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Sunday, September 06, 2009


The 34th Westfest Parade, which I found out the other day on the news is the largest parade per capita in the United States...so take that you light weights.

The kid turned toward the camera is Inky's nephew, my dear friend Mike and Sara's son Tanner. He went to the Harley Davidson mechanic school in Phoenix...good kid..

I forget what this float was..but I liked the big testicle on a stick. Everyone on all the floats toss candy to the kids. which is why everyone has the sacks and the kids are all bent over picking up stuff...The politicians came through high fiving the kids and they would look at their hand like "where's the candy dude?"

My favorite float for the past 3 years. It's an out house and the sign says "Bohemian Motor Home'...And every year this woman sends a letter to the editor of the West News bitching about how its demeaning to Bohemians..

That is Sarah A. Mike's wife..I am responsible for them being together..Mike and I were out drinking and went to a party and I found Sarah passed out in the back of a car with the windows rolled up and it was about 103 outside..So I got Mike to help me get her in the Jeep and we took her to Agnes's house and the rest they say is history. Mike isn't so sure it's such a great thing any more..ha.

My bank..and Czechs in costume.

Band playing polkas..

more Czech costumes.

Ok..so we're not so fussy about who and what gets to be in the parade..If a little girl wants to drive her truck in the parade...it's ok with us.


Mike A. Inky's brother, and one of my oldest dearest friends. We're both Scorpio's and used to go get drunk on our birthdays every year...not for the past 20..ha..

That's Babs on the left.

The rope off the area in front of the court house and people can gather there and ride the bus out to the Wesstfest so not to have to pay $2-3 for parking.

Think this is either Miss Westfest or Miss West.

more Czechs.

these are the linked rides from the Kaska farm...which is really cool. They have a maze can have party's out there.

Sara and Mike's daughter in the orange shirt. She is 12 and made a hundred on her school test(it has a name but forget what it's called) and Duke University wants to give her 2 tests and if she does as good as they think she will they will offer her a scholarship.. She's one of the best kids I know..Beautiful on the inside and the outside. I told her to read The Name of the Wind by Patrick Roth fuss and told her it was the best book I had read that year and maybe for the past 4 years, to trust your Aunt Jackie and check it out. She came up to me that morning and said I just finished the book and its the best book I ever read and can't wait for the next one to come out. Made my day.

There were a bunch of classic cars..but hard to get up close enough to get a good picture..had a 1924 Model T truck that was killer.

This is the Tiger Shop, a gas station with a tiny
kitchen and eating area..they make great hamburgers and tacos and burritos. The band was playing all thru the parade and it was C&W and not polkas which was a nice change.

This is right down our Main Street which is called Oak...and if you cross over the tracks the next cross street is Main Street,

This is Oak going over the rail road tracks and into the heart of town.

Czech flag flying over the local car dealers.

Pizza house bacon cheese burger and fries. Bacon Cheese Burger is $4.25, and $1.85 for side of fries.
I had 6 hot chicken wings for $3.99

We got our drinks free cause when we got there they had 2 waitress's and they were swamped.. So Babs and I bussed all the tables for them and we got our drinks free. Pretty cool. We did it to help but also because our regular table needed cleaning too.ha

them fecking bangs..they are supposed to go to my right but haven't got them trained since the new hair cut..that's the center of the skunk egg.

The world famous skunk egg.

Big sucker ain't it?
Oh by the way the hot sauce that came with the wings? ITS FUCKING HOT!.. First time I had to say..'its too hot for me'..


Babs said...

Jackie was crying about that hot sauce. Waaaaaa... too hot... waaaa...
I'm gonna get my ass kicked.

more cowbell said...

Seriously, what's a skunk egg?

Buzzardbilly said...

I am totally with More Cowbell on this one: Skunk egg, what you be?

My bangs are untrainable. I wanted them to be straight. They said "oh hell no" to every product I tried. Try using some good old Dippity Do (yes they still sell it) when you're blowing your hair dry or to shape them while your hair's wet and use a comb to comb the Dippity out when it's dry. That way you don't go around with bangs looking that like that guy who was the greasy-haired coach for the LA Lakers.

billy pilgrim said...

that bacon cheese burger looks mighty good.


babs:ha, from someone that wouldn't even taste it. ha
cowbell and bb:I've posted the ingredients a bunch of times..pay fucking attention..I'll be asking questions later.
billy:it's fantastic..lots of bacon.

Ted Amadeus said...

I'll bet them skunk eggs are awesome...Some kind of Czeck thang I imagine. Sounds like they know good food!!

jan said...

What a great day for the whole town.

Have you tried beer to tame your feckin bangs? Makes a great mousse.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

["This is the Tiger Shop, a gas station with a tiny
kitchen and eating area"]

I had to look sharp, but damn if that guy leftmost, sitting down, ain't playin' a double ten steel! Wonder what state he's from?:)

["them fecking bangs..they are supposed to go to my right but haven't got them trained since the new hair cut."]
Those bangs aren't nearly as threatening to you as what you are about to eat! No wonder you're so bitchy.:)

Willym said...

Finally I get to see what the hell a skunk egg looks like!

Love the little girl in the car - best entry in the parade.

WestFest rocks!


ted:I dont know if you could call it a czech thing but its fantastic.
but all the food at pizza house is great.
jan:im going to try some stuff i bought when i used to spike my hair..its like glue..i'll fix them bangs yet.
future:wow, I never even noticed what they were playing. chicken wings are good for you..it's the hot sauce that is dangerous.
willym:skunk eggs rule and I loved the little girl and her pink barbie car too...i love my little town..

rosemary said...

I would kill to have your bangs....mine would look like fuzzy cat tails....curly hair with a mind of its own and all. There is nothing like a hometown parade. We used to have one in the dead of winter until one year all of the horse poop froze on the street and stayed there until spring melt and most of the people on the sidelines had their boots freeze to the sidewalk....now they hold it at the ski lodge....like that's any fun...not.

Green tea said...

Your hair is great, not so sure about the skunk eggs though.

Last day for our Minnesota State Fair and I'm missing it..crap!

tina said...

Well, look at you! And I finally caught a glimpse of the infamous skunk egg :) Enjoyed the pictures, thanks so much for sharing these (you know I love photos!) :)

Hmm what kinda book is that ? I may have to check it out. I'm so backed up in my reading. I got at least a dozen books waiting to be opened or finished!

Cute that they let that girl drive her little pink car in the parade. Eons ago, I used to be a majorette and twirl a baton in the parades twice a year...crazy.

Glad you had a great time!


rosemary; i tried the mouse today on my hair and it went sprong* right into curls...ha..I dont think we'll ever have to worry about it freezing like that..it's frozen once bad in 15 years that i've been here..
willym:they are so good, really..maybe cause it's deep fried, us texans do love our deep fried stuff..yeah, kids get to ride their bikes in the parade if hey want and they always do.
tina:it's a home town parade.we can all be in it if we pay the float fee ha..THE NAME OF THE WIND by Patrick Rothfuss...and it was the best book I have read in 3-4 years..it's sort of a fanasty..along the lines of harry potter, but 100 times better.

Heidi said...

That is a great picture of you with the skunk egg! Love it! Hope you had a great Labor Day!

sageweb said...

Great pictures..nice to have more faces to the names..and to see a real skunk egg.

Rox said...

I like the whole face to name thing too! Geez, I feel like I went to a parade! I can almost taste that cheeseburger...

Intense Guy said...

That Skunk Egg looks great! I bet they had to call it what they do just so they didn't run out of 'em all the time.

Thanks for all the parade pictures! It almost feel like "being there". I see my orange cone representative made it.


angel said...

I wish we had parades in South Africa... They look so cool!

Junebugg said...

Wait, let me wipe the slobber off my chin. Skunk eggs rock!

Did u walk in the parade like we did last year?

texlahoma said...

I use to have a Mustang very much like that one, even the same color.

That's a great pic of you and someone holding the plate.

Anne Johnson said...

Skunk eggs, Dublin Dr Pepper, and your constant company ... hmmm ... please let me know if there are any school teacher openings in West!


heidi:skunk eggs are addictive
rox:we have yet to have anything there that wasnt the best ever.
sage:come on dowen ..have your own snake egg...
intense:yeah, i thought of you when i saw the orange cone.hah
angel:no parades? wow..how sad.
juney:no just stayed right in front of the tiger shop...
Tex: i wish i had gotten more pictures of the old cars, but they moved to fast..that's babs hands and she also is in the picture of my friend mike..

Allan said...

Looks like fun! Not sure my belly could handle a skung egg, though. Enjoy one for me!

Buck said...

I think I know what a skunk egg is - - they look a LOT like an armadillo egg.

Josh said...

This... skunk egg... intrigues me.