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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

37th Westfest....18,987 visitors

well Westfest has come and got and I enjoyed it as much as anyone can who doesn't drink, standing around in 100 degree heat and so tired that I was stumbling along like a drunk..Watching Anissa and Kelly having a good time was a lot of fun though..Plus I got to see Rean (spelling) that sells the African jewelry, sandals, art work and statues ..her son didn't come with her he stayed behind for a swimming party..and can't blame him. The sad news is her father died the Sunday before and after Westfest she was going home to be with her family for a while..Her village is on a island in the middle of lake Victoria.
lots of surprises for Westfest this year...there was a record number of entries in horseshoe pitching and shocker of all shockers..the Dulock's didn't win..either they didn't enter or they got spanked..cause they didn't even light up the board..I'm still in shock..and one of the winners was ..a girl..how great is that?
Westfest only drew in almost 19,000 people and was down from last year..Each year it draws less and less, but  I think you could call it a success though, as there were no fights, no DUI's, and  nothing but good times. They really do need to change up the entertainment so they can draw a much younger crowd..They are still using the same old bands to draw in the same old crowd..but the people that used to be the mainstay are now in the 50's and 60's..and we're wore out..They need to get entertainment that will draw in the young crowd..and start a new trend for new visitors. They haven't changed one thing in 37 years.. Other than the prices are going up ..Beer is $4 a cup, it cost $12 to get in, (I got in for $6 cause I'm an old fart.)
Although Saturday night was the largest crowd at 10,053.Which would have been 10,050 if Anissa, Kelly and I hadn't gone..ha..
 Brittney Kolar was crowned Miss Westfest, and I'm sure she'll do a great job..She's a very beautiful and smart young lady.
This is home coming weekend..they had a bonfire today and will introduce the teams and cheer leaders..I was going to go but plum forgot..sigh*..
Something did happen that has never happened before Justice of the Peace David Pareya married Thomas Barber and Linda K. Lupfer. Pretty cool.
 I still think the best part of Westfest is the parade..I spent most of it with the Rodarte's..Julio, my favorite Meskin...
But I'll get right to the part I know you've been waiting for...how much did we consume?
2,500 hamburgers, 1,728 corn-dog(me for one),570 pounds of french fries, 4,000 kolaches, 800 fried kolaches(Jeanne the owner of pizza house and Gerik's bakery..made up fried kolaches..they are kolaches dipped in funnel cake batter and deep fried)sigh*..300, sausage kolaches, 230 baked potatoes, 1,200 pounds of potatoes for supdzillas(potato twisters), 360 perogies(I was going to have one and they were sold out by 8:00 Saturday night.)5,627 sausage sandwiches, sausage sticks, sausage baskets, and sausage and kraut plates, 1,000 roasted ears of corn,20 pounds of uncooked pork rinds(how did I miss that?) 150 pounds of popcorn,2,300 skunk eggs(and I made over 400 of them with my own little hands), 150 fried green tomatoes, pickles,squash, 828 funnel cakes, 90 funnel cake fries,375 steaks on a stick, 280 chickens on a stick, 300 pork on a stick, 300 rib-eye sandwiches, 100 chicken burritos, 1,200 tamales,300 nachos,100 tacos, 75 chalupas, 45 pretzels, 360 barbecue sandwiches, 120 Gut  boats, 300 chicken and beef fajitas, 700 quesadillas, 200 hot dogs, 500 turkey legs, 100 catfish baskets, 100 chicken baskets , 400 loaves of bread, 1,000 snowcones, 75 Frito pies, and 425 Smoothies.I can't remember if I told the story here or on facebook..but I had told Jeanne if she needed any help to please let me know that I'd be glad to help. So I saw her that Saturday night and she said if I still wanted to help I could go to Pizza house and help them make skunk eggs. So I showed up at 9a.m. and helped mix up all the ingredients..Now that's no surprise.I know what goes in them..the thing I don't know is the spices and how she does the batter..I know she goes flour buttermilk and flour..but the spices are a mystery..so I'm helping one of the waitress's mix everything up and Jeanne comes in and has this black bag over her shoulder and tucked in her arm pit..goes all the way around me and with her back to me..reaches in, hides the bottle and sprinkles spices all over it and then sneaks it back in her bag and scurries off, looking over her shoulder at me with this big shit eating grin on her face..I went 'you rat.' You did that on purpose, just to tease me..We were both cracking up laughing and Jackie's looking at us like we've lost our mind..I made Jeanne promise when I croaked to slip the recipe into the coffin, that I didn't know where I was going but I expected there to be a stove there because I was going to be making me some skunk eggs.Plus Jennifer from Gerik's Bakery won the Grand Championship in the Professional Buchta division.So another Westfest has come and gone..I'm hoping by the 40th anniversary everyone can come down for it..gives you 3 years to save up for fare and money to blow..
Wow, there are a bunch of new listings for house sales. West ISD, 4bd/2.5 Ba, formal dining, 1.96 acres on Gerald Lane for $125,000.3bd, 2bath brick home priced to sell at $115,000. One house on Jane Lane(cute little street) 2,066 sq. feet 3/2 car garage with new appliances  and new vinyl flooring for $135,000. At it seems that most vacant lots in town are going for $25,000. Come on down, the first skunk egg is on me.
well, I have finally finished making 350 cake balls for Little Westfest. I will go up tomorrow morning..now sure what time Olivia is going to be here but I'm so excited to see her..
I still don't have my a/c fixed and I'm starting to lose my charming personality and winning smile..supposed to be in Friday..I'm asking for a reduction in rent for the lack of  a/c..I have a 110 in the window but it's in the living room and the bedroom is not as cool as I would like at night and wake up all sweaty..arghghgh.
I'll be sure and take lots of pictures..wish you could be here..Little Westfest is almost as much fun as the regular Westfest. They're still voting on the Queen of West fest and will make sure you get to see her..oh, I'm still pissed they don't have a beer count for Westfest.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

My Gawd, the hungry hordes descend on West for Westfest! I forgot that your cake balls were for Little Westfest at the nursing home -- have fun! And I am glad to read that the Dulock's reign of terror is over.

FoxyMoron said...

Wow what fun! Of course I will have to Google half of that food to figure out just what it is! :)

Mr. Charleston said...

No AC in 100 degree heat! Run for the creek Granny. Run.

Anonymous said...

Man, you Texans sure do go big or go home. Glad it was a good time.

rainywalker said...

I got a comment from someone who visited Westfest and she said the skunk eggs were great!

Rox said...

I wonder what the post-Westfest Cholesterol count is? LOL!

These posts are my favorite of yours, ones where you let us into your life in West.

No AC? I'd die. I'm finally comfy here in Canada, of course, the geese are flocking off but whatever.

Ol'Buzzard said...

Skunk eggs? How about a recipe.
the Ol'Buzzard

yellowdoggranny said...

this is the first time that Jeanne and Brian actually ran the booth selling the skunk eggs..and they got more complains about who ever had made them before..and they sold almost 3,000 of them..and Ol'Buzzard? the receipt is more closely guarded that the code for the the nuke bomb..but I can tell you that it has minced chicken,minced onion, minced jalapeno, minced bacon and mozzarella cheese and cheddar cheese.It's the spices that no one but they know it and I only get it when I croak..ha.

Intense Guy said...

I always enjoy the food and drink stats. :) You old folks sure know how to pack it away!!!

Hey, got Brittney Kolar's phone number? :P