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Wednesday, June 24, 2009


There are lots of things in the West Paper this Wednesday but my mind sort of went on the fritz after I saw that Bold Springs Baptist Church is making hamburgers on 29 of June. Thank you Goddess.They are also making lasagna and chicken spaghetti with salad and dessert, but I care nothing about anything except the hamburgers. Which reminds me..I went to the Tiger Shop one afternoon and had one of their hamburgers and it rated right up there with Bold Springs. The farmers market is coming along, each week there are more people, but it's been so hot and we haven't had rain in almost 2 months, so the pickings are slim. My garden looks like the Sahara. The lettuce is kicking ass and the okra is coming along. But most of the other stuff have given up the ghost..It's going to be 105 from now to the end of next week...sigh*
Kathleen Kaska a 1971 West High School grad has had her first mystery novel published. It's titled Murder at the Arlington. She will be writing a series of mysteries about famous Hotels.The book is the winner of the 2008 Salvo Press Mystery Novel Award. West is going to the bigs..First we had a World Series Ball player, 2 country recording artists, and now a published mystery writer.. How cool is that?
We had some excitement last week...A water main in front of the West Lumber Co. blew a hole in a water pipe and had water shooting 10-15 feet into the air. The city employees had to wear water goggles to work on it.
We're having a Summerfest Dance at The West Fraternal Auditorium this coming Sunday. The Johnny Holub Polka Band of Columbus will provide the music. Be still my heart.
Oh..which reminds me James Hand has a new CD coming out this August. It's called Shadow
On The Ground. If you like country music...old country music..like Hank Williams used to sing..you will love James Hand. You can go to his website and find out where he's playing and if he's playing near you, you have to check him out..Tell him Jackie sent you. Just don't mention anything about rocking the trailer out at his Mama's...
It's summer time so that means family reunions and the Kaska's will have theirs at the Abbott Catholic Church on July 12.
Kurt Anton is engaged to Caryn Noelle Lea and they will marry at First United Methodist Church in Richardson, Texas.
Two new babies were born. Sarah Jo Foit weighted 7 pounds, 12 ounces and 19.5 inches long. Darian Ezar Peters weighed 7 pounds, 6 ounces, and 19.5 inches long.
Eric Werlinger graduated from Texas A&M with a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science and history with minors in economics and Spanish.
They are throwing a welcome home/Birthday party at Out West Bar & Grill for our returning soldier Bubba Zahirniak. Or as they call him...Sgt. Bubba.
Doug Snokhous, Gregory Paul Karlik, and Ronald Joe Sulak all passed away. All 3 of them...were 52 years old..How sad is that..and strange.
State National Bank is celebrating its 100th year in business. I'm trying to remember..but I don't think I have ever been inside the State National Bank..I'm a PointWest Bank and Trust customer. So never had any need to go to the other bank.
There were 30 Czech Republican visitors visiting in town last week. They were on their way to Fort Worth for the American Sport and Cultural Festival. The international event was scheduled through from Tuesday to Sunday. The event includes the XXII American Slet, USAG General Gymnastics National and Pan American Gymnastics Gala. Ray and Clarice Snokhous had 100 of them at their home for lunch and I'm sure there were plenty of kolaches and sausage.
70 years ago C. W. Holloway, president of the State National Bank went on a vacation to Galveston.
The Centex Stixx, 12 and under baseball club, competed in the Super Series Texas State Tournament with a perfect 6-0 record. So they are the CHAMPS. The West Youth League baseball and softball teams are still playing. Old Corner Drug's team beat the Kiwanis team 11-1
West Food Mart has some new meats..They have ox tails, tongue, tripe, chicken necks/backs, and beef hearts. (catering to the hispanic crowd, but I like it too.)I snagged one of the tongues and cooked it today. It's soo good. Made a hot sauce to go with it and it rocks. Annie is crazy about tongue. But then what pussy isn't happy with a little tongue. Community Grocery has rump roast on sale for $2.19 a pound and pork ribs $1.49 a pound.
My friend Mike Marek came by for a visit today. I gave him one of the old computers and will get Inky to help me get the other 2 and take them over to his house. Mike and his brother Gary grew up with David and Thom and are like my kids. They're mom Hannah(who has a thick Czech accent) calls me 'the boys other mother.'...
I've been taking pictures but haven't taken them to Babs to have her download them. So will have to do with the West pictures. Guess that's about all the news worth printing here.
Other than the fact that it's 105fuckingdegrees out..and will continue to be at least 105 all the way through next week. No rain in sight..But jeez, the clouds..wow. They are just big fat and fluffy. I heart clouds.
Oh something that has absolutely nothing to do with West but had to mention it. Did anyone watch the first night of the Superstars? Oh man. I laughed so hard I peed myself. T.O. Owens was paired up with some actress/model what ever..and he sucked. He sucked so bad that she went off on him . Made fun of him. Harassed him something fierce. Kept saying 'and you call yourself an athlete? You make a Million dollars? Doing what?' oh my Goddess, it was hysterical. She wouldn't shake his hand, wouldn't even show the slightest bit of interest in being a good sport with him. Just called him names all the way ..his reply? I feel sorry for your boyfriend. Oh man. It was just the best thing I have ever seen. Every thing all of us football fans that had the misfortune to have him play on our team got to listen to someone call him out on his 'abilities'...oh life is good.
Except for the fact that I can't get blogger to download the pictures I had for this post. Fuckity fuck fuck fuck.


billy pilgrim said...

that's a lot of news.

jan said...

What pussy doesn't like a little tongue? hehehe

After I changed my underwear from reading that one, I was glad I came back to read about T.O. Only sorry I didn't see it. What a buttroy.

rainywalker said...

Interesting. Very interesting and better than the evening news. Yours at least is the truth!

Sling said...

I love these West news updates.
They're like letters from home.

Intense Guy said...

I better go polish up my dancin' shoes! The Johnny Holub Polka Band of Columbus is gonna be in town!

Wooooooooooo hooooooooooooooo!

:) Okay, I'll go pop a Xanax...

Raspootin said...

I concur with Sling; because now I feel a sentimental attachment to West. You should think about writing a book because you narrative is very good! I feel like I know the people you are talking about; can visualize the places and almost taste the hamburger!

Anne Johnson said...

LOL on the Owens pone! I didn't see the show, but I saw the clip on Yahoo. I want to bake a pie for that gal.

You were right about the ethnicity of West. Everyone's last name ends in "k." Slick!

sageweb said...

Oh I want to see TO get called out..I had no idea that was on. I am going to look for the clip on the Youtube. I would love a hamberger on the 29th too.


billy:for a small town..ha
jan:i knew you would spot the pussy joke..hahahahah
oh you have to look for the video..she really laid into him..cracked me up.
rainy:we all know the truth here so no one can lie..haha.
sling:well, they're letters from my home..ha
intenseguy:becarefulof too much excitement
raspootin:i like bringing west, texas to everyone..I think it's a special place..some times the people are buttroys but they are pretty harmless for the most part...
anne:oh it was a treat for all of us t.o. bashers..she got him good..
yeah, when i see a non czech name i think..hmm, married outside of the family..ha
sage:i'll take the camera and take a picture of the ladies at bold springs and of the hamburger.hope you got to see the clip of her beating up on t.o. it was a delight..ha

rosemary said...

i swear you could just substitute the name of your town for mine....the best part of our paper is the police log....love it. I am not a sweetbread person. I made tongue once and almost passed out when i had to peel the damn thing. I used to like menudo but would never eat the tripe.