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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

in case you haven't read or heard.........


to tell you that this bit of news is heartbreaking is a understatement..

I have such mixed emotions about this..pain for what the family's are having to go thru..it's like ripping the bandaid off a scab that's been healing for 3 years..and anger that this could have happened...there have been whispering and gossip about this since a week after the explosion.. talk that it was a accident while someone was stealing stuff  to make meth was another tidbit of gossip..

You all know how much I love my little town..and to think that such devastation could be done by the hands of someone that lived here and could still live here is just to hurtful to bear. 

What makes it worse, is the reporters are back terrorizing the people that lost family members or homes or just living here..bringing up all those memories and pain all over again..on top of a Texas thunderstorm that destroyed the roofs, yards, cars etc. of a lot of homes last night..with huge claps of thunder that scared the crap out of us and lost of electricity for up to 18 hours, then this on top of that..well, it's not easy for West today.

fuckity fuck fuck fuck.


Jan said...

I can just imagine the crude and cruel questions the press is going to be asking. So sorry this is happening.


my friend Misty who was standing in front of big plate glass window and has scars all over her face and chest and arms and has an autistic son (thankfully he was at school or he would have had a meltdown) was met by 5-8 reporters this morning when she was leaving for work..sticking mikes in her face, cameras rolling...she was frantic.. we all had already had a bad night from thunderstorm with crashing thunder all night long and wind ripping trees out by the roots and then to be caught up in that..makes me so fucking mad..someone said well it's closure...bullshit..it's opening up an unhealed wound...if I find out who did this I'm kicking his fucking ass.

Cheyenne said...

When this came on the news today I thought of you right away...and all the other people that were hurt by the devastation. I hope they catch the bastards and the sooner the better.

Nan said...

Saw this on the news last night. It makes no sense. What on earth would be the motive?

Reporters are like locusts. The plague should pass quickly because there's not really any news to report now that ATF has made its announcement.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Man oh man, that's terrible news. To think that someone deliberately started that fire that triggered everything off -- scary stuff. I hope they find the culprit.

booda baby said...

I'm really sorry and profoundly disappointed and am truly truly glad that you are there. Because for all the wounds to your heart and the community's sense of ... I don't know ... I really feel like you have the strength and ability to protect it. Not that it's your job, not that you should HAVE to, but ... well, maybe it IS your job because ... you know. You're you.

I'm really sorry.