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Wednesday, April 13, 2016


I haven't done one of these in forever..had promised myself that I would do one a week about West and folks..but up to my ass in alligators..between this and that and meals on wheels, and benefits and now I'm doing community garden(who the fuck's idea was that...oh right, it was me)I am concentrating my time now on the garden..I quit driving and hopping for meals on wheels..and would get into the reason why but don't want to stir any more shit up...sigh*...why isn't it legal to just be able to punch people in the face? why? cause I'd have a black eye every day.
We are coming up on our 3rd year anniversary of the explosion that rocked West...in one way it seems like just yesterday and yet it also seems like a lifetime ago.
We have rebuilt the nursing home, the SOKOL building along with Lone Star Hall, the emergency shed for our Ambulances and heli-pad, 2 Dr's office's..our high school and middle school will be ready by spring of next year..we've also rebuilt over 150 new homes..Our park got replaced  and it's fantastic.We don't mess around.My bank, Point West Bank and Trust also got a major overhaul and went from black marble on the outside to pretty cream colored brick..inside is just fantastic..it is so pretty..We also have a bunch of grants that will allow a lot of remodeling of the downtown area including murals depicting Czech history ..If I could figure out how to video and download to my blog I'd do a tour thru West for you...But the good news is Bimbo Hand has agreed to allow me to interview him for the blog..now have to figure out how to do that..
I have also been helping my granddaughters with a benefit for their mother..don't think I've spoke about it here..Kathy has a liver disease(whose name escapes me) and she can't work and hasn't worked since before Christmas..She is eligible to be on the partial live liver donation list. In the mean time the 2 girls are paying all of her bills..Jamie is going to school full time and Jenny is working full time and going to school too...but they are spending their money to pay for her mortgage, car payment, insurance on it and her health insurance, plus utilities on her house. She has been in hospital almost full time since first of Jan..so the girls are having a bbq plate, silent auction for her to raise money to help with expenses..it's this Saturday...while it is going on Jennifer and I will be delivering plates to the people here in West, as the benefit is in Bellmead...so many of the business's that know her and what she has done for the residents of West Rest Haven have been so generous in donating things for the auction. 
West News...we're still all excited and so very proud of Guyla Smith, the winningest coach is softball history in state of Texas. She and her teams have played 763 games. She started the program from scratch as a club sport, persevered through the transition of the program gaining UIL status and has never had a losing season in 26 years of coaching. To date, Coach Smith and her teams have earned 12 district championships, 5 trips to the state tournament with three state runner-up finishes. Her team has hit the 20-win mark 17 times. All time record of 585 wins and 178 losses and has coached 38 TX  SWA All-State Softball Team Members and 26 TGCA All-State selections. 6 of her players have played in the state All-Star Game and 14 players have been named to the All-State Tournament Team List. 
Our last home game this year is this Friday, and I don't want to miss it. So far this season we are undefeated in District and we have already clinched top spot in softball playoffs..I hope we win state for her this year.
and not to omit the Trojans..they just closed out a 3 win series and won the last game 19-1...our kids rock..
Plus the WMS seventh grader track team won the District 19-AAA meet this past Saturday...can't beat our kids..so proud of them.
By not posting my West News I have not been able to tell you of some of the great losses we have had ..some really wonderful people went to meet the Goddess...My neighbor Mr Detterman who had just turned 100 ..Johnnie who was the sweetest sweetheart ever. I and many others
will miss her. Plus we have lost about a dozen more from West Rest Haven that will really be missed.
But we had some beautiful babies born too..Twins Zoe Belle and Ace Maxwell Rush...granted they weren't born her in West but their proud grandparents live here. Weston Craig Sustala weighed in at 7 pounds 10 ounces..20 inches long..
I'm so pooped I can't post anymore..sigh*..
but if any one would like to donate to the Kathy Qualls fund...get with me..
and for your eyes only...??? a skunk egg.


Jan said...

Hard to believe it has been three years since that awful day when West was on the news all over. But you've been working like beavers to rebuild. very inspirational. No wonder you love your little town.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

I hope the benefit for Kathy raises a lot of cash and that she gets her liver transplant soon!

Optimistic Existentialist said...

Wow...coach smith has had a TON of success it appears.