debra:i can only hope.annie plays deaf better than anyone i've ever seen..
eyerekon:im telling you as good as season one was..so far season 2 is kicking ass...katy segal is awesome in this show..she steals it from everyone..
see ya at the game..
sage:you will love it...best show on tv now that the closer and saving grace is off..
rox:im telling you...its getting to be more than i can handle..i know some day i'll be in her place pooping and peeing as i walk and dont want anyone putting me down for it..but man..my house, my furniture...sigh*
make that a table for 2..
joy:yeah, i'll always vote..its' my thing..

Intense Guy said...

Durn, I missed the westfest and now I missed your nekkid rain dance...

I have GOT to get to Texas...

Cheyenne said...

Been watching Sons of Anarchy since the very first episode. I hate when one episode ends and cannot wait for the next one.
Good luck with your cat; ours are 3, 3, and 5-1/2 weeks old. We just took in an orphan.

texlahoma said...

Glad y'all got some of that nice weather, it's been like that here too.
That's cool about the SyFy thing, something's always happening in West.


inenseguy:well the westfest will be here next year and i'm always doing nekkid raindances so you should catch one of the two of them if you come down..ha
cheyenne:it is such a kick ass show..i love when they gave the party for the guy who was in jail and when they show him the next morning he's laying with his head face down in the girls vagina..cracked me up..
well annie is not a kitten, she had a stroke and now pees when ever..sad ...
tex:isn't it the truth for a little town there is always something going on..

Nit Wit said...

You have to keep voting. I hear tha fair hair Perry Has a women running for Govenor next time.
I still giggle every time you talk about The Lady Trojans, I always think there something yo get in the drug store.