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Monday, August 12, 2019

Good Morning David P.


Vivian Swift said...

Another weekend, another pile of shit happening. In spite of the poor spelling I liked the Jeffrey Epstein one the best; yes, I can imagine how surprised Epstein was when he "killed himself". I'm waiting for Trump to claim that his death is Hillary's fault...oh, wait.

Happy Monday, Jackie Sue.

Anonymous said...

I always find at least one meme to laugh out loud at my desk - and that's the one I send on to a friend. Thank you for sharing all of these in one place.

Happy Monday! Or, as Dorothy Parker would say, "What fresh hell is this?"


Vivian ..how can a man who was on a suicide watch..commit..suicide..fuckme..
thanks Anonymous..and boy wouldn't you love for Dorothy be here for this FRESH HELL?.. her and Ann Richards and Molly...sigh*

The Blog Fodder said...

So many good ones. Home sapiens is the best.