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Tuesday, April 19, 2016


 Had to be around 6..in my favorite Hopalong Cassidy outfit..and if you don't think Abby looks like me, this photo should cinch it..
 me at Hickam Air Force Base..base housing..must have been 8?
my parents..my daughter looks so much like my mother. Thom and I look like my daddy...they are not really that long legged..took picture of the picture on the phone and sort of didn't come out right..ha

I took 67 negatives to walmart and for $22 I got them all developed..my relatives are going crazy..probably never seen them before..pictures of my grandparents my uncles my cousins..me...my dog checkers..picture of my cousin Larry Wayne holding the ill fated pet chicken Elizabeth that we....ate..remember that story? sigh*..
when I got them I went out into the parking lot and started looking at them and just crying like a baby..some of these pictures I had never seen...Thom said he would help me develope the rest of them..more to come.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

What a treasure trove! Love that photo of you in the Hopalong Cassidy outfit, l'il pardner.

Jan said...

What fun to go through and weren't you just the little sexpot?

Jim b. said...

Had the same happen, bought a photo scanner, old black and whites, some we only developed, slides, all now on the memory stick.

Ol'Buzzard said...

My wife said she had a cowgirl outfit when she was about six. Your picture brought back that memory for her.
the Ol'Buzzard