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Friday, May 17, 2013

WEST, BY GODDESS, TEXAS ...we will survive.part I

 This is a picture of the mushroom cloud of the fertilizer plant seen from Arlington, Texas about 90 miles away.
 The Jr. high school and the track ...
 this is a memorial for West in front of the West Thrift Store, or as I lovingly call it, the used shit store.
This is Westfest...this is before and we will be this away again.

I've been wanting to do a post on what is going on but it's been tough to really sit down and tell you  what is in my head and heart. But I have to realize it's just not about me..it's about my town and her people..and they rock.

The Corporation for National and Community Services awarded a $195,000 grant to Heart of Texas RSVP on Tuesday to support an 11-month recovery and rebuilding project in West following the April 17 explosion in the city.
"This will help offset the salaries needed in the long term recovery for the city,"West Mayor Tommy Muska said following the press conference announcing the grant.
He explained that the grant money will go toward hiring four paid employees to oversee the Senior Corps volunteers during the recovery period in West.

Thirty-four bands involved in the event of West First Concert nets over $70,000.
The West First Benefit Concert raised just over $70,000 to aid West on April 27 and 28 at Waco's Melody Ranch.(my memory of the Melody Ranch is I saw Ernest Tubbs there and he autographed a picture for my Daddy and he was thrilled to death to get it.)
Dripping Springs company ATX Mafia company  presented State National Bank of West with a check for $52,000. Within hours of the plant explosion news, owner  Jill Beerman assembled her team, designed an inspirational T-shirt and began printing the first batch of T-Shirts for sale with 100 percent of net profits going to the West, Texas Victim's Fund, care of the State National Bank. The t-shirt says "Small town, big hearts, Texas Strong--West, we've got your back." Orders were received from retail outlets and individuals in Canada, Germany, Japan, the United Kingdom and all 50 states.
Waco Foundation to house fund.. Council endorses donations to West, Texas Disaster Relief fund as the recommended recipient for all charitable donations made for the relief efforts in the city following the April 17 West fertilizer explosion. As of May 1, the fund had received almost$300,000 from individuals and foundations throughout the United States.
KJT has set up a West Relief Fund in order to solicit monetary donations to assist people in need. In support of this cause, the KJT Board of Directors has authorized a matching grant up to $5,000 to be added to the funds received by societies, members and citizens. Donations can be made with a credit card by going to www.kjt.org and clicking on donate here's link. Donations are also accepted by mailing them to the KJT Home Office at P.O. Box 297, La Grange, Texas 78945. Checks may be made payable to KJT with a short note signifying the donation for the West Relief Fund.

Firefighters in Christ visited West this past weekend to give support to West firefighters and area residents.

Championship Bullriding will be making an unexpected appearance in West on June 1 as a fundraiser for the families of the first responders killed in the April 17 West Fertilizer plant explosion. CBR will host an event in West that day. The "First Responder's Memorial CBR Benefit." will benefit the West Volunteer Fire Department..Special Victims Fund which will assist the victims of the catastrophic explosion.
CBR previously worked with the West Fair and Rodeo Association to produce  Bullfest in West, a tremendously popular Horizon Series event conducted for the last 2 years in June. Tragically, one of the directors responsible for Bullfest in West, William "Buck" Uptmor, was killed in the explosion. (he had rushed to the fire because someone told him there were horses and other animals there and was killed while trying to save them.) After hearing of the heartbreaking news, CBR decided to help the community of West by allowing the event to continue as a benefit. The entire production of the event will be donated, everything from stock to tickets, as well as all proceeds and will benefit the West Volunteer Fire Department--Special Victims Fund.
In addition, Cleo Franklin, Mahindra USA- vice President of Marketing and Strategic Planning made a special announcement. "Mahindra is humbled and honored to partner with CBR for the "First Responder's Memorial CBR Benefit." to support the West Volunteer Fire Department and the West Community. Mahindra has been a long-time partner with the CBR and when they shared their plans to help West, we wanted to do our part. Mahindra will donate a industry-redefining Mahindra Max 22 professional-grade tractor with all the proceeds going to the West Volunteer Fire Department--Special Victims Fund. All tickets are $10 each. Those wishing to make a Buy a Ticket for West donation may go online to www.CBRBull.com/donate.

Bikes, new toys for Zone 3 kids. 
Abbott, Texas Group's Gun Raffle for West.
West Bass Club 33rd Annual Bohemian Bass Classic (tomorrow)
all proceeds go to West Victim Fund.
There are all sorts of ads in the paper for Financial Advisors, Construction Company's, Law Offices, Mortgage's, Bucket Truck Service,Public Insurance Adjusters, 

But life in West still goes on. We've lost some oldies and some to young to be gone..One of my facebook friends from West passed away and still makes me sad for her family and friends.
Kelly Rene' Robertson married Samuel Wade Givens today in Burleson.

The Library's Tale Tellers will continue to accept applications from local teens  who wish to become members. In 2010 the teens received the Wayne Williams Project of the Year Award at the Texas Library Association Conference for this program. they rock.

Both  the Trojans and Lady Trojans were out of the playoffs early. But considering that they are having to finish their school year 15 miles down the road and their town was rocked, they lost their homes, family members, that they even made it this far is a testament  of who they are..some of the most wonderful kids you'll ever want to meet.

Because I have so much news to tell, I'm doing this is parts..my little fat fingers are getting tired...and I also want to make perfectly clear that these are not fresh from my head..these are mostly taken verbatim from the paper and was written by the staff of the West News..
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I some times will shorten a sentence or cut out some for length and some times I put in my own opinion or thought..but I'm sure by now you know when it's me.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Yes, West will rise again! So many volunteers and caring people pitching in to raise the needed funds -- great to see.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the update. It's great to hear that life will return to normal in my adopted town,

Anonymous said...

I've been thinking a lot about your little town and it's people. Big hugs from across the miles...xoxo

Vicki said...

thank you for sharing the news with us Jackiesue. Your West sounds so vital as an example of how Americans rise after tragedy.
Wouldn't it be awesome if all of your followers had the means to visit Westfest this year!!


my dream.... for everyone to come to Westfest....remember it's Labor Day Weekend..