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Thursday, February 05, 2015

Nose Spray obviously is a hallucinate

I had allergies last night and my nose was stuffed up..for some reason that gave me a panic attack..felt like I really couldn't breath..rummaging thru the medicine cabinet looking for a nose spray..finally..so I'm laying in bed..wide awake, trying to calm down so I can go to sleep..it's like 4 a.m...my mind is wandering all over the place..and I decide to make a movie in my head.. this is the movie..it opens with space ships landing all over the world..every where..lots and lots of space ships..of course people are afraid and they start to fire guns at them..nukes the works..but the space people have powers and they disarm all arms..no gun will fire, rockets wont fire, nukes won't go off..we are totally with out arms to protect our self..but that's ok..the aliens who can speak all of our languages tell us...they are peaceful and our makers..they came here billions of years ago and made man and woman....from the cave man right on up to modern man.. there is no God, there is no Allah, there is no Goddess..they are the ones that made us..humans made up the Gods to keep people in line. They have watched us over the years and years and watched us take the Gods that they allowed us to invent to see how it would work out..and it is not working out at all..so they are going to intervene...they will allow us to live in peace forever..there will be no diseases,no one will die..we will all have great health, no sickness, and live in peace..all we have to do is give up this silly notion of religion and Gods.. then that's the movie..do we go along with it? can we give up the idea that all the praying, all the stories of Jesus, God, Allah, Buddha, etc are just that? stories..or because we are so used to believing in a deity do we start to worship the aliens..or do we refuse to believe them and fight against them in any way they can.. hard to go back to sleep after that..


Intense Guy said...

If only... Having aliens arrive to straighten things out - might be the only way.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

I hope you're back on earth now, YDG!