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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

DAMN NEWS 6-30-09

Oh, I fecking love my DAM News...last Sunday ole James Baker said he thought there might be something to this global warming stuff, but would NOT give up his Big Tahoe SUV...this week, he said he needed to clarify the statement, that he might buy "a Tahoe that is a little smaller -if that would help."...From my lips to your ears James?...fuck you and your Tahoe.

More of the tapes from Richard Nixon's White House have been released...Man, I wish he was still alive so we could call him out on some of the shit that comes out of his mouth..."There are times when an abortion is necessary. I know that. When you have a black and a white, or a rape."....I personally plan on bipping into a coma the next person that either defends him or what he says..Jeez.

Just about when you thought Iran had the top spot on crazy, here comes the North Koreans. "If the U.S. imperialists start another war, ignorant of the ignominious defeat they have sustained in the past Koran war, the army and people of Korea will determinedly answer 'sanctions' with retaliation and 'confrontation' with all-out confrontation...and wipe out the aggressors on the globe once and for all." .....our response to that? Pentagon spokesman Geoff Morrell said:"I don't Even know how to respond to that. It's silliness. For what and with what?"...Well, I have the answer to the with what....see the picture?

Just about the time I think people in the large cities of Texas have a few brain cells working, something like this comes along and reminds me that beneath it all...they're still rednecks. Even the cops.

Last week at the Rainbow Lounge, a gay bar in Fort Worth was subjected to a 'club inspection' by 2 Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission agents and 6 FWPD. These checks happen often and they're looking for people obviously drunk and will cite them and the bar. In a official statement, police said they encountered hostile drunks, some of whom "made sexual explicit movements." toward the officers.(heehee) One customer allegedly "assaulted a TABC agent by grabbing him in the groin." Patron's of the bar say the officers showed up prepared to make arrests, with fists full of plastic zip-cuffs. "They were hyped up. They were loaded for bear," said Todd Camp, a veteran journalist who was there celebrating his birthday with friends. "They were just randomly grabbing people and telling them they were drunk."

Camp said he has been in bars during TABC/police "checks" before, " and it was never anything like this." Usually, he said, officers discreetly walk through, looking for anybody who has too much. this was different. "They were shoving patrons," Camp said, "asking, 'How much have you had to drink?'

The differences in statements on how Chad Gibson was injured were very different also.

Gibson is hospitalized with bleeding around his brain.

"He was taken down hard," said Camp, with "four or five" officers wrestling him to the floor inside the club. Cellphone photos shot by patrons and posted to blogs show a person being held face down by officers in a short hallway inside the club, then show a dent in the wall where his head was apparently banged.

But a Fort Worth police spokesman said Gibson was injured outside, when he fell and struck his head because he was so drunk.

"He was the one that groped the TABC agent, "said Sgt. Pedro Criado. "He was injured by falling and hitting his head." (yeah, right...some TABC agent gets groped by a 'homosexual' and then the guy mysteriously falls and hits his head.)

"I hate to say I was afraid of my own police department, but I was," Camp said.

His description of frightened, distraught patrons just does not seem to square with police accounts of being subjected to a drunken, groin-grabbing gauntlet during a routine "bar inspection." Fort Worth is a fine and tolerant city. The police officers I personally know over there are decent, stand-up people. But today, in the Twitter-and -blog enabled process of rapid dissemination, they're getting an ugly reputation. And the flames of indiscriminate opinion about Texas being a stagnant backwater of vicious, insular, hate-crazed xenophobes dance higher. So, Fort Worth, we need some answers, please and quickly. This is no time to stonewall.

Jacquielynn Floyd(Dallas Morning News)

I for one, am sick over this..Just about the time I think Texas has crawled out of the stone ages, something like this happens..sigh*

But with people like Jacquielynn Floyd on the story, I'm pretty sure it won't disappear..

Oh..yeah, heart breaking news from the shores of Great Britian...the Queen is spending her own money to make ends meet, but if she keeps this up she'll be broke by 2012...Big fucking deal..Let her go broke, why should she be any different than anyone else? I think she should just retire to her little place in Scotland and make the rest of them get jobs.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Wow, Rainbow Lounge story shows that harassment like 40 years ago at Stonewall Inn still goes on. Hope it galvanizes your local LGBT community to protest.

Yankee Girl said...

A smaller Tahoe? You've got to be kidding me. I second your "fuck you."

Those high kicks from the North Koreans made me laugh. I guess right now that is all they can do to take us down because they don't have a missle that'll reach us.

Anonymous said...

If it were some drunk dude who was grabbing at a female officer and she clobbered him, you'd be all for it.

You'd have a nice blog post about it, and your little blog friends would chime in with their "right on's!"

But let a silly drunk man get clobbered by a policeman for sexual assault, and it's "discrimination."

That's a great big steaming pile of bullshit.

Also: Texas ranks fairly low in regards to outright violence against homosexuals. You can look it up.

But that would involve being more than an "arm chair blogger" wouldn't it?

~ J. Kolar

sageweb said...

Stinky comment above me...anyways if the commentor knew what it was like to be in a gay bar when the police come in ..he would keep his mouth shut. It is scary..we don't know if they hate gays..a gay hater with a gun and backup to some made up story is a scary thing. We tread lightly..we shouldnt have too but we do..it isnt a nice world out there. THose gays did not deserve what happened just a few cops looking to beat some gays up. something to talk about with the boys over beer.

jan said...

Aren't the crown jewels worth more than, say Canada? I'm not sure the Queen has any marketable skills. I love her anyway.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I have been, thanks.

But as Jackie could tell you herself, I'm not one to play the Victim card when my actions bring about undesired results.

Anonymous said...

"Those mean women cops! They had no right coming into a guy's sports bar, and beating up on those poor frat boys!

Okay, so they grabbed their tits and slapped them on the ass and made insulting remarks. They were just having fun! HeeeHeeee.

Those women cops are so prejudiced!"

That's really what I'm getting at here.

If this was a case of men acting like a jackass towards a female police officer, there would be rightful outrage against the men in question. No one would take offense to a woman, be she a cop or a citizen, defending herself against unwanted attention from a man.

Let it be a story that involves homosexuals, and it's DISCRIMINATION!!!!!!!!!

Not cops defending themselves against a drunk asshole who should have minded his manners.


bubba, I think you need to see someone about your problem...first of all, the only one that is saying the guy grabbed the cop is the cops...no one else said they saw it..so what the deal is...the cops used that as an excuse to beat the shit out of someone and the result is hes in the hospital from bleeding on the brain. the rest of your little rant i might agree with..but you need to chill kiddo...
they went in there to harrass and cause trouble under the guise of 'police busines'...no more ..no less..

Intense Guy said...

What the hell is a "smaller tahoe"? I mean, they only come in one size - and this man was helping to run our country?

No wonder the police run amok...

billy pilgrim said...

any president that would deputize elvis is o.k. with me.

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

James Baker can - along with Osama Bin Ladin (if he even exists) - "Kiss my rosy Irish ass."
Richard PRICKson only seems like an asshole. I looked up "asshole" in Webster's New Political Dictionary. There was a picture of George W. Bush next to it.
People drunk, in a bar? That never happens...whodathunkit!? Fuckin' revenue-enhancement agents (that's all the hell they are) ain't got nothin' better to do...Like, say, arrest murderers and rapists, and we expect these pricks are going to take such good care of us, we don't need guns anymore?
Yeah, good luck with that bullshi...I'm ranting again, aren't I? Damn...Just, damn!!!

Sling said...

Were the police responding to a 911 call,or any kind of disturbance going on outside the bar?
..Of course not!
As usual,they stormed into a group of people,ANY PEOPLE,having fun and minding their own business,and suddenly violence erupts where there was none!
The police don't deter violence,they escalate it.
Fucking Nazis..

PENolan said...

If a female cop took some goofball who copped a feel and threw him on the ground so hard his brain began to bleed, that's still abuse of power.

But don't despair for Texas, Jackie. Texas cops aren't the only ones - years ago in New York cops beat a subway graffiti artist to death. They shoved a plunger handle up Abner Louima's ass. And the LAPD got caught beating Rodney King with old school video camera.

At least today folks have the resources and technology to document events so that the famous Blue Wall of Silence won't protect abusive cops who stormed a gay bar during pride month practically on the anniversary of Stonewall.


no sling..they were just making a 'we think your drunk and we're going to arrest you checks'..bastids..
i wonder how many 'straight bars' they checked on?

Heidi said...

Why wasn't the Queen ever using her own money anyway? She's just the ceremonial head of state, not the Prime Minister!