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Saturday, September 15, 2012


                                            CAKE BALLS
Buy one box of your favorite cake mix and icing..I used to use white icing with lemon, or strawberry or vanilla. But I've found that the cream cheese really works well..But I don't know why you couldn't get a strawberry cake mix and a strawberry icing..The chocolate cake mix you can get anyone of them.Devils' food cake, fudge cake mix, anything and then I buy a can of chocolate icing, again, any flavor chocolate icing. Then get a package of chocolate bark..white or chocolate, depends on which one your making. Bake the cake as directed on the box. doesn't matter if you use 2 pans or 3 or one large..When It's bake, let it cool..when it's cooled off dump in in a large bowl and crumble it up with your hands..crumble it till all the lumps are gone and it's in the smallest pieces..then take 1/2 to 3/4 can of the icing and dump it in crumbled cake mix..might start with 1/2 and then add more if it's not holding together ...mix it all together until you can form a ball. I usually make them about the size of a walnut or a tad bigger..that size should make you 50 cake balls..you can make them larger but I wouldn't make them any smaller. I put them  on a  cookie sheet and then when they're all made I stick them in the freezer..for about 3 hours..I found it works better..because you will stick the bark(use whole package) in a microwaveable bowl  and nuke them..I nuke them for 111 minutes and it's perfect..your microwave will do different I'm sure.
after they have been in freezer for 3 hours, you nuke the bark then you take 2 small spoons and start dipping the balls  in the bark. I usually do them one at a time because the cold balls in the hot bark will fuse them to the bowl if you don't act fast enough. If you don't freeze them they will just fall apart in the hot chocolate..and if you let the bark sit it sets again and you have to nuke them again. Which is no big deal, cause if you don't work fast enough it will harden and you'll have to nuke them again any how..this make sense?..I put the dipped balls into cupcake paper covers. Now you can go to the arts/crafts store and get lolly pop sticks and insert them before you put them in the freezer, or even use tooth picks..but I find it just as easy and cheaper to just make the balls and put them in the cup cake holders..one reason is they are crunchy..the chocolate coating is thick and crunchy and if they are on a lolly pop and you bite into it, it crumbles and falls off the stick..so I use do it the easy fast way..so if you buy all the ingredients all total you'll have 50 cake balls for under $6..That's West, by Goddess, Texas prices..hope this helps..have fun..I haven't tried it yet but I'm thinking carrot cake with cream cheese would be good, spice cake, the cake with sprinkles in it I bet the kids would love..so experiment, take a chance..it's cake and icing balls dipped in chocolate..how could it not be a good idea..


Debra She Who Seeks said...

I like your idea of putting them in the little individual paper cups. They sound de-lish!

Rox said...

I'm tired just from reading that! Lol!

Grandma K said...

Thanks! I will do this for our "Family Dinner" some night. Hopefully it will inspire the little ones to eat dinner so they can have cake balls for desert!

Vicki said...

Sounds very yummy. Thanks for taking the time to share with us!