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Friday, September 14, 2012

the Little Westfest..2012

 I made the sign..I like the flashing lights..
 Lemon and cream cheese with white chocolate 
 chocolate with chocolate dipped in chocolate and vanilla with cream cheese and white chocolate
 strawberry with cream cheese with white chocolate. I got so many compliments on the cake balls, but what really made me feel good was to be told 'my mom loves Jackie's Kitchen, and it's her favorite activity..She talks about it all the time. I had a lot of those and it really makes the sore legs and back worth it..
 had popcorn, cotton candy, sausage/roll/and pickle on a stick..and the Village Bakery had all sorts of goodies..the thing on the left is poppy seed(had never had it before and loved it) tart and then strudel.

 they also had games to play..a bowling game and a fishing game..
 the guy on the left is the joke teller..he'll stop you and say I've got a joke..so now that I've found out how much he loves to tell them, I'll go to him and say..'tell me a joke.'..and the first time he was thrown..no one had ever asked him to tell one before. But he came thru for me.2 cannibals eating a clown when one says to the other, does he taste funny to you?'... 

 not everyone was thrilled to be there.
 she won the fish and loved it..

 I'm thinking there were over close to 200 people there.
 all that's left.

 the aids or family members would take them out on the dance floor and waltz them around so they could dance..this is Lisa and she absolutely loves it..especially since she got her new chair, which is lighter and easier to move around.

 this is the Thursday afternoon band..they play every single Thursday and they are well loved..and they really are good..they play a lot of polkas but also a lot of oldies and goodies..

and a good time was had by all.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Wow, great turnout! And your cake balls look and sound delicious -- I'm surprised that you had any left at the end. I'm sure all the residents love Jackie's Kitchen events -- what a ray of sunshine it must be in their lives!

Anonymous said...

Everytime I see pictures of these parties with you and the oldies but goodies I have even more love for what you do. You bring them happiness, laughs and a good time and that is a damn awesome thing lady!

Rox said...

How in hell do you make cake balls?! Recipe please!

Every time you post one of these, it makes me get teary. In the good way! Love you and your big heart!

jadedj said...

You are a good person, you :-)

yellowdoggranny said...

now you must remember.This is little westfest..this is put on and helped and aided by a cast of hundreds..between the staff and the volunteers we all get it done..I am just one of at least 20 volunteers..they are the ones that go to the rooms and push them out and fetch and carry for them if they need to..other than baking 350 cake balls I'm just like the other volunteers..

Anonymous said...

Yes, but you do Jackie's Kitchen all by your little 'ol self and we love you for it.