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Saturday, July 10, 2010


I, like the schmuck that I am, entered the pictures backwards..duh!..
so start and the bottom pictures and work back..ha..
The bottom picture is me giving marriage advice to one of the little ones...something along the lines..of Don't...or at least till your 30.
My son, getting down ...that's white folk dancing..Jenny said one of the brides maid's found them making out behind the tent at one point.
Grandma after seeing Jenny for the first time in her dress..I just lost it..I had visions in my head of her running nekkid through the house when she was a little girl. My tears made everyone else start to cry..so we were all sobbing..was pretty funny. Poor Jenny was having trouble holding it back...but by the time she walked down the isle she had lost it..was crying like a baby...ha.
Thom and Candy dancing..they really did look good together. Jenny and Jamie who cut loose and had her self a great time.
Jenny and Thom dancing. Made me weep..Cutting the cake..it was a beautiful cake. Jenny and Jason and first dance. Tom and Jenny dancing again..you can really see how absolutely beautiful the dress is. The hot couple in the limo.
Was a beautiful wedding that we are all glad to have behind us. She and Jason are so happy and I'm happy for them.


Jan said...

Great pictures. I really wanted to see a shot of your shoes though.

Glad you explained the picture of you gasping. I was afraid the back of her dress had disappeared or something.


no..I was covering my mouth as I was crying like a baby.

Intense Guy said...

She was indeed a lovely, lovely bride.

Do you think that little one you gave advise to, will heed your lesson?

:) That cake does look magnificent... the great looking couple pull your eyes away from it though.

The photographer that caught 'em in the limo has a shot that should be framed and hung in their house... as a reminder of their special day - and what they promised each other.

Nit Wit said...

When You said you were giving out marriage advice to a minor I had visions of her starting therapy the very next day.
She looks real serious.


karl:I think I'll take that picture and have it blown up and frame it and give it to them for first anniversary.
they are such a great looking
nitty:I actually think I was letting her know how special she was..she was the only one of the little kids that wasn't in the wedding and think she felt left out..(she was someone's cousins wife's kid that we had never met before) so I was telling her she was beautiful and special...stuff like that.

rox said...

Great pictures Jackie! Oh man, I bet there will be lots of shots of me bawling at Em's wedding...

Nit Wit said...

I was just pulling your chain. At big weddings most people wouldn't notice the person who was being left out.
I have been part of 3 weddings in my life once as the best man and twice as the groom. I can think of one I would have been better off being left out of.

Intense Guy said...

That would be a really cool gift!


Shrinky said...

What a beautiful couple. I think my fave pic has to be the end one, though.. I sure hope she heeds your advice!

texlahoma said...

Great pics, they look like a happy couple.

Name: female, not even with a capital F. I shit you not! said...

.... and may they live happily ever after.
Great pictures.
Beautiful memories. :0)


rox:and it will happen at the damnedest times..
nit:i had 3 weddings..one i was happy, one i was stoned on acid, one i was being held hostage..so what do i know..?ha
shrinky:Im just hope she's not scared for life..ha
tex:so far? so good.
ishitunot:me too...

Debra She Who Seeks said...

What's a wedding without a good cry?