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Wednesday, February 23, 2011


2-16 NEWS
Eight West Middle School history teams, comprised of 30 students, came home with plenty of hardware from last Friday's Heart of Texas Regional History Fair in Waco. West Middle School took home a total of seven awards for their entries.
The fair offers ribbons or medals for first, second and third place winners and honorable mention in all categories in the junior division.
The first and second place winners in all categories of the junior division also win the opportunity to compete at the state competition, Texas History Day, in Austin on May 6 and 7. Second place winners in the Website category were Kamrynn Schiller, Holly Soukup and Marissa Adamson. My sweet girl Marissa. Who is always winning a medal for something, and is always pretty low key and blase about it, but was over the moon about this. She gets to go to Austin for State and if they win they could go to Washington D.C. we're all thrilled with everything they all did, but have to admit..I'm just thrilled to death over this. Especially since I got a special phone call from her to tell me all about it. I made her a pumpkin cheesecake ...
Karen Hlavaty Svacek had a 50th birthday and Callie Clark had her third. Tyler Z is 4.
My friend Suzanne R. i s the new writer of the Senior Center News for the West News now and does an excellent job.
Both the Trojans and the Lady Trojans lost in the Basketball tournaments. Crapola.
the West Trojan Baseball team has their season opener tonight at The Ballpark In Arlington, which is a big fecking deal. That's today and haven't heard a score yet.
Holy shit..the WEST ISD announces employment and program reductions at campuses.
They will decrease the number of employees from 221 to approximately 195 by the start of the 2022-12 school year. "Through attrition, resignations and some probationary staff cuts, we hope to get to 195 or below," Dr. Marty Crawford said.(West ISD superintendent) Even though the cutting back of teachers will make the classes larger, they are still not much larger than 22 or 23 students. Plans are to temporarily suspend theater arts at West High School. Physical education classes, at both high school and middle school, are to become coed. Golf, tennis and power-lifting are to be temporarily suspended also. (this is a shame as we do really good in power-lifting and tennis.)All of this is a direct result from Good Hair Perry's 5 to 15 percent decrease in state funding and a shrinking reserve fund balance for the school district. DON'T GET ME STARTED.
I saw on the news where library's will get stripped of funding and will lose the grants for such things as computers, books, and other library programs, like the summer reading programs.
Mr. and Mrs. David Filer proudly announce the engagement of their daughter, Kimberly Ann Filer to James Allen Andrae, son of Mr. and Mrs. Allen Andrae of Winters.
The descendants of Josef and Anna(Polasek) Bezdek will have a reunion on Sunday March 13, at the VFW Post 4819 in West, located at 715 Reagan Street. This includes the families of Frantisek
(Frank) Bezdek, Joseph Frank Bezdek, Karel (Charles) bezdek, Marie Bezdek Sykora, Anna Bezdek Sulak, Jan(John) Bezdek, Johanna Bezdek Kotria and Anezka (Agnes) Bezdek (Sister Olivia).
On February 26th Strickly is throwing a birthday bash for Dwaine Snokhous.
Church Parish Hall of the Nativity of the BVM(Blessed Virgin Mary..for you protestants)is having a fried chicken and dressing dinner with all the trimmings.
WHS debaters advance to state. After a stellar performance at the District 8-AAA Cross Examination Debate Meet, WHS students Amy Holecek and Melany Jean won second place ensuring themselves a trip to state in March.
The Lady Trojans junior varsity softball team won first in the Academy JV Tournament of Feb. 17-19.
I'm soo proud of the kids in West.
Catholic Daughters of the Americas Court Sacred Heart #829 is to host its annual Fat Tuesday "Mardi Gras" Taco and Salad Luncheon on March 8.
Which coincidentally is the day I'm going to have the Mardi Gras Party at Jackie's Kitchen and we are having chicken/sausage shrimp gumbo with rice, beignets, cupcakes iced in green/gold/purple, yam biscuits with non alcoholic beer and a sparking wine. Suzanne is going to make the beignets for me and I'll make the rest and she will also down load some jazz, Cajun and zadeko music ..Kathy is getting crowns for king and queen which will be determined by who gets the babies in the cup cakes. There will be masks, beads,cups and bowls decorated for Mardi Gras and Tommy Wolf from Wolf's Sports Bar is allowing me to borrow some of the Mardi Gras decorations from the bar. Which is totally cool of him. I'm really excited about this..I keep waiting for one of them to 'bomb'...but so far they have all been a hit, and actually each one sort of tops the last one. I know I'm due for a total failure but so far..knock on wood..I'm doing good.
Believe me, if I do screw up ..the residents will be the first to tell me..they don't beat around the bush about anything.
Well that's the recap of the West News...with the exception of the loss of our beloved Dr. Eisma. He passed away this morning from the fall he took a couple of weeks back when we had the big snow and all the ice. I can't tell you how sad this makes me. I've know Dr. E and Mrs. Doctor for over 30 years. He wasn't just my Dr. he and his family were my friends. I am broken hearted for his wife and family. Mrs. D. was with him every single day. They worked together and were really a matched set. This is sad news beyond words. The city of West is going to be lost with out him. Goddess bless you Dr. E.



Trojans score 7 in 6th to win 7-4 over Forney

Jan said...

Condolences on losing your doctor. We lost one of our best a while back and it was like the heart went out of the city for a while.

FoxyMoron said...

So sorry for the loss of your friend, very sad.

Name:was Female, I shit you not! said...

Luv reading the West News.
Read your post to my son that is a Bezdek.
He said he is sorry, but he won't be able to make that reunion. ;0)

Sorry for your loss and the towns.
Have taken a few falls on that shit myself. Bad shit!

MarkD60 said...

I like reading your news. Sorry about the reduced school funding.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Go Marissa go! Woo hoo! I wish they had had History Fairs when I was in school. That would have been right up my alley, instead of *blecch* Science Fairs.

Your Mardi Gras party sounds like it will be so much fun! Wish I could be there! The old farts will love it, I'm sure. Now about those beads . . . are you going to make them show you anything for them, LOL?

Bob said...

I know I'm new around here and - for awhile - was fooled by your "pagan trouble maker" and "don't give a sh*t" claims.

But I'm starting to realize that you - in actuality - have a heart of gold, even if you try mightily to hide it.

You love kids and cats... That ought to buy some bonus points at the Pearly Gate. (assuming there is a Pearly Gate)


bob? shhh, you'll ruin my reputation.

texlahoma said...

It's great to see those kids getting recognition for academics, they can't all be sports stars and with the exception of the few that can go pro, being smart will get them much further in life.

rox said...

It always drives me nuts when the arts are cut before anything else.
Sorry to hear the sad news of the doctor. =(
There sure are alot of Z's in the names froms West. =)

Intense Guy said...

First rule of politics, always cut the thing that is most public (and in this case, needed) so the taxpayers cry and relent to higher taxes - never ever cut anything like the state house staffers or their own salaries and benefits.