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Friday, May 03, 2013


 trying to figure out how to scan the pictures from the West News to my lap top..my printer is not hooked up to it or the computer which crashed..there has to be a way, just don't know what.or how..the news for past 2 weeks are amazing. will work on it. We're having a bake sale in front of the Bellmead Wal-Mart,and I have to get cracking, cake balls, german chocolate cake, pumpkin cheese cakes, french bread and whole wheat bread..the money will go to the residents of West Rest Haven as they only made it out with what they had on,and most were already in bed so they were in pj's..I went by Church of Christ(where most of the donations are) and got 4 boxes of clothes and 3 huge bags of toiletries for them. We're going to try and see if the family's can't help with getting pictures to replace the ones they lost..so sad..I'm pooped..Jamie works 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. so I get up at 5 and drive to her, it's much easier than her loading baby up and then driving all the way to West and then back to her job, which is only 7 minutes away from her apt. will be posting some pictures and videos that are floating around town..different then what you see on the news..have a great weekend.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Love the cute wee Viking! The Republican Victory Center made me laugh too.

And surely, EVERY month is National Masturbation Month! ("Angers the pope," LOL!)

Looking forward to your news/photos about how West is managing these days. Good luck with the bake sale!

Intense Guy said...

Don't forget to take care of yourself... while your mind is on others.

I remember you saying something about your foot and toesies.

Anonymous said...

Oh darlin' I've been thinking about you and the people of West. The news has moved on, it seems, as it often does. A bake sale is right up your alley!!

Anonymous said...

I am going to post the FUCK chart for all to see.

MarkD60 said...

Happy Cheech and Chong Birthday, Willie Nelson!

venusnbluejeans3 said...

Good article, one I agree with wholeheartedly



I loved the viking Debra..so cute.
yeah, Karl, my left foot has healed so good, but my right foot is not..
I'm so exhausted Rox I'm not sure how much of that list is going to be made..getting up before 5 a.m. and watching abby till 2pm is kicking my as. I have to get up and drive to her place instead of her dropping her off on the way to work..sigh*
Willie is donating so much of the proceeds on his website to West, and all his buddies are chipping in..over $250,000.