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Monday, January 10, 2011



Anonymous said...

Did you see this quote?

Clay Matthews from the Green Bay Packers who said......"I've got three ...dogs and it will be my pleasure playing against Michael Vick today when it comes to tackling the QB"!

I HATE football, but I'm considering becoming a Clay Matthew/Packers fan : )

My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

Fence the football field in....put some very hungry pitbulls in that field along with Michael Vick aka/maggot and I'll watch him run around that field all day every day.:0)
Bet that would draw a BIG CROWD!

Kulkuri said...

All you Vick haters are sounding like Tucker Carlson!!

I was going to leave a comment on the Monday Stumbles, but then I see how Lefties are treating Vick like the Never-Right treats everyone that gets convicted of a crime(they're never forgiven unless they are a Reich-WingNut talking head or politician. IOKIYAR!) and it's getting old. I agree with what Charles Barkley had to say on this matter!!

Nit Wit said...

Why are we talking about an asshole like Vick? He's not worth the time.

I was looking for some funny stuff.
Gotta be careful we might make Boehner cry.Can't have the guy in line after Vice President Biden for President crying.

rox said...

God, when is that fucking Sarah Palin going to go away?

Debra She Who Seeks said...

The conjoined twins cartoon is right on! Have a great week, YDG!

Bob said...

Rox asked:
"God, when is that fucking Sarah Palin going to go away?"

Just after that fucking Nancy Pelosi goes away.

The dems are no better than the Repubs... both parties are packed full of Palin/Pelosi types.

Fourteen trillion national debt and rising, two endless wars, all our good manufacturing jobs sent overseas, $3+/gal gasoline, half the nation on food stamps(actually 41%), the list is long.

BOTH parties, the House, the Senate, and ALL our recent presidents - have done this to us. And you blame just the Repubs? And crybabies like Beck and Bhoener?

Don't be myopic. We have more enemies than just the Republicians.

The tea party? Just a bunch of cranky old people who can't pay their monthly bills anymore.

But that's OK, they'll die sooner than later and soon cease to be a such a financial burden and political problem.



Jan said...

I'm too glutted with football and getting rid of Vick to add anything remotely clever.

yellowdoggranny said...

my motto:"I live to start shit."...looks like I got it started today...

My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

Vick may have paid for his crime and people that don't give a shit about animals just don't give a good shit about his crime, but we all don't have to like him and have a right to voice our opinions last that I knew.

Guess we could say from another comment....the whole world is going to the dogs. ;0)
Maybe they could do a better job!

Intense Guy said...

God, when is that fucking Sarah Palin going to go away?

Not soon enough to suit me.

And the same could be said of Mike Dog Killer Vick... I was THRILLED when the home team lost this year.

Coach Andy Reid is disgusting... two sons in jail now...