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Wednesday, September 02, 2009


neighbors...It's 3 bed/2 full baths. This is Jenny and Jason's brand spanking new house. On their own they replaced all the outside lights so they would be different from their large front yard and all the houses are set up on little hills..(mounds)..They live in Bosqueville and it's about a 35 minute drive from my place in West. It's a great area and has a top notch school district. The house costs them under $90,000. Not bad..Plus Thom is putting in all new fancy sinks, faucets and new water saving toilets. Plus all the bathroom towel racks, paper holders, soap dishes, etc. Bless Jenny's heart she knows that her Dad and I have been avoiding each other so she was working like crazy to get him in out and me in and out before we ran into each other.ha.. Oh and the best thing happened the other day when she brought the couches and dresser over...I had got them a large pizza from Pizza House and all I have is water and asked her if she and Jason wanted water and she said no, she'd wait and get a soda on their way out..then I remembered that Babs had left a regular Dr Pepper for me when my blood sugar drops..So I said 'No wait, I have one Dr Pepper.' and almost in a panic..she said"Oh no, I can't drink your last Dr Pepper"...cracked me up..She remembered one of Grandma's rules: Don't drink Grandma's last Dr Pepper....hahah
It's really really cute..and Jenny cracks me up...'if we replace the carpet with hard wood floors, and yada yada..we'll get more money when we sell..'..she's already thinking about flipping it ..ha...that's my gal..

All of her appliances are black and for Christmas, birthdays, etc. we are to replace all her white appliances with black ones..haha..I told her I was going to get her a espresso, latte etc. machine for their Christmas present. The guest bath is in black and silver and I got her a new black towel set plus two black and silver candle holders...

Eating area right off kitchen..and the glass doors go to a pretty good sized back yard that they are getting a privacy fence for.

This is Jenny and Jason with their 'no we haven't been fighting for 3 hours from the stress of moving, no we're just fine'...smiles.

Jenny and Grandma..I look like I'm waiting for someone to throw dirt on me. I was smiling but by the time Jason got the camera to work, my smile had slid off my face..see my Texas, we're bigger than France T-shirt? My girl is so pretty.

Jenny and Bailey who is so happy and he and Lulu were running all over the place chasing Tail Spin the cat...They all love their new home.

Tailspin..stalking me..

Jason playing with Bailey and Lulu.
Their living room furniture will be there Wed.

My favorite employee at West Food Mart, Tony. He's been there a long time and always is so sweet to me..I really like this kid..although he's not a kid..think he's 26...When I first started coming in he would show up with a different hair cut or color or just shave his head..I loved it..I tried to hook him up with Jamie before she married Harrison, but never worked out..Think Tony would be a great grand son-in-law

starting from the bottom up is the view of Food Mart when you first come in..then the first register to the right, the center and end register and the right part of the store. The FRESH MEAT DEPT. is straight in back.

My TV has a Ghost and looks like Annie is watching it. Love seat to the left and couch to the right..I'm taking the picture from my recliner against the wall...

Annie loves the new couch..I have to put a blanket for her to lay on so she won't smell up my furniture with her stinky ass..I will take more pictures, but I tried taking them at night and there wasn't enough light.
Did I tell you Inky shaved off his hair..dipshit..
We're all gearing up for Westfest...Babs and I will go to the Parade Saturday morning.and maybe to the fest Saturday night for a little while. Just so she can say she's been...Then she'll be set for another 30 years..I think next year will be our 35th Westfest, so I expect a big ass blow out..I'm still taking pictures..Will do another post but with Westfest coming up want to be sure and take a bunch of pictures for you.
There is one more month of voting for me on the bestofblog contest..the guy that is beating me is doing all the voting himself..so even though it would be fun to win again..I'm not gong to ask everyone to keep fucking with it..you guys have a life and looks like this guy doesn't so...he may win the contest ........................but I have you guys...and that makes me a winner all the way around. Sage says I should put the link up again..so here tis...http://bestonblogspot.blogspot.com/


Intense Guy said...

Thats a very nice house! I hope it becomes a very happy home.

Both Jenny and her Grandma are hot babes!

..and of course I <3 Bailey (except for his name).


sageweb said...

Wow you and Jenny are gorgeous! So it the house. I think you should put the link to vote back up. Make it easy for us..it only take a second..

jan said...

Yes, put the link back on. Our lives aren't that interesting anyway. Lovely jenny, was hard to tell you apart.

just me said...

Beautiful house, lovely couple, wonderful cats, and a great post. I think they got a good deal on that house, and she's right about the hard wood floors.

And there's no way you can get through moving day without thinking about killing at least one person....


link is up...annie's ass is shaved..she looks like a mini lion.

Sling said...

That's a gorgeous new home doll!
And,Holy Crap!..It's time for Westfest already?
Damm..Time flies

Tina said...

Aww love the pics! Jenny is beautiful! Nice house :)

Tina said...

Aww love the pics! Jenny is beautiful! Nice house :)

apositivepessimist said...

Returned and voted.

Bet Tony likes to see yer arse [and mouth] come in the door!

I love the mart. Reminds me of some of the small supermarkets over in Aussie. Got just about most things you need but you do pay the price.

Heidi said...

Great house! I love Jenny's idea about replacing the carpet with hardwood to increase the home's value! True, true!