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Thursday, April 12, 2012


                          Babs bacon cheeseburger and Onion rings
                           Jackie's chicken fried steak sand. with onion rings
                            the after pictures
                            I couldn't eat any more..
                            the room to the left of the entrance 
                           this is Jeanne's version of cake pops. 
                            it's caramel with toasted coconut flakes.
I haven't eaten it yet. But I will.

Barbara the waitress, let us split the German Chocolate cake pops. Oh my fecking Goddess. this is all you could hear from us...ooooh...ummmm, and yup..yup..All I can say is you don't know what your missing. It's like happiness in cake and icing.I physically can't move. I'm a slug..I don't care if I die right now or slip into a diabetic coma..it would have been worth it.sigh*Oh, we figured out what is in the onion rings that make it so addictive....crack..yup..crack rings.You heard it here first.


Intricate Knot said...

Burgers and onion rings? My fav meal. And is that lemon meringue pie??? German Chocolate cake pops? Holy Yum.

My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

U post these pictures where a Weight Watcher can see them ?
That's cruel and unusual punishment m/f ! :0(

DaisyDeadhead said...

Onion rings are my favorite thing in the world, yum...

Grandma K said...

Here it is lunch time and I read this post. My mouth is watering so I am worried about the keyboard on this little computer! Nothing I can make here will match those pictures!!

Intense Guy said...

I love particularly crunchy onion rings.... :)