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Monday, August 26, 2013


I get a message on facebook this morning..the receptionist made a mistake and there is no opening at the day care for Abby..Jamie's frantic, it's the first day of her school..and grannie decides to sleep in and phone not working so by 11:30 I'm at her place...we go to check out another day care..the only opening is for 15 months to 19months..and I don't mean to be unkind but those kids looked like the children from village of the damned..They were staring at me like I was the weirdest thing in the world..got back to the suv and realized I had my clip on sunshades on and it looks like I have 4 eyes..probably freaked them out..but they were way to big for Abby to be in that class...so thanks to the Goddess who works in mysterious ways...I am back in the game..Jamie will drive Abby to West and her mother or Thom's wife will drive and pick her up at 5:30..I am going to try and find some of my friends that have grand-kids Abby's age and have play dates so she can get used to being around other kids. But...to say I'm a happy old lady..well, that's an understatement..hahahahahahha
 we went to casa ole for dinner,where Abby ate refried beans, and part of grannies tamales...then she farted the loudest baby fart ever..and smelled like a dead rat..says Jamie..I thought it smelled like a giant bean burrito that had been left out in the sun for 3 days during the dead of summer..she's something else.

is she not the little golden girl?
my viking princess.


Intense Guy said...

Ah! the bestest daycare place in the entire world!!!

:) She's so lucky!

Anonymous said...

Your granddaughter is lucky she has so many people in her life to help her. My daughter, same thing. It makes me shake my head some times because I never had help, we did it all ourselves. I just wonder if the gratitude is there.

Wow, I sound bitter this morning! Lol!

Enjoy those babies, farts and all!


Debra She Who Seeks said...

YDG to the rescue! The Goddess has smiled on you, as you say! Just keep the kid away from refried beans.

Anonymous said...

That is great and I am so jealous.

Betty said...

She's adorable. I don't blame you for being just a little (?) bit happy about the day care snafu.


yeah, when the girls start whining about having to do this and do that..I just laugh..I was over 1,600 miles from my nearest family..no one to do it but me..2 boys 18 months a part..yeah, I worked 4=5 jobs...so I'm the wrong person to whine too..ha

My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

Did it on my own with seven kids in seven years and eleven months. My saving grace was...I didn't have to work outside my home.
I've watched a few of my grands for 0 dollars and felt somewhat unappreciated, but the rewards made up for it in the end. :0)