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Wednesday, July 07, 2010

WEST, TEXAS NEWS and the 4th of July haps'

Before I get started on the 'haps in West over 4th of July, I have to tell you some news from last weeks news..Scott Podsednik was voted among the top 30 high school baseball players in Texas during the past 100 years. Podsednik now currently playing for the Kansas City Royals was named in June to the University Interscholastic League's baseball ALL CENTURY third team. It lists all of his accomplishments too, but if you want to know more you can google him.
I have to get to the 4th of July events.
I took pictures of the fireworks but none of them turned out. I couldn't get Barbara to go(Matt was racing) so Anissa and I went ..I have the x over where I think the truck and we were, but after looking at it I think it was a couple of trucks over to the right. Last year we had 3,000 people, this year they said over 4,000 people were there. I did a fast count of automobiles and added 2 (there were at least 4-6 kids in each auto) and came up with about 4,500+ people. It was a absolute blast. The fireworks were supposed to be 40 minutes worth. But it lasted an hour and 10 minutes..along with some terrific music. The little Mexican Drive Thru stayed open so we had a taco and sodie pop.
Later on we had popcorn and a sodie pop..I ran into so many people I knew..Patsy Patsy Patsy was there with Andy and his son/girlfriend and kid. Who is at the 'yah? I don't care'..stage..I had so much fun I can't tell you. Over to the left is my 'go to guy' Kirk from Old Corner Drug Store and his son. The 2 of them have saved my ass more than once at the Drug Store. Answer all my questions, give me great advice and always has a big smile for me. Mrs Kirk is wonderful to me also. I love my drug store.

by dark time there were cars on every piece of bare concrete and grass there was.
Of course I had to capture a West, Texas sunset for you too.

some Texas sky for you.

this is while it was still light out and people were still coming in..all that grass where the kids are playing? Was soon to be full of cars.

all of this was full of cars and up and down the sides of the drive way was full of cars and trucks..some double parked.

By dark time you couldn't even walk through the cars that were parked there


I had a taco and a sodie pop for $3.50
and the green salsa was kickass.
I will go back again and again. Prices were great, the lady's working there were sweet and polite and it was spotless in side and out. I like that.
So!...this was Saturday night, July 3. I had such a great time. The entire time I was watching the fireworks I was saying to my self..'I love my little town, I love my little town.'...and I do.
Now for the continuing joke that is about to be one of the longest running jokes in West. About a week ago, Anissa showed a picture of a beautiful yellow rose that Inky had given her for their anniversary. I told her how pretty it was and 'what did you get for him for the anniversary?'..She said she hadn't got him anything yet, she didn't know what to get him. I said if he's like most men he want's whiskey or a blow job, or both. She was so embarrassed, she was emailing me back and forth about if she did, I wouldn't know as it was none of my business. I said 'ya ya ya, but you need to give him a blow job.'...So the next day I was at Family Dollar and bought a bunch of crap and Inky helped me carry my stuff out to the truck. I said "So, did you get your anniversary gift from Anissa?"..His face turned beet red, and he said 'no when I got home she was asleep.' So he was grumbling and embarrassed about the entire subject and started back to the door. I waiting till he opened the door and I was getting into the truck and I hollered at him "Inky, I'd give you a blow job for your anniversary but I don't think Anissa would approve."...his face was the color of a tomato..he couldn't even speak he was so embarrassed...Oh it may have been one of my finest moments..So, the next day Babs needed to go to town so we stopped by FD and when she walked in she walked almost 20 feet by the register where Inky was and yelled out:"Inky did you get your anniversary gift yet?"...oh my...SO!..At the fireworks show I relayed all the information and story to PPP and Andy and they were laughing their asses off. They leave after the show was over and went to Wolf's and just as they pulled up Inky was going in Wolf's...Patsy bailed out of the car and ran up to Inky and said "So? You get your anniversary gift from Anissa ?"....Poor Inky...he's never going to hear the end of it. I told his brother Snake, and everyone I met the story. So every where he goes now he gets asked about the blow job he never got. This may go down in the Annuals of the best of Jackiesue.. Life is pretty fucking good.
In the meantime I'm remembering that the 4th of July is T.J.'s birthday and he died about 3 months ago and knew this was going to be very hard on Merle, so I called to see how he was doing and he said they were going to have pork fajitas, beans and all the fixings and for me to come out.(I had been asked to dinner by Mike and Suzanne) and if I did, could I make some of the stuffed jalapenos and bring them. I emailed Mike and Suzanne and said they were welcomed to come out if they wanted to as most of the places were either closed or didn't have a no smoking room. Strickly's may be a 'joint' but they have great ventilation and you aren't bothered by the cigarette smoke. So bitching pissing and moaning the entire time I stuffed 40 fucking jalapenos and took them up to the bar..Where I got to see the regular crew. PPP, Andy, Dennis and Cheryl Porter, the kid and his wife, and various other drunks. The peppers were gone in no time. So I had a great time visiting with Mike and Suzanne who have turned out to be the nicest people ever. They even brought a cake for dessert. The food was great, and a fun time was had by all. I finally started to feel the aches and pains from sitting on the back of the pickup for a couple of hours, standing in the kitchen stuffing and cooking fucking jalapenos so I headed home. When I got there I had 2 messages from Inky and Anissa for me to come to Wolf's they were having a BBQ. So I piled back in the truck and had dinner at Wolf's. Hardly anyone there so Anissa, Inky, Devin and I played hold em and ate BBQ. 2 free meals in one day...how cool is that?. So Monday I made bacon cheeseburgers, corn on the cob and curly friend for Babs and I for lunch. All I have done since then is sleep..Not when I'm supposed to at night, but during the day. Naps rule.
I still have to back the cherry pie I've been talking about for days. I pitted them all last night, and waiting for Anissa to bring me back my fancy smancy pie dish and my book Geek Love. If she forgets again, I'll just use one of my regular pie pans.
We've had some excitement in West. First the owner of Mynars Bar on the corner of the street that the camera shows got ticketed and 2 of her employees got ticketed too. Also arrested.
The TABC filled charges against the owner and 2 employees for serving minors. What makes it worse is the girl that was served (20 year old Vavarro College student) died during the night after drinking there. She had undetected heart trouble and it just quit beating. Could have been caused by the alcohol but they aren't sure. I do see a law suit coming. So I'm pretty sure the bar will be closing soon. Really sad for the girl and sad that they were so stupid they served minors.
Then some schmuck got busted for selling and growing marijuana in his residence, on June 30. He's out on $10,000 bond. Show you how stupid this guy is ...this is his second arrest in the month of June. On June 23, he was arrested at his residence on an assault and family violence charge. Bet the cops found something suspicious and got a warrant to come back and search. So this has been a very action packed couple of weeks..No wonder I want to nap all the time..too much excitement. Ok..I'm off to bake my home made cherry pie..will take pictures..unless it looks crappy and then I'll lie and tell you I forgot.



it looks like some pictures didn't show..but it's the fucking blogspot. it made the comments appear next to the pictures but moved the pictures up away from the comments i made..fucking thing.

Shrinky said...

Hahaha, oh poor old Inky, this joke is going to just run and run, isn't it? What a lovely picture you paint of your town, Jackie, it sounds a wonderful place to live, full of some really colourful and genuine characters. Good luck with the cherry pie, hope you get your dish returned in time (grin)!

Nit Wit said...

I wouldn't want to be in Inky's shoes.
I was thinking he could put an end to the questions by saying he got two because it was late. He would have to go into the witless protection program to keep Anissa from going to jail for murdering him.
You did so much this weekend that reading about it has left me exhausted.
I always put the text below the pictures and put a few spaces between them. The only trouble is that when you put a picture on the post it always puts in at the top of the page.

Name: female, not even with a capital F. I shit you not! said...

Be kind to us old ladies Jackie.
I have an incontinence problem & almost pissed my pants laughing.
You are the most colorful blogger in blogland..... ;0)
Long live you snd the town of West!

Intense Guy said...

I hope someday, Inky gets his present.

Sounds like you had a fabulous fourth!! Firework pictures are tough to take without a really good camera...so don't feel too bad about 'em.

A 20-year old ought to know better too... I'd like to sit in on that court case/lawsuit. The other dude needs to straighten up or he's gonna be put away for a long time after getting his "third strike".

Jan said...

Poor Inky. It wouldn't be so funny if he didn't get embarrassed about it.

What a great weekend you had. The dogs and I mostly stayed home and read.

Ted Amadeus said...

Hope you had a terrific time. I thought that little taquerilla would be great from the first time you showed it a while back.


and the funny thing is..he's going to be too embarrassed to say he got his anniversary present cause it would make his face even redder...
i had a great holiday..best in a long time.

rox said...

I finally had a stuffed jalepeno pepper the other day. It was cut in half and then filled with herb and garlic chip dip, then grilled on the BBQ. Made fire shoot out of my ass the next day! And it also made me think of you.

The Sports Lounge Team said...

I know it was epi. Dont think there will ever be another match as big as that!

Anonymous said...

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