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Monday, April 22, 2013


the outpouring of donations from around the state and country has made the relief effort the fastest that any disaster area has ever had..Every thing that is being done is been done by the man and woman on the street.We haven't received a penny from the government. I am going to try and get my camera to down load to the lap top and go around and take pictures..It's unbelievable.
The Westboro Church is supposed to be here for the funerals..we are getting in touch with every biker we can find. I even called in my Bandido Club card, but thinking about using it to have them visit BBC instead..There have been 2 so far. I didn't know them and knew it would be hard to find a place, so figured leave that space for family or a friend. 
Sunday we had Olivia's first birthday and it was a great success. She got so many great things..I do believe the little baby doll she got is her favorite. 
I'm going tomorrow and get a tetanus shot and some antibiotics. The place on my right heel is getting infected and as a diabetic I have to make sure it gets taken care of. My friend Daryl who is a West Policeman and the son of Joe Barton(one of my oldies who never missed a Jackie's Kitchen) is back on duty tomorrow. I'm going to see if he might be able to get me in to get my truck or at least get my purse and keys. Thom let me use his suburban and after driving my little truck it's like driving a bus. I keep thinking I need a parachute to get out of it..
They are starting to let people back in from Oak Street to Walnut, which is the street my little house was on. I'd like to go by and see if it was damaged. I know Vince's mom's house was damaged some. Inky and Anissa are back in their house, the just have broken windows so it's not as bad as it could have been. We still have a water boil order out. So none of us feel comfortable to drink it so we're getting bottled water from the senior center..I know you probably have seen pictures of the Westfest grounds and know how large it is..well, it's covered with donations..I am just blown away by the generosity of everyone. I haven't been able to get in my mail box (key is on my key chain in the truck) so if you sent anything here I haven't been able to get to it..
I will do a small Monday's post of pictures..but just to not run you all off completely...much love to you all..js


turquoisemoon said...

I was watching the news this morning and I swear I saw you... Were you interviewed??? Hopefully Westboro won't show up. So ashamed they're from Kansas. Thinking of you and yours. xoxox

Mr. Charleston said...

Thanks for the report Jackiesue. Keep us posted. Totally interested in what's going on there.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

I didn't realize you are still without your truck because it's sitting at the West Rest Haven -- bummer! We are getting extensive coverage of West on the CBC and other networks, so have seen all the donations and bottled water available at the centre and have heard many people being interviewed.

Happy Birthday to wee Olivia!

Intense Guy said...

Just wait til Olivia starts calling you! (or has she already?)


MarkD60 said...

How are your friends?
Ready to see some pictures.

Intense Guy said...

I hope your foot gets all healed ASAP... with what all is going on there.. don't forget about it.


Anonymous said...

Why are those WBC fucktards coming to the funerals? I thought they targeted military and gay funerals or are they branching out?

This is such a familiar story when people step in to help and the govt. doesn't.

Thanks for updates.

Anonymous said...

I fully expect to see you on TV if Westboro baptist church shows up...just saying.

I hope you get your wheels back soon and your foot heals quickly. Happiest birthday wishes to Lil miss Olivia! I can't believe how fast a year goes by...

Fundy Blue said...

Your post is so real, YG! Please, please, please take care of your foot! I had a special friend die from a sore on her foot. It was an ulcerated melanoma that no one recognized until it was too late. My aunt was a diabetic and lost both legs to amputation. And my mom was facing amputation of one leg because of gangrene, but she died of renal failure first. I don't mean to be gruesome ~ I just hope you have had a chance to get that tetanus shot and those antibiotics.
As if you aren't going through enough already!


Turquoise Moon, only person that interviewed me is the dude from Austin, and I'm pretty sure hey quit filming and turned the audio after I said I thought that little Korean bastard had the bomb.Mr. Charleston, I promise to keep everyone updated.
My truck is in the RED ZONE. so no telling when I'll get it back Debra.
I hope to get 'grannie do you know what my mom did' phone calls..


they think god made it blow up to punish us for gay marrages....yeah, link that up for me will ya?
I'm pretty sure I'll be on tv coast to coast when then fuckers get here..I know I can make bail and I don't have a pot to piss in and a window to throw it out so let them sue me.
Yup..fundy blue, I'm working on getting my foot taken care of today.