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Friday, November 09, 2012

Still here..Friday..

 I'm pooped..watching a 6 week old baby, is a lot harder than I thought.Pictures to come..


jadedj said...

I came over here not expecting more great graphics. Thanks.

You are absolutely right about six weekers. If you ever had any patience, they are the great testers. But, on so damn cute (that is what keeps them safe).

LarryLilly said...

Hey, its time to enjoy the moment. like for 4 years as the getting smaller by the day grumpy old white mens club cant seem to get it up anymore. Their numbers I mean. What were you thinking! LOL

Even though demographically i could be an old white guy, I have been a progressive to liberal democratic, federal workplace engineer at that large agency that destroys jobs due to unwarranted environmental policies. And loving every dam minute of it. Yeah, I live in Tex-ass, so my vote only goes so far, but I love to see them squirm. Now where can I tell Cheney, hey Dick, you said back in 08 that the big O was a one term prez, so when are you going to roll over and give up that fake heart you have.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

There's so many great LOLs about the election results -- you always find the best ones! And yes, babies keep you hopping, don't they?

Kulkuri said...

Isn't a Cannabis Energy drink like "Military Intelligence" or "Jumbo Shrimp"??????

turquoisemoon said...

Hahaha...the poor Mitt Romney one is my favorite!!!


jadedj:I may make them shorter, but I'm still going to do them. some people couldn't or can't figure out how to comment and send me emails to me directly..got some lovely people telling me the sweetest things..so fuckit..I'm going to keep doing them, and pretty soon Abby will be big enough I can let her pick the pictures out for me.
Larrylilly: you made me laugh..yeah, being liberal in Texas, is sometimes taking your life in your own hands..since the election I've had to, on more than one occasion, to explain to 20 something rednecks, that losing the election is not like being raped..assholes.
comment more often LL I like what you have to say.
Debra:there are some great ones out there..and to keep current I try to just post the best ones..or in my opinion..
Kulkuri you cracked me up..never put that together..and your right. how can that happen?
Turquoise : poor Mitt..he got a very expensive lessons..you can't please everyone so just do what you think is right..he might have won if he hadn't tried to please so many people..

Anonymous said...

You made me LOL more than once today.

Mr. Shife said...

Love them all but I think the Honey Boo Boo one made my day. Happy Friday. Hope you have a great weekend.

Kathy said...

I've enjoyed your blog for a long time without ever telling you. And not just the great pictures. I'm a bit shy when posting on other people's blogs but I'll try harder. I think you're great!

Java said...

LOVE the one about the girl moving to Australia where the Christian president supports what he says. LOL!! On the other hand, cannabis treats cancer symptoms, but does not cure cancer. Still, yay for the cannabis win in CO!

I love 6 week olds. For a brief time. Then their parents should take them back. I really do love babies, but am so glad I don't have any more of my own now!

Mr. Charleston said...

We'll see about Obama and weed soon enough. It's still a federal crime. Let's see what, if anything, he does about the free weed states. Have a good one granny.


Mark;good to know
Mr. shife, long time no hear from...so nice to hear from you again..
and joke on Honey Boo Boo makes me laugh..which in itself is sad.
Kathy:I really appreciate your comment..come back and comment any time..I'll make everyone be gentle with you.
Java, so good to see you again too..yeah, I'm telling you ..I'm a tough ole broad, but she's kicking my ass.
I'm building up my stamina best I can.
MrC..yup..we need the federal laws changed..and let them people out of jail on drug charges..if they legalize hemp and weed and tax it all, states could really start making some money..sigh*