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Friday, July 09, 2010


It's raining..2 days in a row..and supposed to get more..I can only hope..We really need it..I have danced nekkid in the living room to bring down the rain..so far it's working.
I made a huge pot of beans for the Mellisa V. benefit and will probably have to make another pot. Thought it was for about 150 people, now it looks like 300. Dang! They will be serving BBq plates for $7 and having a raffle. The gifts for the raffle are a RCA MP3 Player, a 125- piece Drill Bit Set, $25 gift certificate from West Food Mart, $20 gift certificate from Nemeceks Meat Market, 4 day passes for the Playdium Pool, Steak Dinner for 2 for the Czech American restaurant, Steak Dinner for 2 for the Outwest Bar-n-Grill, 3 New Movie Rentals from Video World, Autographed James Hand T-shirt and CD, Gift Certificate for Pizza House of West, and a $25 gift card from Family Dollar. Hot dang..I wouldn't mind winning any of those, except for the drill bit set..I already have one.
Was in town to pick up my script from Old Corner Drug and the used shit store was having a 1/2 off sale, so I stopped by. I got some great buys on books. Elmore Leonard's When the Women Come Out to Dance, Maximum Ride by James Patterson, Percy Jackson and the Olympians Book two, the Sea of Monsters, Animorph's #24 The Suspicion, Animorph's The Hork-Bajir Chronicles, The Kabbalah, Experience (the practical guide to Kabbalistic Wisdom) by Naomi Ozaniec, and ...are you ready for this?...Another Brick in the Wall(the stories behind every Pink Floyd Song)...Brand new books..all of them..for under $5, plus a tiny little jewelry box with German (?) writing on it..and one of the words isHergficfler & Fuckwu something..had to have it. Plus 4 brand new place-mats with grapes and vines on it, which match Jenny and Jason's kitchen perfect. I'm so good.
I'm thinking about taking a break from blogging for a while. I am beginning to think there is no one reading..I used to get 30-40 comments a post..now? maybe 6-8..I'll do the Monday and the Friday post. But unless I hear from you all...........I'm taking a break..I'll be on facebook if you want to find me.

Oh the pictures..the beautiful dog is Mike and Suzanne's baby Turk..The second is the Tale Tellers from last Saturday. They had story time on super hero's. My sweet Marissa A. said they should have real super hero's like firemen, policemen, Ambulance people, and the pilots that fly the emergency helicopter. Is she not a gem? She is
second from the left. All the girls were dressed in their own homemade super hero costumes. My best friend David O. with his first grandchild Kenna Jo.the one that was sick but was still happy and sweet...ha..She's just learning to stand, I figure she'll be walking in another week...
Ok..that's it from West. Hope you guys have a great weekend..


Intense Guy said...

I'm readin'... If I have to, I'll be reading what you got in Facebook.

Maybe you need a video of your naked rain dance to get the crowd woken up...

Jan said...

I think people are reading more, commenting less. But the nekkid rain dance should work well.

I have to go through so much crap periodically to comment on Blogspot blogs lately. My Google account says I don't have an account so I click on apply for one but part of the info is there, but i have to put in duplicate info and then decipher the weird word and then it takes me back to comments. Then all works fine for a while and then the whole thing starts again.

Sling said...

I think Jan is right..People are commenting less.
It happens in the Summertime.

Charlene said...

I read every one of your posts.

I read them before I read any other.

I often don't comment because I got nothing to comment about.

I'm sorry. Don't stop blogging. Sheesh.

Name: female, not even with a capital F. I shit you not! said...

Ur post is the one I read first 98% of the time.
Sometimes I find commenting to every blog I read is the reason I get behind in my day.
Reading as many posts as I do & having my head up my arse most of the day is probably the real reason. ;0)
U R Luved & well read Jackie.
Not a real fan of Facebook.
Will stick around blogland to catch u.
Meanwhile enjoy your summertime out & about town for more posting materials & whatever else makes ur day. (((hugs)))

Nit Wit said...

This is one of my first stops when I wake up. First I turn on my computer and then I go potty then I come back and start reading posts. I then check back through the day (well night) and visit Face Book about 500 times. I'm so busy with that that I don't have time to write on my own blog. The Poker bug gets me sometimes too.
You will figure out a way to get your captions in.
I need my Yellowdog fix and facebook entries are too short.

Ted Amadeus said...

I think you're doing an awesome job JS, considering the fucked-up-edness of the whole Pic(k)as(s)a Web Pics Software Blogger uses, which is sometimes impossible to use without wanting to ram your foot through the screen.

jadedj said...

I'm reading, but have the same problem as Name: female, not even with a capital F. I shit you not! Just take a little break and come back.

Anonymous said...

Nooooooooooo! Please don't take a break, you brighten my day. EVERY DAY!! I'll will be saying the F' word if I don't have me some Yellowdog Granny....Love you!!
The Bookshelf Babe!


ok..I'll keep it up..but it doesn't hurt to comment every now and then..I get up to 200 people a day and only 12 or so regular comment.sigh*...I'm spoiled.

rox said...

You get 200 a day? Oh man, you get around lady! hahah!

I always try to comment. Lately, I've been so damned busy, I only get here once a week by the time I make all my rounds!

Rainwolf said...