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Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Sigh.....I'm pretty sure I'll be able to do this post without throwing myself on my keyboard and sobbing my heart out..but then again, maybe not. I am still an open wound and miss my little friend so much, but I'm trying to be a big girl and not make a complete fool of myself over this.
So...West, Texas...holy shit!...we have had so much weird shit going on I don't know where to start..First of all we had a kidnapping.. some woman who was the friend of the lady that had the 1 week old baby came over and said she would watch the baby for her at the house so the mama could take a nap. When she woke up the 'friend' and the baby were gone. So she called around and nothing..she called the police and then the girl shows back up with no baby and tells the police she tossed the baby in a dumpster..which is what she had done. The baby was in the dumpster for about 2 hours face down with old insulation tossed on top of him. The West Police were really on top of things and found the baby right away and he was in the hospital and doing fine..Tough little critter. the girl is 25 and had been telling everyone that she was pregnant and due any day. They think she had planned on taking the baby and passing it off as her own..In a town the size of West, I'm not sure how she planned on getting away with that..which is why she probably ditched the baby..she's in jail charged with aggravated kidnapping and injury to a child with bond set at $500,000.
So we not only are getting over the shock of that, when one of the tenants back by Babs said that the maintenance guy showed her his penis. She is mentally challenged and has a tendency to 'stretch the truth' and so far the police are not taking her seriously. The guy in question is someone I don't think is capable of doing what she said. He's a weird duck and wears those nylon shorts that are almost like underwear and I think he bent over to fix her water heater and she caught a glimpse of his penis and freaked.. I told Babs, hell, if he's going to go wagging his weenie around, send him over to my place.
Then today we had 'apartment inspection' as the apartments are being sold and they are checking on the shape, etc. She asked me if I had any complaints and I said 'funny that you should ask'..and told her I was pissed and thought it was a violation of my civil rights as to not being able to have a choice in my TV reception..That the idea of these apartments was to give affordable housing to old farts living on fixed incomes and yet we were forced to pay for a cable service that was crappy and was way to expensive. That I wanted to get a satellite dish and wasn't allowed to by the apartment rules. She said she would mention it. Then Babs told them that the outside lights would burn out and they did not replace them in a timely fashion(and let me tell you...it's really dark back there at her end of the apartments) and that they didn't keep the grounds up and to avoid extra work like mowing, they used weed killer to kill the grass. So we're thinking some shit is going to hit the fan..and of course, old Tony told them about the supposedly weenie wagging maintenance man.
Hmm, what else..oh yeah..it's been raining off and on for days and we've gotten lots of it. I refer to them as gully washers...and my okra is loving it..I have little okra penis's popping up all over the place. I think I may have to retire my nekkid rain dancing ass as we have our quota now thanks..
The Heart O' Texas Fair and Rodeo starts October 9-17 and five West High School students have been selected as 2009 Heart O' Texas Sweethearts and will be participating in the upcoming fair.

I'm telling you..we have some very very pretty girls in West.

We have over $3 million dollars for road work on FM 1858 which is Tokio Road..but it's on the other end so it won't be affecting us...good, don't need any more traffic foul ups over construction.
What else is going on?...Amanda Rejcek married Zebulun Peery on June 27, 2009..Jessica Rose Nors is engaged to Mark Anthony Clifton and will be married October 24th at St. Mary's Catholic Church. Ava Catherine Dornak was born on August 31, weighing in at 6 pounds and 6 ounce and was 18.5 inches long.. Logann Carreon turned 3, Christy Jones will be 18 on September 25, Frank Macicek will be 95 on September 29 and Edward Snider was 90 on September 12.
West Trojans will host state-ranked Mexia this coming Friday. I hope to go, but with me you never can tell. Both teams are unbeaten and it really should be a good game. West Food Mart has pork butt roasts on sale for .99cents a pound.Community Grocery has top sirloin steaks for $3.29 a pound. There is a new listing for a country brick home on 14 acres, 3 bed, 2 bath, very large country kitchen, garden room, enclosed porch, stock tank, carport, separate shop building for $269,000. If your interested in a business ..Ray's Electric and Plumbing plus 2 leased retail store fronts has dropped down from $125,000 to $115,000. Wild West Steakhouse( 2 story building) with fully equipped kitchen and bar, furniture, and fixtures for $259,000. Now there is a place I'd like to buy..change the name to Jackiesue's and fix nothing but home cooking my style. Sigh*.....West Feeds is celebrating it's 20th Anniversary with refreshments and can register for door prizes.
We have really had some cool and wet weather..normal for this time of year is about 88(and it's always about 90) and it was 67 today...Down to the high 50's at night..it's wonderful. But think by this weekend it will be back to the 90's...So far we've received over 8 inches...of rain.

I on the other hand...oh never mind.
Ok..that's all the news from West. Hopefully I'll perk up and be back to my natural asshole self..but right now?...just don't have it in me.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Wow -- West, Texas is a hotbed of criminal activity at the moment! I hope it settles down soon. I hope your grief also eases with the passage of time. But the old saying is true: "Cats leave pawprints on our hearts" and it is only natural to miss them when they've gone to the Rainbow Bridge.

jan said...

You can't rush grieving, just have to let it rush its course. Have patience with yourself, Sweety. We all understand.

unokhan said...

hang in there, kiddo

The Future Was Yesterday said...

When anyone besides us is in our house, the baby never leaves my sight. Not for a second, for anything. Too many damn kooks out there.....

[".I'm pretty sure I'll be able to do this post without throwing myself on my keyboard and sobbing my heart out.....I'm trying to be a big girl and not make a complete fool of myself over this."]
Trust a Texan to get things bass ackwards.:)
Only fools don't sob, sweetie!! Open the flood gates and let 'er rip!:)

[" be back to my natural asshole self..but right now?...just don't have it in me."]
Y'all jist take yer pretty time now, y'all heah?

I gotcha covered for as long as you need.:P

Nit Wit said...

There,s no reason to feel ashamed of tears for the one you have lost.
chin out tits up. Damn that never comes out right.
I escaped from the rehab place and am home again. It feels strange to be here. took me a day to figure out my cable remote control.
I have a fancy hospital bed with an air mattres, a brand new wheel chair, a walker and a thingie to make my crapper taller so I can stand up to do the paper work without falling.
Now the nurses come to me to torture me.

Junebugg said...

Damn it, I work 2 weeks of straight midnights and finally get on line in time to find out one of my bestest buddies is hurting. SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT SHTI HELL FIRE
Love ya JS, and hope you're taking care of yourself. Wish I was there to give ya a hug

Intense Guy said...
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Intense Guy said...


Yes, West surely does very very pretty girls in it - their names are Jackie and Babs.

I hope you are eating right and getting out and about...

Did you ever enter that photo contest? What did the winning photo look like?


debra:i know..it's like sin city here. I keep thinking I'll wake up and she'll be running thru the apt. leaving tootsie pops for me .
jan:sigh*...I know..it's just hard.
unokhn:oh wow..how great to hear from you...you were missed.
future:i knew I could count on you..ha
nitwit:oh wow...you'll never know how great it is to see you here..hot damn..and your home..oh that's wonderful..I'll give you a call. eat you veggies and do what the torture nurse says.
hey everyone..nitty's back..
juney: I figured you were working, and knew i'd hear from you sooner or later..I'll be better..least that's what everyone keeps telling me.
intenseguy:oh yeah, i have to take care of myself..babs will kick my ass. I was going to post the winning pictures they were really good..i think the winner was one taken of 2 springs ago when it snowed on the blue bonnets..mine didn't make the grade..but there were over 300 intrys..pretty great.