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Monday, April 22, 2013



Debra She Who Seeks said...

Love the Serenity Prayer -- who are you thinking of, YDG? LOL!

Also, the viking with the pink umbrella drink!

MarkD60 said...

"George Bush" and "library" in the same sentence, that's funny right there!

Fundy Blue said...

Hi YG!
Great post! I thought the quote, "One child is worth all the guns on earth." would be my take away ~ until I saw the one of the baby with the gun to its mouth. That's going to haunt me! May you have smiles and love today, even as you go through this difficult time in your town.


Debra, everyone on the board of directors of West Rest Haven.
I swear, I never knew he could read mark..he had the goat book upside down.
the Czech people have over came a lot of diversity..they're going to get through this too.

Nit Wit said...

John Boehenr isn't a Teabagger, though he does play one on TV for votes.
That's the speech I'd like to hear Bernie Sanders make on the Senate floor.

jadedj said...

Some real poignant ones today and you are great, Js. In the middle of this terrible thing that has happened in your town, you thought of us as well. Thanks, kiddo.