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Saturday, October 03, 2015

copied pasted from post on facebook.

what a day...we sold almost $260 worth of baked goods(still have some left if you want to come to the apt and check them out.)I bought $100 of $10 gift cards from each grocery store.so $200 of gift cards..will get more..but want to wait till winter and get some gloves and mittens, Jessie Dodd and I ran the one at Community Grocery and DeLayne Chudej and David Chudej ran the other one..each one made at least $100..Delayne and David had to quit early..they were right in the sun and the cake balls were melting and so was everything else..but they didn't have much left..sold all my pecan pies.Delayne you guys left before I could buy you West Boy Scout Troop 494burgers..Jessie and I had one..got a burger drink and chips for $6..and they were really good..then Jess and I took everything back to house and then we went to garage sales...we did soooo good..I also gave her 2 boxes of books..hahahahahahahahah..she got a Louis Vuitton(spelling) purse and matching wallet for $5.25...we were so proud..we were going to go to Slovecek's but we forgot, so I went by myself..it was like old home week in there Connie (from the old Community GroceryPreston Leuschner, Melissa Green, and what's her face from Community Grocery..Beula AnissaInky Adamson's aunt..loved it..got me some sage to burn, a raccoon dick, and a couple of Baylor things for Thom's Christmas present.
I had these big red heart shaped earrings with Love on them and this lady behind the kolache counter said "jacqui...I love your earrings.." I said good you can have them..and took them off and gave them to her..she kept saying no ..no ..no...I said yes, yes yes..they hurt my ears..you like them you can have them..I said you just remember me with love when you wear them..ha I'm wore out..going to unhitch my girls, take off my shoes and watch the Bears kick ass..later gaters.

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