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Thursday, January 20, 2011


This was brought to my attention by Ray(Yooper in Crakerland) and glad he did..if I had known about this I might have canceled my subscription sooner..This is NOT right.

Last month, Change.org members Mark Reed-Walkup and Dante Walkup got married in Washington, D.C., where same-sex marriage is legal. After their wedding, they couldn't wait to get home to Texas and share the joy with their Dallas community.

Unfortunately, the Dallas Morning News didn't share their sentiments -- turns out the paper refuses to print gay wedding announcements in its Wedding section.

Mark and Dante are fighting back. Join them in telling the Dallas Morning News to print same-sex wedding announcements in its Weddings section.

As Mark told Change.org: "Our ultimate goal is to raise awareness about how this is blatant discrimination and send a clear message to the Dallas Morning News and news outlets around the country." Together, we're planning to do just that.

Sign the petition today to tell the Dallas Morning News to print same-sex wedding announcements:


Thanks for taking action,

Eden and the Change.org Team


Intense Guy said...

Pretty said when a town NEWSpaper won't print NEWS and this is NEWS (unlike about 50% of the tripe and trash they DO print - like Kate Middleton's wedding preps).

My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

It's a Done Deal!
I signed! :0)

Jan said...

Our local paper won't print birth announcements of single mothers.

Oh, wait. They will print announcements if they are paid for but not the notices from the hospital. Hypocrites.

Bob said...

A civil union is what these two have joined in, something that is defined, legalized and licensed by all States.

Historically, these unions had been between a man and a woman, so the combining of a State authorized license and a church-defined marriage certificate became an accepted practice, but same-sex partners wanting equal protection under the law have muddied the waters.

In State authorized civil unions, two individuals jointly agree to share all their once individual properties and responsibilities. The State then recognizes this agreement, authorizes it, issues a license, and provides the available protections of the State to each partner in this union. Love, or the lack of it, Sex, or lack of it, are not issues to the State and do not enter into the equation.

There is no need for any church to recongnize this union since it is a State-created entity, nor is there a need for any Pastor, Minister, Reverend, Father, or church official of any kind to "authorize" the activity. Any Justice of the Peace will do.

However, a same-sex union will NOT be recognized by any Christian religion, since the Christian Bible condemns same-sex unions. The church will not "marry" these two since they violate the Bible's definition of marriage.

Marriage is the union of two individuals that is recognized by the church as the joining of a man and a woman. The State still needs to give its permission for this union and you will note that all Marriage Certificates have on their reverse the State license authorizing this church-sponsored ritual.

Marriage is/was invented and defined by the church. Same-sex unions do not qualify under the churchs definition of marriage.

These two men should be allowed their same-sex union, but they need to understand they are not "married" and quit trying to change the church and its definitions.

They should be content with a public notice of their State authorized "civil union" and leave the vast majority of folks who believe marrigage to be between a man and a woman alone.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Discrimination pure and simple! Give 'em hell, YDG and like-minded Texans!

jadedj said...

What the hell does this idiot paper think is going to happen if they publish it? Seriously.

Why the hell in 2011, THE 21st FUCKING CENTURY(!), are we concerned about people's sexual orientation. I really don't get it.

Damned right I signed it. Shit heads.

texlahoma said...

I don't understand the need that there seems to be, by some, to discriminate against a minority.

To me there is no difference between discrimination against blacks, Jews or gays. It's all the same, the very lowest part of human nature.

They use to spout some nonsense about gay marriage devaluating straight marriage. I'm straight, have been married longer than most and gay marriage has no bearing what so ever on my marriage.

Anyway, I'll happily sign.


bob...that is discrimination any way you say it..and I don't believe anything in the bible..sorry..It was written thousands of years ago, has been translated over and over from one language to another, has lost the original meaning after the first 100 years...
and no one should base their life or thinking on that. Best thing Christians, pagans, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, etc. is to do no harm to anyone and everyone is equal ..