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Thursday, May 12, 2016


I have talked to some very smart people that live here..who know enough to put two and two together and actually get four...enough that we call bullshit on the results..there is no  way someone could do this without someone else knowing and not telling...but you know what? the people that sued and already collected ..well they got their money..but the rest of them that had separate lawsuits and the city that has it's own lawsuit will probably have their lawsuits thrown out..the chemical company has big ass lobbyist ..and I smell a pay off...if all the rest of the lawsuits are dropped (because you can't blame them if someone set the fire...not our fault..we good) you are looking at millions and millions of dollars..so for the rest of the world..no we don't believe it was done either deliberate or accidentally..we think you assholes got bought...so...the gauntlet has been dropped..


Jan said...

It all sounded weird to me when I read your blog yesterday

rosemary said...

I Was astonished when I heard it was arson on the news. After all this time, no one has talked. Curious and really sad because 15 lives were lost......for what, for who?