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Thursday, November 08, 2012


 I thought I was done with most of the political cartoons..but there are such good ones out there..thanks so much for letting me know there are more readers out there than I thought..Debra, that's why I always comment..Let the person know 'hey, I was here, you did good, thanks.'...plus some of my comments have brought me readers..In case your not on facebook..the Republican's have gone batshit..I got deleted by 4 people..and 3 of them were kinfolk...ha..I would love to give a little history class for the redneck republicans in West..One don't seem to understand why when he said what Obama was going to do to the country was like rape..I took offense..sigh*..One of my cousins went so berserk on Facebook..people are convinced he's off his meds again..They are all saying, it's over, quit rubbing it in our faces.......like they wouldn't do the same..buttroys...ok..this is for Friday...I'll continue to do the cartoons, and if you want West News or me news..I'm at

Republicans are ugly


Peggy said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I'm so happy you're going to continue to make my days more fun! I appreciate the effort you make to find so many funny things to share. I don't comment often since I have to click through to your actual blog to do so. I have you on my reader so I don't miss anything!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Oh, these are SO good -- smaller house, still black, unemployment for Romney, Big Bird's F U and hell toupé -- feckin brilliant! And you know, after such a long and deeply vicious campaign against Obama, Dem supporters are entitled to gloat, at least for a little while, it seems to me.

turquoisemoon said...

Hahaha...FB has been going crazy here too. BF's son either got kicked off or deleted himself for all the crap he's been posting. No loss tho...hahaha

thimscool said...

Yeah it's meltdown on FB. Check it: http://m.vice.com/read/not-everybodys-happy-that-obama-won?utm_source=vicefbus

jadedj said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHARHARHARHARHAR!!!!!!! Coffee all over my shirt, my desk and my cat. How sweet it is. Best ones ever. I'm stealing them all and posting one in particular

Vicki said...

All great!! I too have been ticked by the whiners comments and coming here to read these comics is just plain fun! Thanks YDG.


Peggy:thanks so much..it's nice to hear from my readers..I like to know what you think about some of them..which ones struck a nerve and which ones just made you laugh.
debra; every time I look at that photo of Trump I laugh my ass off..how can someone be such a schmuck and just not know it.?
Turquoise:it's so funny..everyone on the right are either shocked they're side lost or pissed that they lost. Either one works for me.
Tim: i'm going to check it out..thanks..
JadedJ: my work here is done.
Vickie"believe me I'm enjoying it to the max.

FoxyMoron said...

All good as usual JS, loved the Big Bird FU one. And seriously, Donald Trump....what is he thinking?