I'm a liberal pagan living in West,Texas..yes that West,Texas

Friday, February 14, 2020

It's 4:30, I damn near forgot to do Friday's too..crap


sorry it's so short..but can't download memes from my phone..I'll do better Monday I promise..If I can ever figure out how to download video's from my phone to my blog..  you will be bored to shit out of all the videos of the little prince..who is 11 months old .holyshit.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

The Turd Reich -- aptly named! I have no idea how to do anything on my phone beyond the most basic things, LOL! A smart phone is wasted on me.

Leanna said...

These are all so good. Hope you are staying warm, dear cause it's cold as fuck outside today.

Valerie said...

thanks for the Friday fun, Jackie Sue! Have fun with the little prince! They grow up so, so fast.


thanks everybody...I had a great weekend..made biscuits and sausage gravy for the oldies and then did jackshit..then I made the horrible mistake of ..oh I'll just wipe down and clean the kitchen counter..at midnight I was still cleaning the house..pulled all the shelves out of the fridge and cleaned them and then couldn't get the fuckers back together..so called Jenny's fiance and he came over..and fixed it in about 5 minutes..I had got to the point it was either set the fucker on fire or eat off the counter..but boy my apt..shines..well except I forgot to vacuum..but shit happens..I'm at Jamie's watching Dylan and Abby(home from school for we don't have a real president day)..Dylan is doing his Marlon Brando impression..instead of yelling Stella...he's yelling Aaaaaabeee. life is pretty fucking good.

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