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Friday, March 24, 2023

 It's done...no stints..my heart is as strong as a ox, if ox is 79 years old.  Next stop ? ?  check out my lungs.. can't make this longer..got this on hand..don't know how long it will take? maybe a week..
thanks so much for love and best wishes...you are in my heart.


River said...

I always knew you had a good heart but it's nice to have the Doctors confirm it. What's that thing on your arm and what is it for?

1oddmanout said...

Good to hear. The procedure has been so much easier from when I had them. Wishes for best health.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

No stents were necessary after all, eh? Well, that's good news. Good luck with more diagnoses! Glad you're doing okay.

Burr Deming said...

Entire absolute actual non-complex best wishes.

No kidding, I hope you recover completely and are in excellent health soon.

Jerri said...

Ha. Life threw you a curveball and you knocked it out of the park! Good job, Jackiesue. Sorry you had to go through all that but…best news EVER. Never underestimate a strong-as-an-ox woman with attitude. 💪🥳

SickoRicko said...

Good news! (I hope your lungs are better than mine.)

JustGail said...

Good news stents were not needed. Were they guessing when they said you needed them? Or was it a case of "the tests make us think you need them but we'll only know for sure once we get in there" ?
Good luck on the lung tests, I hope there's no bad news there. Rest up and roar back when you're ready.

Ole Phat Stu said...

That's a relief. All the best for the lung checks.

Lin Barker said...

Keep on truckin


Richard said...

Oh. Yellowdoggranny! Can we still use your tools? Everything will feel different, because we don't know how to use them.

Rad said...

YEAH!!!!!!! So glad everything came worked out!!!

Or as Red Skelton used to say "Any day I wake up and don't see roses and smell candles is a great day".

Mike said...

I'm one up on you with stents.

yellowdoggranny said...

River..that is so sweet....the thing on my arm is mainly there as a reminder not to pick up anything that weights more than 4 pounds so it doesn't open up the place where the cath went in as it could bleed and that would be bad..ha
1oddmanout so far I'm doing great..took off the contraption and tape today so I can type now.
Debra, I really don't think I ever needed it but the Dr that I fired just did it as a matter of course(money I'm sure)and by the time it got to the new Dr he had to go on with it..I'd like to punch Dr. Cross in the throat. Because I think I could have been spared all of the worry and aggravation.
Burr, I'm back to feeling pretty fucking feisty. Got my second wind and I am ready for action.
Jerri...it was an adventure for sure. I made everyone laugh and embarrassed my granddaughters. Jamie was with me and Jennifer couldn't get off work so Jamie face-timed her so she got to hear everything and every time I'd say something outrageous I'd hear her and Jamie go 'oh Grandma'.My daughter-in-law just cracked up at them. She said later you think they would be used to you saying outrageous stuff by now.
They told me that they were going to give me versed and I said oh great, I love versed. Next to acid it's my favorite drug of choice. So the prep nurse said after this is over with I'll meet you out back for some acid. Then she told me I was her spirit animal. Ah, life is good.
Ricky, I just hope whatever they find I'll be able to do shit without being out of breath.
Gail, it was the old Dr. and I'm sure glad I fired him.
thank you, Stu....here's hoping.
Lin...just slip-sliding along.
Richard my dear you can use anything you want.
Rad, yup...another day where no one is throwing dirt on my head.
Mike...I had 3 veins that were 40 percent and 50 percent and they don't put in stints under 70%...