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Wednesday, June 10, 2009


The oldest business in West..established in 1889.

Some interesting things going on in lil' old West...One of the residents of West is going to host a live Internet broadcast about Texas culture. It will be streamed live over the Internet from 8-9 p.m. this Friday via the Czech American TV(CATV) website http://www.catvusa.com/.
Jana Vaculik a 2000 West High School graduate has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Czech Studies from the University of Texas in Austin, said the idea for the show is John Jonner's, who is originally from Brno in the Czech Republic. He began his career working as an investigative reporter for Czech newspapers and as a television cameraman and TV engineer in the Czech Republic.
The show will be a par of a new format of live shows over the Internet with volunteer hosts and reporters featured on Czech American TV, which broadcasts only in the English language. The Texas Czech Show is the first under this format. Since it's impossible to bring a TV crew to all the locations to do the stories, he decided to have volunteers bring the stories over the Internet.
Anyhow it's pretty cool for the Czechs and anyone interesting in the Czech culture.
The picture of the West Main Street Farmers Market shows the one big table (out of 4) with all the canned veggies and assorted fresh vegetables and fruit. I bought the small bag of blackberries for $4..If you look closely in the picture you can see my elbow(I'm behind the black lady) and my tits. I'm hoping by this Saturday there will be a bigger turnout..It looked pretty wimpy.

West Fraternal Auditorium is having a summerfest dance with the Johnny Holub Polka Band of Columbus playing. The RVOS Lodge 46 is having a social and meeting at Cottonwood Hall. There will be a dinner served and members are asked to bring desserts.
The West Public Library Tale Tellers are having their next round of story times. Some of the Saturday programs will be Get Crazy With Daisies, Deep in the Heart of Texas, Not so Deep in the Heart of Texas , Welcome to the Rainforest, and Circus Critters. Let me tell you...these kids are awesome.
The summer reading program starts June 10. The student who reads the most books (beyond 10) will receive a trophy.
Kristi Charanza and Jeremy Sprayberry were wed on April 25, at St. Mary's Catholic Church of the Assumption in West with Father Ed officiating.
Kyle Lewis Nors was born on May 5, weighing in at 7 lbs. 7 oz. and 21 inches long.
Mackenzie Rae Green was born May 14 and she was a petite 6 lbs. 8 oz. and 19 inches long.
Dustin Wyatt Blann turned one year old with a party at his parents home. Dustin's granny Pat and his aunts and uncles were all there. Guests were served cake, brownies, strawberries, chip and dip and punch. Everyone enjoyed pulling him around in his new red wagon.
Kristen Allene Linne is engaged to Aaron John Mynar. They will be married at St. Mary's on July 18th.
Teresa Elizabeth Nors is engaged to Robert Carl MacNabb and there wedding will be held at St. Mary's in West on June 20th.
St. Joseph's Annual picnic in Elk will be held on the church grounds again, and as usual there will be bingo, BBQ, and beer.
We had 3 pass away this week. 80, 75, and 80...
MexPresso's Coffee Shop is now serving...........(insert trumpet playing here)....Blue Bell Ice Cream Cones. "There's a smile in every cone."...hot dang.
West Furniture has a 15% sale on all recliners for father's day.
50 years ago John Roznovsky , Clement Dudik and Freddy Machac caught 3 catfish weighing 30 and 40 lbs. The next day they caught one weighing 45 lbs and one weighing 151/2 lbs. Bringing a 2 day total of catfish to 130 1/2 lbs.
West Food Mart has shoulder roast on sale for $1.99 a lb. I bought one along with some mushrooms for $1.50 and a huge stalk of broccoli for .99cents.
Oh...there's a new restaurant and bar opened in West. Called....
Filly's and Phish. I don't have a clue but I will find out. Babs and I went to Pizza Place and had individual 8" pizzas for dinner tonight and afterwards we went to Lulu's so she could buy a carton of cigarettes(smoking will get her yet) and then to Community Grocery as they had Blue Bell Ice Cream pints 4 for $5...We both got 4 each..Bacon's still not on sale, damn it.
so.....that's the news in West. Personal news...Monday I had a blowout taking Tony to town. He's a deacon at the Bold Springs Baptist Church)(he's Caucasian from England at a African-American Church)...Go figure. Anyhow before the day was over the little Nazi cop slammed a orange sticker on the window saying the car was abandoned and had 72 hours to move it or it would be towed at my expense. Less than 8 hours
after the tire blew...This happened Monday...today is Wed. I have stewed for 2 days about that fucking sticker...I'm so pissed..I called the dispatcher at the station and vented my feelings about it and told her I remembered a time when the police officers had a little more class and honor than the ones that we had now and that Irvin was an asshole...She giggled and said she would pass the message along. But I'm not happy with that..I'm going up there tomorrow and register a complain against the little fucking Nazi. Babs said he probably put the sticker on the truck after he saw all the pagan bumper stickers. Yeah?..fuck the little bastid. I hope the Goddess smites the 1/2 pinted little prick. David O's soon to be son-in-law came from Waco to change the tires out..He brought the husband of David's step-daughter and then because my jack wont' jack they called the uncle from the Ford Dealer. So I referred to them as my pit crew...

On the sports side of the news. The West Trojans lost but 11 of them were named to the 7-AAA squad and 13 Lady Trojans were elected to several All District 7-AAA Squads...We rock.
Oh yeah, schools out and the pool is open.
We got a smidgen of rain this evening..hoping for some more before the night is over...my little garden needs it. I did pull up my garlic today...6 pretty good sized heads of garlic. Might plant some more in time for winter.

I have the camera out and will go around and take pictures of some West folks...and places of business inside...Like the meat counter at Community Grocery...It's cool...Me and one of the kids have a running joke...'what are you going to do if there's a fire?................grab my meat and beat it.'...
see ya around..........


Willym said...

Feeling better now - I've had my morning coffee and read the West news.

Intense Guy said...

The Lady Trojans not only rock - they are all beautiful.

Of course you were competing against them with just an elbow and tits and still won hands down.

Used to be the cops would help you change your flat tire... Sheesh this world is rapidly heading to hell in a handcart.

Rox said...

There is never a dull moment with you, Jackiesue! Never!

I was thinking I needed to plant a few more things in my garden too...maybe it's finally warm enough to shove some tomato plants in it?!

jan said...

It's hard to believe someone in West would take on you and the Goddess. Even Nazis should have more judgment than this.

as always, news from West makes my day.

joy said...

I recognized you right away.