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Saturday, January 01, 2011

1-1-11.....cool huh?

Anissa and our new friend Kelly. Actually Inky and Anissa already knew her. I just met her last night and really do like her. She's not from West and don't want to give our any information about her, but she drives a very ....very ...very long way to party in West. She's a super kid..Liked her right off and by the end of the night told her next time to bring her pillow and she could spend the night. The mother in me was freaking out worrying about her driving all that way back home.

As you can tell, we had a ass kicking time. I drank so many diet cokes that the caffeine kept me up til almost 6am.
I was also a source of amusement to Anissa and Kelly. Anissa laughed so hard she was crying. I wish I had taken pictures of all the decorations. They had bead necklaces in silver and black, caps(the pointy type like Inky's breasts and the little Happy New Year tiara types)Black and silver balloons, little bags weighed down that the balloons were anchored to. Little whistles and poppers.. I had seen the poppers before but had never used one..So I pick one up and I'm looking at it and turning it in my hand and Anissa and Kelly are watching me and I said how do these things work, and Anissa said pull the string, and before she could inform me that I had it pointed toward me and not away from me....I pulled the string. Fucker went off in my hand and I jumped about 3 feet in the air and made a little squeal noise and I though Anissa and Kelly were going to fall off their chairs they were laughing so hard. I think Anissa is still laughing.
It wasn't that crowed..they were very busy but not crammed packed like it was Christmas night for the Cowboys game. It was wall to wall. 3 deep in the aisles and all the way around the tables. Tom Wolf made a huge pot of a sausage and bean and tomato type soup and oh man was it good. Very very hot, just the way I like it.Plus a huge batch of corn bread. I was supposed to take Tom some of my green chili pork stew but have been sleeping off an on all day long. Will take some up tomorrow maybe for the game..Last game of the season...oh fuck...I'm already starting to get twitchy from withdrawal. The Cowboys are playing the fucking Eagles. I never wish any harm to any player but I wouldn't be unhappy if they carried Vick off the field on a stretcher. Sonsabitch.
I think I am through making everyone's birthday cake, pie, what ever. Made Joe M. his German chocolate cake, Babs and Chris's pecan pie. I'm sure there are people that have birthdays in January but I'm hoping who ever it is they will forget to ask me to bake for them.
I am loving my new TV. Really loving it..had to work with it and figure out the right pixels and how to adjust the color, etc. I am also finding out that the picture is much better from head on and not from the side.
With the money everyone donated for the TV I had enough to pay off Dexter's vet bill and get all his shots. He was wiped out for a full day but is back to his regular ole ass biting self. The longer Nitty's gone, the better ole Dexter likes it. He's been more playful and interacting with me a lot more. He doesn't miss him at all.
While at the party last night I heard Inky say something about my blog and I asked him about it and he said Inky U had asked him if he knew who Yellow granny or something like that. Inky said yes, and told him who it was(me)(feck)...and that some how he had found the block and kept seeing Inky being mentioned and I guess he thought it was him, not sure..I asked him if he liked it and he laughed and said yes. I hope so..I am finding out that more and more people are reading it and I just know I'm going to (if I haven't already) piss some one off and they're going to put my ass on one of those trains that stops in the middle of town and blocks 2 fucking exits and make a deal with them to take me down the road and toss me off the train somewhere between Waxahachi and Dallas.
The construction crew is going to start tearing up the drive way and parking lot over at Babs end ..Since it's much bigger area than ours I expect it to take much longer..So she's been stocking up on supplies and getting all her errands ran as she'll have to park her SUV down by me and it's at least a football field from her apts to mine.
Last night when I was leaving Wolf's I felt and heard this loud flap flap flap noise and thought oh fuck...I have a flat tire. Pulled around to the back of Wolf's and everyone's oh fuck, we're going to have to change Jackie's tire. But not a flat. Some how I had ran over some tar and it had balled up on the tire and had a strip of it the size and shape of a beaver hanging tail and was beating the shit out of the truck...Can't tell if it knocked the paint off or is just tar all over the wheel well.
Pretty scary shit.
Ok...that's it for now. I actually have another post to do (a Texas size rant) and will do it tomorrow after I get some more sleep..keep nodding off..
Hope every one had a great time and not too hung over from New Years. Plus I hope you had as much fun bringing in the New Year as I did. I was actually in the bathroom peeing when it was midnight..figures. Truly pissed the year away........


Jan said...

Wow, what a party animal you are. Well, except for pissing the year away. What a great West celebration.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Sounds like it was a great party! How could it not be with those crazy hats? And whoa -- take it easy with that Diet Coke, YDG!

Nit Wit said...

You have also started 2011 by pissing on it. Hope it doesn't get mad. I bet Babs is just gonna love the construction. I can't believe your as old as you are and didn't know how to use a popper.

MarkD60 said...

Sounds like a great time! Plus, it's the first time I've seen your picture!

rox said...

I love the first picture of you, it looks like you are throwing lights into the air! Happy New Year, you ole pisser! =)


Jan:it was a nice calm quiet NY's party..no fights, no arguments..was pretty cool..The atmosphere at Wolf's is pretty mellow..kind of like the bar in Cheers.
Debra:man..caffeine kicks my ass..ha
I loved the decorations..they did a great job and took 2 of the hats home with me..going to try to put them on Dexter and get a picture..yah, right.
Nitty:you'd think I'd know how to work a popper wouldn't you?..ha..
yup..pissed 2010 away.
Mark:these pictures actually look like me.not that that's a good thing.
rox:isn't that weird? I thought what am I doing?..looks like light is coming right to my hand.

Intense Guy said...

Happy New Year!!!

Sounds like you enjoyed the first hours of one-one-oney-one!!

FoxyMoron said...

What fun! Great pictures.

FoxyMoron said...

What fun! Great pictures.