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Sunday, August 04, 2013




well things are starting to take a turn for the better..slowly but surely one at a time, people are either moving back into repaired homes on moving into new ones..Some are rebuilding some are buying other homes here..But it's a small amount..the rest are still living with relatives, or in housing in Waco.
Sad news, we are still losing residents..think it's up to 19?...I bought yard sticks and white paint so I can make crosses and paint them and then put the names of the residents on them and put them on Anissa's  land where the big cross is with the names of the first responders. I think they may make it a memorial monument as it is directly across the street from the plant, and yes it was there before the plant was built.
FEMA has given us $2.8 million for temporary buildings for the school. We need to get the school up and running(any way possible) so they can finish their schooling here.
Since I started this post President Obama and FEMA said maybe we're a disaster after all...I think they did it to fuck with Perry at our expense..
All that matters is that the water lines will be repaired so they can start rebuilding. Plus they can start building the schools, so the kids won't always have to either be bused to Connelly or have to go to school in temporary buildings.
I put a link up top where you can see the video of the Car Show we had .largest one in Texas...over 600 cars..I went and took one of my kinfolks little boy and his cousin..I'm sure we could have found cooler places to hang out on a Sunday afternoon, but we went anyhow..oh man..It was hotter than 3 kinds of hell..
I'm including my status update on the event.
Status Update
By Jackiesue Roycroft Denney
was at west food mart and a little boy came running up and threw a huge hug on me and is was my little library buddy, Xavian. I was so great to see him, so I was telling his mom about the car show and they had inflatables for the kids, (I kept calling them the bouncy things) and I could take the kids(he was with his cousin Jessica). So we put my groceries away at the apt, and drove right down Tokio to Reagan 3 blocks.. and they played on the bouncy things and had a great time..Meanwhile it's 183 degrees outside, and my watch is starting to burn my wrist.. ..and no shade..so we went and got snow cones and water and walked up and down and up and down row after row of the most fantastic cars you ever have seen..In the meantime it's now 197 degrees outside, and the glue holding the cheap faux pearl in my ring has melted and my make up along with my smile is sliding off my face, and they want to go play with the race cars..they had never played them before and Jessica kicked all them boys asses..she was fearless..so we went and got more snow cones, and bought tickets for the drawing..how ever much it was at 4pm who ever won got 1/2 of the money and the other half went to West. In the meantime i's 211 degrees outside and the rubber on my tennis
shoe is starting to melt, and my clothes are so soaked with sweat i nearly slipped out of my shorts. I told the kids, I know your having a good time, but aunt grandma is about to go tits up out here in front of the crowd, the mayor and chief of police, and it ain't gonna be pretty...so we all agreed it's time to go home..Jessica thought she was going to slip one by me, by running to the bouncy things and started to get in side and start playing..yeah, I don't think so kid..get in the truck...I'm home...the ac is cranked up and so is my dvd of The Heavy...how do you like me now....I feel a nap coming on.
On August 9-10 The 67th Annual West Rodeo will be coming to town. If you don't want to pay money to see it, you can go on the 8th as the rodeo slack performance begins at 7:30 and there is no admission charge. The West Rodeo Parade is scheduled at 10:00 a.m. with a new parade route and may be the biggest parade yet..I can't think of the Rodeo without remembering the year Chris Archer and I had a little head start on the drinking (we were still drunk from the night before) and after leaving the Capital to go to Wolf's we discovered 2 horses tied up in front  of the building..well, hell..why not we thinks..(thinking not being anything we were good at while drunk) so we rode the horses across town to Wolf's had a couple of beers and rode back..to find 2 of the most pissed off cowboys you ever saw...oh man, they didn't have a sense of humor at all..I actually think they were considering kicking the shit out of both of us..but we had to many friends there than were trying to convince them that it wouldn't be a good idea..Hard to argue with Mike Adamson, Ricky Maler, Jimmy Maler and someone else and can't remember who..
But my horse rustling days are over..I'm a great granny now..and sober..yeah, that's the ticket.
There are still family reunions going on, but some are being canceled because of the tragedy and sadness, like the Deiterman-Berger reunion. I'm sure next year they will be back and celebrating..The Hykel Reunion will be on Saturday August 17 at the old K.C. Hall in West. Each family is asked to bring a desert.
I have short term memory loss and can't remember if I told you we have a little ice cream shop now...it's called Scoops..ice cream..the top of the line ice cream..Blue Bell ice cream..sigh..and yes I know how good it is as I've been there twice..one by myself and once with Inky and Anissa..I hope they are able to stay in business.. I need to eat there more often..well, it's good for the town of West  you know...
West has a new postmaster and to show that we're with it..our postmaster is a lady. Gena L. Cunningham ...welcome .
This Sept. we will be having a Recovery Run..shiny motorcycles, classic and muscle cars will be coming to West to help in it's recovery efforts. To allow for plenty of time for planning, the West Recovery Run is scheduled for Sept. 7 with vehicles arriving into West during the late morning for a downtown display of support by all the motorcycles and automobile owners. They are scheduled to line the town's main street with chrome, colors and commemorative shirts from noon until 4 p.m.
Event organizers expect to raise thousands of dollars for the community's Long Term Recover fund by selling specially-designed commemorative shirts to anyone who attends or wants to purchase shirts at the event or on line. Sponsors, including businesses, organizations and individuals are donating the funds to produce the shirts so that 100 percent of shirt sales goes directly into the West Long Term Recovery fund ...There will be a website address pretty soon, so I'll keep you informed.
I wish I could let you know how many people,groups, organizations etc. that have held fund raisers, cake sales, tshirt sales, etc. for West. Goddess bless their lovely big hearts.
Houses still for sale at drop dead low prices. 3 bdrm. 2.5 baths on large lot, pecan trees, guest house, deck and much more. $109,500.
Wow, here's a great one..68+ acres in WEST ISD, 4 bdrm, 2.5 bath +2nd living area, 2, 729+/sqft. built in'02. In-ground salt water pool/hot tub, pool house, barn and corral. Amazing hill top views 1 year home warranty including . $439,000...Nice!!
Well, I'm tired, still feel wrung out from the sun yesterday. I've lived in Texas most of my life and never had the heat get to me ..ever..but it kicked my ass yesterday...and yes, someone has already used the age card ...so back off..ha..
Love you with all my heart and part of my liver..js


MarkD60 said...

Sounds like things are picking up there.

Intense Guy said...

The cross idea for the West Haven folks sounds like a very nice idea. Please take some photos of it.

I wouldn't be surprised if the major agenda item on ALL politician's lists is "eff with the other parties' guy". They don't seem to give a rats ass about the folks that elect them or pay their salaries.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Hi YDG -- I just watched an item on one of our Canadian news channels about West finally being declared a disaster zone. The item profiled a 76 year old West house builder named Pakuda (I believe) who has come out of retirement to build homes for 3 fellow veterans who lost theirs in the explosion.

Anonymous said...

THAT was your status update?! Lmao!!!!!

I'm glad to hear West will get some help now. Sigh. It still seems surreal eh?