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Monday, March 27, 2023

the old lady's back and ready to rock and roll.....

                                                this was jackiesue when she drank

                                                      cover yourself when you breastfeed.

                                               here boy...come'on...good boy...

                                                     I swear this isn't me...but it coulda been.



SickoRicko said...

So glad you're back! What a great line-up!

Bruce.desertrat said...

Florida-Approved David is right on!

Jerri said...

A breathtaking sculpture and all they see is a penis…a diminutive one at that. Can just saw Florida off and let drift away …or sink?
Again, they think Trump followers can read? By the signs they carry we know they can’t spell.
Love the face on “ I am enough” Says it all.
Trump & the Big Mac. You KNOW that will work!
Glad you’re back. Great lineup.
You’re quite good at inserting “ear worms”. Been humming Stand By Me for an hour.

Mike said...

Great collection today. Too many good ones to pick from.

River said...

"Democrats introduced a bill that would strip the pension of a president convicted of a felony."
"Who else agrees this needs to happen?"
ME. My hand is up!

"Dear Americans,..." that's a nice letter.

yellowdoggranny said...

thank you, Rick...I appreciate it.
Bruce yeah, but Melania buck nekkid with her finger up her crotch is ok.
Jerri...them republicans are just fucking nuts. period.
Mike...ah, come one pick one..ha
River, I want more than his pension stripped..he should be imprisoned for ever.

The Blog Fodder said...

Love the McRib. You are rolling