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Friday, February 06, 2015

Thursday in West, by Goddess, Texas

so today has been a fun day..Dr Cujo apt. my blood pressure is down, for first time in 3 years..at least..I used to not be able to pee with out straining and straining..thanks to the new blood pressure pills, they popped the cork on my pee-er and now I pee and pee and pee and pee, mostly all over myself.. so then I go to West Food Mart to get some hamburger buns for Abby and the Blue Bell dudes were stocking up the 1/2 gallons and I am flirting with them cause that's what you do in Texas is flirt with the Blue Bell Dudes, and the Dr Pepper dudes..so I spot a sea salt caramel...20 carbs for 1/2 cup..I can live with that...and oh my..it is sooo good..so I'm checking the sea salt caramel and I notice something interesting on the bottom..in little tiny letters it says Texas Squat...so I asked them and they explained that it was a squat container not the tall one and it's in Texas..so it's not a description of your customers? they assured me it was not..I said I liked my story better, and there is just something about the term Texas Squat that sounds good rolling off my tongue..think I'll refer to my gg's as my little Texas Squats...hey, come over here you little Texas Squat...
I have your Texas Squat right here...oh I love this ..I'm going to have so much fun with that..
you Texas Squats you..
So I'm at OCD trying to get my drugs straightened up..and I go to leave and there is a huge semi blocking all the parking on the ocd side..and of course there is a train blocking the gates from Oak to Tokio..so after about 15 minutes I get out walk around the truck and he rolls the window down and I explain to him that the train could be blocking the roads for up to 2 hours..15 minutes to when ever..I said but if you take a right and then take a left at the next exit you can make a u and come back to oak street..he was so grateful..so he turns and the trucks behind him waved at me in thanks..and then I make the turn and the assholes have blocked the next exit too..and the one that is open has the gates down and we can all go around it but he can't..sorry dude..I detests them fecking trains.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Glad to hear you're peeing so well! Doin' the Texas Squat, eh?

Intense Guy said...

2 hours is a long time to block a grade crossing. Surely the town can get the RR to "behave" better?


2 hours is short time..block it for 4-5 hours..nothing we can do..the fine for blocking? $500