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Thursday, September 10, 2009


Westfest 2009 is over...our 34th Westfest. The attendance was down again in spite of the cooler weather.This year's attendance totaled 18,860 compared to 19,654 last year. In 2007, the attendance was 22,714. But from what every one said..there may have been less but they spent more. Numbers were up on all souvenirs and beverages..which means lots of pivo. I'm so excited Strickly won second place in the commercial float beating out the new bar OutWest Bar. The first place winner went to my favorite float the Bohemian Mobull Home Float. I bet that woman is really pissed, as she complains about it every year saying it is demeaning to bohemians.. Yeah, right.

Now..for the goodies...those 18,860 people consumed the following:

1,940 hamburgers, 1,109 corny dogs, 1,060 pounds of french fries, 4,320 kolaches, 100 baked potatoes, 1,600 pounds of potatoes for spudzilas, 6,850 sausage sandwiches, sausage sticks and sausage and kraut plates, 1,440 roasted ears of corn, 240 ears of corn on a stick, 340 bags of Bavarian nuts, 175 pounds of corn for kettle popcorn, 30 bounds of uncooked pork rinds, 1,150 skunk eggs(see, it's not just me..If I had been there it would have been 1,152 skunk eggs), four cases of fried green tomatoes, 16 gallons of fried pickles, one case of fried squash, 100 ice cream floats and ice cream servings, 1, 575 funnel cakes, 540 steaks on a stick, 420 chickens on a stick, 220 pork on a stick(another number that would have changed...the most beautiful words in the world...'pork on a stick')250 rib-eye sandwiches, 1,868 plates of Mexican plates, 110 pretzels, 330 loaves of homemade bread(usually beer bread) 480 barbecue sandwiches, 500 chicken and beef fajitas, 250 Phillie Cheesesteaks, 450 turkey legs, 1,310 fruit drinks, 350 gallons of tea and 1,110 cups of Italian ice. I wish they would put how much beer and soda they sold ..they used to, but I guess it looked like we were a bunch of booze hounds so they quit.

Oh that is Merle'the pearl' holding the commercial sign in front of the Strickly Float..It was a boat, full of drunks and babes.

Next year is our 35th Annicersary Westfest..I plan on joining the Westfest committee and make some suggestions..Like get rid of all the old farts that have been on the committee for 34 years and are stuck in the past.The new Miss Westfest Christy Jones is so pretty. I'll look and see if I can some better pictures of the Parade on line. Waco newspaper usually puts some up after a week or so..

Well..........we're done for another year...Now we start gearing up for next year.....


jan said...

That really looks like fun and made me hungry. Next year should be great with the addition of your creative and offbeat ideas.

Ted Amadeus said...

I would have accounted for 3-5 more turkey legs and a sizable up-tick in steak-on-a-stick consumption had I been there...
Scheduled my vacation too late:
Let me know about the tentative dates for next West Fest: With 3 weeks of vacation time, there's got to be a way to fit it in.
Was planning on Omaha NE/Willmar MN this time around, but with this summer's events I'll settle for a recon/whirlwind wknd up to Mackinac Island before the frost settles.
Glad it was a success!

Intense Guy said...

Put me in for a baked potato? A baked potato? Who goes to a festival and has a baked potato?

I'm good for a kolache, an ear of corn, a skunk egg, one of each fajitas, a steak on a stick, and a motel room with Miss Westfest.

Gosh she is so purty!!

I had to laff at the bohemian parade float... looks like my kind of ride!

So Not Wishy Washy said...

So glad it went well! Wish I could have been there! With you on next year's committee, West Fest will IMPLODE with greatness!